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J. T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(usa) I don’t Feel Welcome Flyright

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Artist Name(Country)(Alias) Song Title Orig./Def. Original Label Australian Label


J.T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(USA) I Don’t Feel Welcome Flyright

J.T. Adams & Shirley Griffith(USA) In The Evening Bluesville

Ray Agee & the Jivin‘ Five(USA) Black Night Is Gone Elko

Ray Agee & the Jivin‘ Five(USA) I Brought It All On Myself Elko

Garfield Akers(USA) Cottonfield Blues (Parts 1 & 2) Vocalion/Yazoo

Alger “Texas” Alexander(USA) Crossroads Okeh/Freedom

(Alias = Texas Alexander)

(Texas Alexander(USA) Awful Moaning Blues (Parts 1 & 2) (OV/DV) Okeh

((Alias = Alger “Texas” Alexander)

Texas Alexander(USA) Bell Cow Blues Okeh

Texas Alexander(USA) Blue Devil Blues Okeh

Texas Alexander(USA) Deep Blue Sea Blues (Version 2) (OV) Okeh

Texas Alexander(USA) Double Crossing Blues (Version 2) Okeh

Texas Alexander(USA) Easy Rider Blues Vocalion

Texas Alexander(USA) Frost Texas Tornado Blues Okeh

Texas Alexander(USA) Levee Camp Moan Blues Okeh

Texas Alexander(USA) Lonesome Blues Vocalion

Texas Alexander(USA) Long Lonesome Day Blues Okeh

Texas Alexander(USA) Mama’s Bad Luck Child Okeh

Texas Alexander(USA) Penitentiary Moan Blues Okeh

Texas Alexander(USA) Risin’ Sun, The (OV/DV) Okeh

Texas Alexander(USA) Section Gang Blues Okeh

Texas Alexander(USA) Seen Better Days Okeh

Texas Alexander(USA) Someday Baby, Your Troubles Are Gonna Be Like Mine – Okeh

Texas Alexander(USA) Tell Me Woman Blues Okeh

Texas Alexander(USA) Worried Blues (OV/DV) Vocalion

Texas Alexander + Mississippi Sheiks(USA) Days Is Lonesome Okeh

George Allen(USA) Times Won‘t Always Be Hard Sotoplay

Henry “Red” Allen (V: Red Allen)(USA) Let Me Miss You Baby RCA

Allman Bros.(USA)(Alias = Gregg Allman) Get On With Your Life Sony/Columbia/Epic

Richard Amerson(USA) Boll Weevil (Version 2) Document

Amos (Easton)(USA)(Alias = Amos Easton/Bumble Bee Slim) Step Child - Bluebird

Angola Prisoner’s Vocal Group(USA) Angola Bound Doxy/Arhoolie

(Little "Hardin" Armstrong with the Hardinaires(USA) In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down – Ebony

((Alias = Lillian "Hardin" Armstrong)

Louis Armstrong + All Stars(USA) Atlanta Blues (del.OV/DV)

Billy Boy Arnold(USA) Black Gal Blues Electro-Fi

Billy Boy Arnold(USA) Collector Man Blues Electro-Fi

(Kokomo Arnold(USA) Hobo Blues (Version 4) (OV/DV) Decca

((Alias = Gitfiddle Jim)

Kokomo Arnold(USA) Bad Luck Blues Decca

Kokomo Arnold(USA) Bo-Weavil Blues (DV) Okeh

Kokomo Arnold(USA) How Long, How Long Blues (Version 2) Decca

Kokomo Arnold(USA) Midnight Blues (Version 3) Decca

Kokomo Arnold(USA) Sagefield Woman Blues Decca

Kokomo Arnold(USA) Stop, Look And Listen Okeh

(Ashley & Foster(USA) Rising Sun Blues (OV) Vocalion

((Alias = Clarence “Tom” Ashley/Gwen Foster)

Haji Baba + Arabian Knights(USA) Early One Morning Gotham

Smoky Babe(USA)(Alias = Robert Brown) I’m Broke And I’m Hungry – Folk Lyric/Arhoolie

