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Mtn british Council Young Designer of the Year

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MTN British Council Young Designer of the Year

It is of particular concern to MTN, British Council and Style House Files to provide ongoing support to young creatives and to give them a platform for ideas and creations. With the young designer of the year award, MTN and British Council offers young fashion designers the opportunity to be participants at targeted seminars and workshops facilitated by British Council and a chance to exhibit their collection in front of a select audience at the MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week. It is our aim to promote and nurture the talents of today’s young, creative innovators, so that tomorrow’s creative industries can continue to play a major role in the economy of Nigeria and the rest of the world; and to provide young talents with a platform for their ideas and designs.

How do we define a young designer?

  • A fully trained fashion designer or one who possesses sufficient knowledge/know how to qualify him/her a fashion designer (the latter will be assessed by a qualified team of experts in the industry)

  • The designer can be one who has already started selling their own collections in commercial quantities to a targeted audience

  • Must have quality skills that qualify him/her to be able to develop and present a collection for MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2011

How We Select the Young Designer of the Year

  • Applications are now open to the relevant industry till 24th of July 2011

  • Applicants can apply by completing the application form and attach a portfolio which includes sample sketches and images of the finished selected work.

  • A shortlist of up to fifty (50) finalists from each region – Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja, will be announced at the end of July on our website. Short listing is done in collaboration with a panel that includes established designers in the industry and our partners to ensure transparency.

  • The short listed candidates will be invited for a brief presentation to the panel of judges followed by a question and answer session. The judges will assess each candidate’s application form, their presentation and responses to questions and score them.

  • The final pre selection will take place in August based on short listed applicants presentation to the panel. A high profile interview panel that is representative of the sector will select the 12 finalists for the Young Designer of the Year Award Category.

  • The 12 finalists will be announced at a networking event at the end of August.

  • The 12 finalists will be participants at a series of workshops to be facilitated by The British Council

  • The 12 finalists will be given a brief to design a 12 piece Collection to be presented before an audience at the MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week October 2011

  • The final judging will take place in October 2011 by a select expert panel of judges at the MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2011 finale event

  • The winner will be announced at the finale event


  • Designer must be under 30 years of age at the time of application

  • Designers will be required to send sample sketches of their work and samples of finished garments

  • Designers must be fully trained or have sufficient knowledge of fashion design

  • Designers must have basic knowledge of marketing their own collections

  • Designers must be capable of developing and presenting their own designs for MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week


  • A star prize of N4,000,000 presented by MTN Nigeria to the winner

  • Opportunity for 12 finalists to present a collection at MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2012

  • Master classes facilitated by British Council to harness skills of the 12 finalist for MTN LFDW 2012






Male  Female 

Date of birth

Home address




Facebook URL

Twitter ID

Name Of Your Label

How long have you designed


Describe your idea of fashion in three words

Outside of fashion, what other passions do you have?

What and whom do you find inspiring? Why?

Who is your favourite designer? Why?

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

(include background and vision)

Describe your potential design client/ target market

Can you talk us through your design process? From concept to final garment

Please explain why you are applying for this award and why you should be the MTN British Council Designer Of The Year.

How did you hear about the MTN British Council Designer Of The Year Awards?


I confirm that the information given on this application form is true and accurate.

Signature: Date:

Examples of your work: Kindly illustrate your application with any visual or audiovisual examples of your work please include them here (either in emailed electronic files, CD / DVD hard copy or via a web link to your work where it can be downloaded).

* Please note that all information can be used on the MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week site. Please refer to Guidance notes for specifications.

Please send the form by August 3rd 2012 by email to

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