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MikroElektronika annonuces Flip & click (Arduino-compatible) at Maker Faire Rome

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MikroElektronika annonuces Flip & click (Arduino-compatible) at Maker Faire Rome
MikroElektronika introduces Flip & click, a two-sided Arduino-compatible development board with four mikroBUS™ sockets.
Rome, October 16, 2015 – MikroElektronika today at Maker Faire Rome announced Flip & click, a two-sided development board that resembles a 32-bit ARM® powered Arduino on one side, while providing four sockets for more than 160 click boards™ on the other.
Intended to introduce click boards to the Arduino community, the blue side of the board carries AT91SAM3X8E MCU (like Arduino Due), an Arduino pinout, as well as a familiar configuration of LEDs. It’s programmable with the Arduino IDE through an onboard Micro USB port.
The other side of the board contains four mikroBUS™ sockets, which gives Flip & click plug-and-play compatibility with more than 160 click boards. Each click carries a single sensor, or transceiver, encoder, motor driver or any other type of integrated circuit or module. Even speech recognition modules, thunder detector and finger print scanners are available.
“Flip & click allows makers to untether their Arduino from the restrictions of shields. With four sockets and 160+ clicks to pick from, there’s more then 160^4 ways to mix them. Unleash those bottled up creative inhibitions, and let the monster loose,” said Product Manager Aleksandar Nikolic.
Visitors of Maker Faire Rome will have a chance to win a free Flip & click board by filling out a simple form at MikroElektronika’s stand (pavillon G, stand 32). After the faire, the board will be available for sale.
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About MikroElektronika

MikroElektronika is a renowned producer of a wide range of development tools and compilers for various microcontroller families. The company designs and manufactures complete solutions for PIC, dsPIC30/33, PIC24, PIC32, AVR, 8051, PSoC, as well as TIVA and STM32 ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers. MikroElektronika's goal is to provide software and hardware tools that are easy to use, save time and help get the job done quickly. This approach attracts both hobbyist and professionals. MikroElektronika is an authorized design partner and premier third party partner of Microchip® and an official consultant and third party partner of Atmel ® Corporation, Texas Instruments® and STmicroelectronics® and more.

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Srdjan Misic, MikroElektronika Marketing Manager

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