De Ford Bailey(USA) Alcoholic Blues Vocalion

De Ford Bailey(USA) Black Man Blues Revenent

De Ford Bailey(USA) Hesitation Blues Revenent

De Ford Bailey(USA) John Henry (Blues) Victor

De Ford Bailey(USA) Stove Pipe Blues Revenent

Kid Bailey(USA) Mississippi Bottom Blues Brunswick

Mildred Bailey(USA) Downhearted Blues Vocalion

Blind Bobby Baker(USA) Nobody Knows You When You‘re Down And Out – Pathe Actuelle

LaVern Baker(USA) Back Water Blues Atlantic

Willie Baker & Charley Lincoln(USA) Hard Luck Blues Document/P Vine

Willie Baker & Charley Lincoln(USA) My Wife Drove Me From My Door - Document/P Vine

Cecil Barfield(USA) Georgia Blues Fat Possum

Cecil Barfield(USA) Motherless Child Trix

Cecil Barfield(USA) Sun Going Down Fat Possum

Tippy Barton(USA) Crying Blues (OV/DV) Vocalion

Deacon L.J. Bates(USA)(Alias=Blind Lemon Jefferson)See That My Grave Is Kept Clean(OV/DV) - Document

Andrew & Jim Baxter(USA) K.C. Railroad Blues (OV/DV) Victor

Good Rockin’ Sam Beasley + State Street Ramblers(USA) There’ll Come A Day – Gennett/Champion/Param’t

Johnny Beck(USA) Locked In Jail Blues Sittin’ In With

Harry Belafonte(USA) Another Man Done Gone RCA

Harry Belafonte(USA) Swing Dat Hammer RCA

Buster Bennett Trio(USA) Hard Luck Blues (OV) Columbia

Gladys Bentley(USA) How Long – How Long Blues Okeh

Gladys Bentley(USA) Moanful Wailin’ Blues Okeh

Gladys Bentley(USA) Worried Blues (Version 5) Okeh

Blue Belle(USA) Dead Sea Blues Okeh

(Blue Belle(USA) High Water Blues Okeh

((Alias = St. Louis Bessie/Bessie Mae Smith/Streamline Mae/Bessie “Blue Belle” Smith)

Big Bill (Broonzy)(USA) Bull Cow Blues (OV/DV) Banner

Big Bill (Broonzy)(USA) Cell No. 13 Blues Columbia

Big Bill (Broonzy)(USA) Where The Blues Began Columbia

Big Bill (Broonzy)(USA) Cell No. 13 Blues Columbia

Big Bill (Broonzy) + Cool Tones (USA) Bull Cow Blues (Part 3) Mercury/Document

Big Bill & the Cooltones(USA) Falling Rain Melotone

(Big Bill & the Cool Tones(USA) Hobo Blues (Version 2) JSP

((Alias=Big Bill Broonzy)

Georgia Bill(USA) Low Rider’s Blues Okeh

(Georgia Bill(USA) Scarey Day Blues Okeh

((Alias = Blind Willie McTell/Blind Willie/Blind Sammie/Hot Shot Willie)

Birmingham Jug Band(USA)(Alias = Big Joe Williams) Airplane Blues Okeh

Birmingham Jug Band(USA) Birmingham Blues Herwin/Paramount

Birmingham Jug Band (V: Big Joe Williams)(USA) Getting’ Ready For Trial – Okeh

Frankie Black(USA) Goin’ To Jail About Her 77 Records/Document

Frankie Black(USA) Motherless Boy Blues Champion

Frankie Black(USA) No Good Woman Blues Champion/Decca

Black Ace(USA) Christmas Time Blues (Beggin’ Santa Claus) (DV) Decca

Black Ace(USA) Santa Claus Blues (OV) Arhoolie

Black Ace(USA) You Gonna Need My Help Some Day (OV/DV) Decca

((Alias = B.K. Turner (Babe Kyro Turner))

Black Diamond(USA) Lonesome Blues Jaxyson/Document

(Black Keys(USA) When The Lights Go Out Fat Possum/New West

(From the 2007 Movie “Black Snake Moan”

