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Outer Space Act 1986 Licence Application Form

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Outer Space Act 1986 Licence Application Form

Please complete this form and forward to the address given at the end. The application should be accompanied by the relevant documentation and fee, if appropriate.

You will find notes to aid completion at the end of the form.
Please note that answers given in relation to the launch date, lifetime of the mission, orbital position and ITU frequencies will be shared with Ofcom.

  1. Name of each applicant in full

  1. Where there is more than one applicant please state (see note a)

The nature of the relationship between each applicant;

The interest held in such relationship by each applicant;

The extent of the share in the licence which is to be held by each applicant.

  1. For each applicant who is an individual please give:-

Usual residential address;


  1. For each applicant which is a body corporate please state: (see note b)

Place of incorporation

Principal place of business

In the case of a company, its registered address

Place of central management and control

Details of each member of the board of directors (or other governing body), as follows:

Full name

Usual residential address


  1. For each applicant which is a body corporate please state: (see note c)

Details of its authorised and issued capital, as follows:-

Class of capital

Amount authorised

Amount issued

Voting rights of each class

Details of all holdings of more than 5 per cent. In number or value of any class of its issued capital, as follows:

Full name(s) of holder(s)

Nationality of holder(s)

Class of holding

Amount issued

Details of any persons having control, as follows (see note d):



Means of control

(see note e)

Details of all its capital issued to bearer, as follows:

Class of capital

Total amount issued

Amount issued to bearer

Please attach a copy of the applicant's memorandum and articles of association.

  1. For each applicant which is a body corporate and any body corporate with persons listed in Q5 as having control, please attach one copy of their audited accounts for the two most recent financial years. If you are unable to provide two years of accounts alternatives can be explored (please contact us for details).

  1. If applicant is providing the satellite to be launched, please state:

The cost of supplying the satellite (i.e. full costs incurred by applicant for constructing the satellite or fee paid to external supplier, you should include details of public or Government funding associated with the mission). You should state whether you are acting as an agent to a foreign customer and include a copy of the agency agreement if appropriate.

  1. If applicant is paying for the launch of the satellite, please state:

The price paid to Launch Authority for the launch (plus additional costs incurred from arranging/managing the launch for a customer, if applicable. You should include details of public or Government funding associated with the mission). You should state whether you are acting as an agent to a foreign customer and include a copy of the agency agreement if appropriate.

  1. If applicant is operating the satellite in orbit, please outline the cost of operating the satellite. This should include:

  1. initial payment to the owner

  1. periodic lease fee (£ p.a.)

  1. ground station costs (£ p.a.)

  1. other costs in relation to the satellite

  1. Please provide an estimate of insurance costs associated with activities detailed in 7-9 above which will be paid by applicant (including insurance to cover third-party liability).

  1. Outline any conditional/contingent costs associated with the space activity.

  1. Please give details of the proposed insurance arrangements to cover third-party liability during:

  1. The launch phase;

  1. The operational life of the satellite;

  1. Final disposal.

  1. Please give a brief technical account of the satellite or space activity, the payload, mission and launch means. (See note f)

Copies of the Launch Services contract, the satellite technical specification, the satellite contract and conditions, and the Ground Station specification should be sent with the application. If this is a remote sensing mission, you should also include details of your plans to share data to address the UK’s obligations under the UN’s Remote Sensing Principles.

  1. Safety and Damage Considerations

Are there plans for disposal at the end of the space object's life (e.g. re-orbit, de-orbit, retrieval)? Please provide copies.

Will the space-object dock or rendezvous (if yes, please give details)?

Is it planned that any solid or ionizing or gaseous materials should be released from the object other than as part of a normal propulsion system? Note: The propulsions system covers AOCS thrusters (if yes, please give details).

Will the space object carry any radioactive or nuclear material? (If Yes, please give details).

Will the space object carry any form of animal life? (If Yes, please give details).

At what radio frequencies and at what powers will the space object transmit during its planned mission? Are there additional frequencies or transmit powers which can be invoked? Please provide details of contacts with OFCOM.

  1. Please give details of:

The proposed date and location of the launch of the space object;

Name of launching authority;

Designator or registration number;

Basic orbital parameters:

  1. Period

  1. Inclination

  1. Apogee

d. Perigee

In the case of a satellite planned to operate in geosynchronous orbit please also state:
the planned orbital longitude

the planned latitude and longitude boundaries within which the satellite will operate

Has the orbital slot and frequency been approved by the ITU?

  1. Please give a brief statement on the purpose of the mission which you would be willing to see publicly disclosed, if necessary.

  1. Please advise what impact your mission will have on the UK economy with particular emphasis on investment, jobs and the use of UK services and products. Information gathered may be used when assessing growth in the UK space economy and as such you should only provide information in answer to this question which you would be willing to see publicly disclosed. Please note that responding to this question is voluntary. Information provided in answer to this question will not be considered when assessing your application and will not influence a licensing decision.

  1. Please nominate a contact point to whom we can refer further enquiries (see note g):



  1. Signature of each applicant, or in the case of each applicant which is a body corporate, of a duly authorised officer whose capacity is to be stated (see note h).

Name Signature Capacity

Applications should be sent by post or email to:

Louise Hughes

Outer Space Act Licensing Manager

UK Space Agency

SFS Polaris House

North Star Avenue


Wiltshire SN2 1SZ

In case of enquiries, please call Louise Hughes on: 01793 418068

Notes to help you complete the form.

  1. Where there is more than one applicant, the information relating to each applicant requested in Question 2 should be grouped together in the same order in which the applicants are named in Question 1.

  1. If the applicant is a Scottish firm, the comparable information, concerning the firm shall be given wherever appropriate.

  1. If the body corporate does not possess a capital structure, any comparable information concerning the items listed should be given.

  1. In determining whether a person (being an individual or a body corporate) has control of the applicant for the purposes of this question section 416(2) and (3) and (6) of the Income Corporation Taxes Act 1988 and section 258 of the Companies Act 1985 shall apply. In certain circumstances, the Secretary of State may require a guarantee from the parent company.

  1. State in this column whether the control over the applicant’s affairs is secured by means of holding of shares or by the possession of voting power in relation to the applicant or any other body corporate, or by virtue of any power contained in the articles of association or other document regulating the applicant or any other body corporate.

  1. The description of the proposed activity, requested at Question 13, should cover the design and construction of the satellite, the launch arrangements, TT&C facilities, operation, in-orbit functioning and arrangements for final disposal. All relevant documents, in addition to those requested in the application form, should be supplied to UK Space Agency with the application form.

  1. In order to ensure that enquiries by UK Space Agency are dealt with promptly, it would be helpful for the contact nominated to be a person conversant with technical risk and the purposes of the licensing activity.

  1. Where there is more than one applicant, each applicant’s signature should be identified in BLOCK LETTERS.

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