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Of un targeted sanctions workshop program

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Villa Barton

The Graduate Institute, Geneva

1-3 October 2009
Note: a name in italics mean that the individual was absent but sent a memo for discussion.

Thursday afternoon, 1 October
4-4.15 Introduction and Welcome
4.15 – 5.45 How do Targeted Sanctions actually differ from Comprehensive Sanctions? How should we define Targeted Sanctions?
George Lopez, University of Notre Dame

Loraine Rickard-Martin, United Nations Secretariat, NY

Michael Brzoska, Hamburg University

Discussant: Benno Laggner, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland
7-9.30 Dinner
Friday morning, 2 October
9-11.00 How are Targeted Sanctions Supposed to Work (both in theory and in practice)?
Francesco Giumelli, Metropolitan University, Prague

Risa Brooks, Northwestern University

David Sylvan, The Graduate Institute, Geneva

Peter Wallensteen, Uppsala University
Discussant: Jay Sutterlin, UN Secretariat
11.00-11.30 BREAK
11.30-1.00 How to Evaluate Sanctions 1: Measuring the Effects of Sanctions
Clara Portela, Singapore Management University

Peter Romaniuk, City University of New York

Rico Carisch, UN Secretariat, NY
Discussant: Paul Bentall, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London
1.00-2.00 Lunch

Friday afternoon, 2 October
2-3.30 How to Evaluate Sanctions 2: Measuring the Effectiveness of Sanctions
Kimberly Elliott, Center for Global Development, Washington

Detlef Sprinz, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Jean-Louis Arcand, The Graduate Institute, Geneva
Discussant: Christopher Yvon, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London
3.30-4.00 BREAK
4-5.30 Situating Targeted Sanctions in broader contexts (diplomatic and institutional)
Andrea Charron, Carleton University

Joseph Stephanides, UN Secretariat, NY

Christine Lee, UN Secretariat, NY
Discussant: Maria Telalian, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Greece
7-9.30 Dinner
Saturday morning, 3 October
9-10.30 Externalities of Targeted Sanctions: Positive and Negative Consequences
Neta Crawford, Boston University

Andrea Bianchi, The Graduate Institute, Geneva

Mikael Eriksson, Swedish Defense Research Institute
Discussant: Abdul Omar, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Canada
10.30-11.00 BREAK
11-12.30 Research Design
Thomas Biersteker, The Graduate Institute, Geneva

Sue Eckert, The Watson Institute, Brown University

Mikael Eriksson, Swedish Defense Research Institute
12.30-2 Lunch
Saturday afternoon, 3 October
2-3.00 Further Discussion of Research Design Issues
3.30-5.30 Preliminary Assignment of Cases
7-9.30 Closing Dinner

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