Francis Blackwell(USA)(Alias=Scrapper Blackwell) Bad Liquor Blues Vocalion

Francis Blackwell(USA) Blues That Make Me Cry (Front Door Blues) Vocalion

Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Back Door Blues Champion/Superior/Varsity/Document

Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Blues Before Sunrise 77 Records/Bluesville/Document

Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Down And Out Blues (OV/DV) Vocalion

Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Down South Blues (Version 2) Champion/Superior/Varsity/Document

Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Hard Time Blues Champion/Superior/Varsity/Document

(Scrapper Blackwell(USA) How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone? –

((Alias = Francis Blackwell/Francis “Scrapper” Blackwell) - Champion/Superior/Varsity/Document

(Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Kokomo Blues (OV/DV) Vocalion

(The melody of this song is similar to Old Original Kokomo Blues & Sweet Home Chicago but is dis-similar in

(format to either song.

Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Mean Mistreater Mama Columbia

Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out – Bluesville

Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Penal Farm Blues Vocalion

Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Tom Cat Blues Vocalion

Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Trouble Blues Vocalion

Scrapper Blackwell & Leroy Carr(USA) Gone Mother Blues Fontana

Willie “61” Blackwell(USA) Machine Gun Blues Bluebird

Blind Blake(USA)(Alias = Arthur Blake/Blind George Martin/Billy James) Bad Feeling Blues - Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Black Dog Blues Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Depression‘s Gone From Me Blues (OV/DV) Paramount/Crown

Blind Blake(USA) Dissatisfied Blues Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Dying Blues Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Early Morning Blues (OV/DV) Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Georgia Bound Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Hard Road Blues Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Hookworm Blues (OV/DV) Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Lonesome Christmas Blues Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Rope Stretching Blues Paramount

Blind Blake(USA) Steel Mill Blues Paramount

Edgar Blanchard(USA) Creole Gal Blues Peacock

Rory Block(USA) High Water Everywhere (DV) Telarc

Rory Block(USA) Tallahatchie Blues (DV) Rounder

Blues Boy, The - Guitar Slim & Jelly Belly(USA) Worried Man Blues Superdisc

(Jimmy Blythe(USA) I’ll Go To My Grave With The Blues (OV/DV)

(Jimmy Bertrand’s Washboard Wizards)

Jimmy Blythe + State Street Ramblers(USA) There’ll Come A Day (OV/DV) - Gennett/Champion/Paramount

Jimmy Blythe + Birmingham Bluetette(USA) Back Home Blues (OV/DV) Herwin

Jimmy Blythe + Birmingham Bluetette(USA) Old Man Blues Herwin

Eddie Bo(USA) I’m So Tired (OV/DV) Ace

Barbecue Bob + Geeshie Wylie(USA) Motherless Chile Blues (OV/DV) – Paramount/Columbia (1927)

Lucille Bogan(USA) B.D. Woman’s Blues (OV) Decca

Lucille Bogan(USA) Levee Blues (OV/DV) Paramount

Lucille Bogan(USA) Lonesome Midnight Blues ARC

Lucille Bogan(USA) Pawn Shop Blues (OV/DV)

Lucille Bogan(USA) You Got To Die Someday ARC

Dock Boggs(USA) Country Blues (OV/DV) Folkways/Library Of Congress

Dock Boggs(USA) Prodigal Son Library Of Congress

Boll Weavil(USA)(Alias = Boll Weevil/Willie McNeil) Christmas Time Blues – Document/Barrelhouse

Son Bonds(USA) A Hard Pill To Swallow Wolf

Son Bonds(USA) Back And Side Blues Wolf

Son Bonds(USA) Come Back Home Little Girl (OV/DV) Bluebird/Wolf

Son Bonds(USA) 80 Highway Blues Wolf

Son Bonds(USA) Tennessee Worried Blues Wolf

Son Bonds(USA) Trembling Blues Wolf

James Booker(USA) Black Night Is Falling Amiga

John Lee Booker(USA) Graveyard Blues Chance

John Lee Booker(USA) Mad Man Blues Gone

John Lee Booker(USA)(Alias = John Lee Hooker) Stuttering Blues De Luxe/Rockin’

Sugar Boy & the Cane Cutters(USA)(Alias = Sugar Boy Crawford) Troubled Mind Blues – Checker

Eddie Boyd(USA) Dark Was The Night cassette (Recorded in Finland)

Mississippi Bracey(USA) I’ll Overcome Some Day Okeh

Marie Bradley(USA) Down Home Moan Document

Marie Bradley(USA) Stormy Hailing Blues Paramount

Boo Breeding(USA) Low And Lonesome Imperial

John Brim(USA) Couldn’t Take My Rest J.O.B.

John Brim(USA) Dark Clouds Random

John Brim(USA) Don’t Leave Me (No Name Blues) J.O.B.

John Brim Combo(USA) Lonesome Man Blues (Parts 1 & 2) (OV/DV) Random

John Brim(USA) Tough Times Parrot

David Bromberg Band(USA) Nobody’s Fault But Mine Fantasy

Junior Brooks(USA) Lone Town Blues RPM

Emory Brooks(USA)(Alias = Cryin’ Sam Collins) Worried Man Blues (del. Version 2) - Champion

(Lonnie Brooks, Long John Hunter & Phillip Walker(USA) -

( - Born In Louisiana Alligator

( as above - I Met The Blues In Person Alligator

( as above - Two Trains Running Alligator

(Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Big Bill Blues add Melotone Epic

((Alias = Big Bill & the Cool Tones)

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Black Mare Blues (OV) Columbia (unissued)

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Bull Cow Blues Melotone Epic

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Bull Cow Blues (Part 2) Bluebird

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Dying Day Blues (OV/DV)

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Joe Turner Blues (OV/DV)

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Kind-Hearted Blues GNP-Crescendo

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Lonesome Road Blues GNP-Crescendo

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Looking Up At Down Okeh Epic

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Medicine Man Blues Okeh Epic

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Mississippi River Blues (OV/DV) Yazoo

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Night Watchman Blues Okeh Epic

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Southbound Train (OV/DV) Smithsonian Folkways

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Southern Flood Blues Melotone Epic

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Trouble In Mind Blues (del.OV/DV)

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) When I Been Drinking (OV/DV) Okeh Epic

Big Bill Broonzy & Sonny Boy Williamson(USA) Murderer’s Home - Rykodisc/Rounder

Little Brother (Montgomery)(USA) A. & V. Railroad Blues Bluebird

Little Brother (Montgomery)(USA) Louisiana Blues (Parts 1 & 2) Bluebird/Montgomery Ward

Little Brother (Montgomery)(USA) Misled Blues Bluebird

Little Brother (Montgomery)(USA) Mistreatin’ Woman Blues (OV/DV) Bluebird

Little Brother (Montgomery)(USA) Sorrowful Blues Bluebird

Little Brother (Montgomery)(USA) West Texas Blues Bluebird

Charles Brown(USA) Early In The Morning (Version 3) Bullseye

Charles Brown(USA) Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen Bullseye

Charles Brown(USA) When The Sun Comes Out Bullseye

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown(USA) Just Before Dawn Peacock

Gabriel Brown(USA) Bad Love Joe Davis

Gabriel Brown(USA) Black Jack Blues Gennett

Gabriel Brown(USA) Blues (I Ain’t Got No Mama Now) Trix

Gabriel Brown(USA) Down In The Bottom Joe Davis

Gabriel Brown(USA) I Can’t Last Long Coral

Gabriel Brown(USA) I’ll Be Seeing You One Of These Days Joe Davis

Gabriel Brown(USA) Mean Old Blues Joe Davis

Gabriel Brown(USA) Motherless Child, The Library Of Congress

Gabriel Brown(USA) Po‘ Boy Long Way From Home Library Of Congress/Document

Gabriel Brown(USA) Tone The Bell Easy Library Of Congress/Document

Ora Brown(USA) Jailhouse Moan Paramount

Roy Brown(USA) Hard Luck Blues (del.OV)

Walter Brown + Jay McShann’s Orch.(USA) Slow Down Baby Decca

Willie Brown(USA)(Alias = William Brown) Future Blues add Autogram - R

Willie Brown(USA) Mississippi Blues (Version 2) (OV/DV) Library Of Congress/Rounder

Willie Brown feat. Charley Patton(USA) M & O Blues (OV/DV) Paramount

Eddie “Guitar” Burns(USA) Grievin’ Blues Gotham

Eddie Burns(USA) Sunnyland Blues JVB

Jimmy Burns + Fantastic Epics(USA) It Used To Be Tip Top

R.L. Burnside(USA) Catfish Blues (Version 3) Genes

R.L. Burnside(USA) Death Bell Blues Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) Goin’ Down South Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) Hobo Blues Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) Just Like A Bird Without A Feather (OV/DV) Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) Miss Glory B. Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) My Time Ain’t Long Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) No Place To Go Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) Sat Down On My Bed And Cried Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) Short Haired Woman Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) Walkin’ Blues (Version 4) Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) When My First Wife Left Me Fat Possum

R.L. Burnside(USA) You Gotta Move Fat Possum

James Butler(USA) Lonesome Blues Elko

Mary Butler(USA)(Alias = Rose Moore) Electric Chair Blues Brunswick

Sam Butler(USA) Poor Boy Blues (del.OV/DV)

Josephine Byrd(USA) Mosquito Blues Columbia/Document

Roy Byrd(USA) Between The Night And The Day (OV/DV)

Homer Callahan(USA)(Alias=Callahan Bros.) Rounder’s Luck ARC

“Mississippi” Joe Calicott(USA) Fare Thee Well Blues Brunswick/Yazoo

“Mississippi” Joe Calicott(USA) Mississippi Boll Weevil Blues Brunswick

Bob Campbell(USA) Starvation Farm Blues Document/JSP

Gene Campbell(USA) Levee Camp Man Library Of Congress

Canned Heat(USA) Death Bed Blues Ruf

Canned Heat(USA) My Time Ain’t Long Ruf

(Gus Cannon(USA)(Alias = Gus Cannon) Poor Boy Long Way From Home Trix

(Gus Cannon (as Banjo Joe), first recorded this song in 1927.

(Gus Cannon’s Jug Stompers(USA) Minglewood Blues (OV) Victor

((Alias = Cannon’s Jug Stompers)

(Cannon & Woods (The Beale Street Boys)(USA) Last Chance Blues (OV/DV) - Brunswick

((Alias = Gus Cannon/Hosea Woods)

Cannon’s Jug Stompers(USA) Heart Breakin’ Blues Victor/Bluebird

Cannon’s Jug Stompers(USA) Jonestown Blues Victor

Cannon’s Jug Stompers(USA) Last Chance Blues Victor

Cannon’s Jug Stompers(USA) Prison Wall Blues Victor

(Cannon’s Jug Stompers(USA) Wolf River Blues Victor

((Alias = Gus Cannon’s Jug Stompers/Banjo Joe)

Leroy Carr(USA) Bad Luck All The Time Bluebird/Montgomery Ward

Leroy Carr(USA) Blues Before Sunrise (OV) Vocalion/Fontana/Document

Leroy Carr(USA) Christmas In Jail – Ain’t That A Pain K.O.B. (King Of The Blues)

Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Court Room Blues (OV/DV)

Leroy Carr(USA) How Long, How Long Blues (Parts 1, 2 & 3) (del.OV)Vocalion/Banner/Oriole/Romeo/Perfect

Leroy Carr(USA) Kokomo Blues Vocalion

Leroy Carr(USA) Low Down Dirty Blues (OV/DV) Vocalion

Leroy Carr(USA) Mean Mistreater Mama (OV/DV)

Leroy Carr(USA) Mean Old Train Blues Vocalion

Leroy Carr(USA) My Own Lonesome Blues Vocalion/Banner/Oriole/Romeo

Leroy Carr(USA) Rainy Day Blues Vocalion/Document

Leroy Carr(USA) Prison Bound Blues Vocalion/Banner/Oriole/Romeo/Perfect

Leroy Carr(USA) Six Cold Feet In The Ground (OV/DV) Bluebird/Montgomery Ward

Leroy Carr(USA) Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child Document

Leroy Carr(USA) Tired Of Your Low Down Ways Vocalion/Supertone

Leroy Carr(USA) When The Sun Goes Down (OV/DV) Bluebird/Montgomery Ward

Leroy Carr(USA) You Don’t Mean Me No Good (OV/DV)

Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Midnight Hour Blues Columbia/Proper

Alice Carter(USA) If You Want To Keep Your Daddy Home Document

Alice Carter(USA) Midnight Blues (A Wee Hour Chant) (Version 5) Document

Bo Carter(USA) Cigarette Blues (OV/DV)

Bo Carter(USA) Pussy Cat Blues Yazoo/Document

Bo Carter(USA) Santa Claus Document

James “Sweet Lucy” Carter(USA) Mean Red Spider 20th Century

Smith Casey(USA)(Alias = Smith Cason) Hesitating Blues Herwin/Document

Smith Casey(USA) I Wouldn’t Mind Dyin’ If Dyin’ Was All Herwin/Document

Smith Casey(USA) Mournful Blues Herwin/Document

Nick Cave(Australia) Funeral Blues Chronic Dreams/Orchard

Nick Cave(Australia) Your Funeral, My Trial Mute/Elektra

Charlie Chapman(USA) Moanin’ The Blues Broadway

Ray Charles(USA) Cold Blooded Woman Strand

Ray Charles(USA) Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I) (OV/DV) Atlantic

Ray Charles(USA) How Long Blues Downbeat

Ray Charles(USA) Let’s Have A Ball (Here Am I) Design

Ray Charles(USA) Tell Me Baby (transferred from Rhythm n’Blues) (del.OV/DV)

Ray Charles(USA) Worried Life Blues ABC-Paramount W & G

Roosevelt Charles(USA) Strike At Camp 1 Doxy/Arhoolie

Roosevelt Charles & Otis Webster(USA) Have You Ever Heard The Church Bells Tone - Doxy/Arhoolie

(Papa Charlie’s Boys(USA) Gypsy Woman Blues Bluebird

((Alias = Charlie McCoy/McCoy Bros./Tampa Kid)

Sam Chatmon(USA Cold Blooded Murder Bluebird

Sam Chatmon(USA)(Alias = Mississippi Sheiks) Crosscut Saw Blues (OV) Bluebird

(Chicago Sunny Boy(USA) Near About The Break Of Day Meteor

((Alias = Leslie Hill/Joe Hill Louis/Little Joe)

Buddy Chiles(USA) Mistreated Blues Boulevard Vintage

Eric Clapton(Britain) Blues Before Sunrise Reprise

Eric Clapton(Britain) Blues Leave Me Alone Reprise

Eric Clapton(Britain) Driftin’ Blues Reprise

Eric Clapton(Britain) Early In The Morning (Version 3) Polydor

Eric Clapton(Britain) Floating Bridge Polydor

Eric Clapton(Britain) Groaning The Blues Reprise

Eric Clapton(Britain) Hard Times Blues Reprise Reprise

Eric Clapton(Britain) How Long Blues Reprise

Eric Clapton(Britain) If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Eric Clapton(Britain) Little Queen Of Spades Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Eric Clapton(Britain) Motherless Children Polydor/RSO

Eric Clapton(Britain) Sinner’s Prayer Reprise

Eric Clapton(Britain) Someday After Awhile Reprise

Eric Clapton(Britain) Standin’ ‘Round Crying Reprise

George Clark(USA) Prisoner Blues Yazoo/Proper

Lonnie Clark(USA) Down In Tennessee Paramount/Black Swan

Eddie Clearwater(USA) Chicago Daily Blues (OV/DV) Storyville

Eddy Clearwater(USA) Sun Is Shining Blue Chicago

Schoolboy Cleve(USA) Strange Letter Blues Feature

Benny Goodman Trio (V: Rosemary Clooney)(USA) Memories Of You Columbia add Philips

Jaybird Coleman(USA) Boll Weavil (Blues) Black Patti/Document

(Jaybird Coleman(USA) Clouds Done Get Darkened – B’lieve It’s Gonna Rain – Gennett

((Alias = Burl C. Coleman/Jaybird Coleman/Coleman Bird/George Alexander/Rabbits Foot Williams/

(Birmingham Jug Band)

Collard Greens & Gravy(Australia) Change My Ways Brunswick

Collard Greens & Gravy(Australia) Dyin’ Bed Brunswick

Collard Greens & Gravy(Australia) Gamblers Blues Brunswick

Collard Greens & Gravy(Australia) You Gonna Need My Help Brunswick

Albert Collins(USA) Angel Of Mercy Alligator

Albert Collins(USA) Cold, Cold Feeling Alligator

Albert Collins(USA) If Trouble Was Money (OV) Alligator

Albert Collins(USA) Things I Used To Do, The Alligator

Albert Collins(USA) When A Guitar Plays The Blues (OV/DV) Alligator

Albert Collins(USA) When The Welfare Turns It’s Back On You (OV) Alligator

Albert Collins & Gary Moore(USA) If Trouble Was Money (del.DV) Pointblank

Albert Collins (with Big Walter Horton)(USA) If Trouble Was Money (OV) - Alligator

Cryin’ Sam Collins(USA) Dark Cloudy Blues (OV/DV) Gennett/Superior/Yazoo/Document

Cryin’ Sam Collins(USA) Graveyard Digger’s Blues Yazoo/Document

(Cryin’) Sam Collins(USA) Hesitation Blues Gennett/Superior/Yazoo/Document

(Cryin’) Sam Collins(USA) How Long, How Long ARC

(Cryin)’ Sam Collins(USA) I‘m Still Sitting On Top Of The World (Answer song) – Gennett (trf. From Rn’B)

Cryin’ Sam Collins(USA) Jailhouse Blues (Version 3) Gennett/Herwin/Superior/Black Patti/Yazoo/Document

Cryin’ Sam Collins(USA) Lonesome Road Blues Document

Cryin’ Sam Collins(USA) Loving Lady Blues (OV/DV) Gennett/Black Patti/Yazoo

(Cryin’) Sam Collins(USA) My Road Is Rough And Rocky Yazoo/Document

(Cryin’) Sam Collins(USA) Pork Chop Blues (OV/DV) Gennett

(Cryin’) Sam Collins(USA) Riverside Blues (OV/DV) Gennett/HerwinBlack Patti/Yazoo/Document

(Cryin’ Sam Collins(USA) Yellow Dog Blues Gennett/Black Patti/Superior/Yazoo/Document

((Alias=Bunny Carter/Jim Foster/Big Boy Woods/Salty Dog Sam/John D. Fox/Emory Brooks/Alex Monroe)

Big Tom Collins + Champion Jack Dupree (V: Brownie McGhee)(USA) Heartache Blues – King

Al Cook(USA) Bad Feelings Blues Wolf

Al Cook(USA) Bluebird Blues, The Document

Al Cook(USA) Death Valley Blues Document

Al Cook(USA) Levee Blues, The Wolf

Al Cook(USA) Low Down Blues, The Wolf

Al Cook(USA) Moanin’ Blues Wolf

Al Cook(USA) Muddy Water Blues Wolf

Al Cook(USA) Worried Blues, The Document

John Lee Cooker(USA)(Alias = John Lee Hooker/Texas Slim) Moaning Blues – King

Martha Copeland(USA) Black Snake Moan Columbia

(Martha Copeland(USA) Dying Crapshooter’s Blues, The (OV) Columbia (1927)

(Based on a 17th Century ballad by Scottish piper MacCrimmon, The Unfortunate Rake (or The Unfortunate

(Lass) was written about someone dying of syphilis on the stairs to St. James Hospital. Later versions were:

(Gambler‘s Blues by Fess Williams (1927); Dying Crapshooters Blues by Martha Copeland (1927); St. James

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