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Mtn british Council Young Creative Entrepreneur of the Year

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MTN British Council Young Creative Entrepreneur of the Year (YCE Fashion Sector)
 The Young Creative Entrepreneur (YCE) awards programmed is unique in that it rewards the talent and initiative of young creative entrepreneurs from across the creative industries recognising the central role they play in the development of a competitive and sustainable creative economy. It champions those who find new ways to take creative work to audiences and communities – e.g. new models of production, distribution, value – and highlights the wider social, economic and cultural benefits in doing so.
There are different design categories in within this umbrella – publishing, design, music, screen, fashion, interactive and performing arts.
One of the key objectives of this programme is to sensitise the UK creative sector to the opportunities that come from working with other creative entrepreneurs in emerging economies. A second objective is to better understand the dynamics of being an entrepreneur in the creative economy. Throughout the programme we seek opportunities to achieve both this sensitisation and understanding.

However, this year, the YCE will focus on only the fashion industry. The Nigerian Fashion industry though in its infancy, is fast becoming an innovative design environment with different people in the industry, playing their individual parts in the growth and development of a unified whole. MTN British Council has identified the need to identify such talents and provide them with the right networking abilities to further expose their business to the much needed prominence and simultaneously grow the Nigerian fashion industry.

The winner of the Fashion award will be invited to take part in a tour of the industry in the UK. We anticipate that this tour will take place in September 2012
Sector definition for Fashion
Fashion, textile, accessories or perfume design and production

Fashion promotion: shows, exhibitions, festivals, events

Fashion presentation: styling, photography

Fashion retail: buying, merchandising

Fashion product research, sourcing, supply chain management

Fashion marketing, PR, branding, communications, journalism, and publishing

How do we define a Creative Entrepreneur (Fashion Sector)?
We define a creative entrepreneur as someone:

  • Who has been working in a creative sector and is able to demonstrate business success in the classic terms of business growth (profit, market share, employees) and/or in terms of their reputation (quality and aesthetic) amongst their peers.

  • Who has found new ways to take creative work to audiences and communities – e.g. new models of production, distribution, value – and highlights the wider social, economic and cultural benefits in doing so.

  • Who has developed a successful (in terms of impact and reach) social or not-for-profit enterprise in the sector.

  • Who has shown leadership in the industry by championing its development in Nigeria.

  • Who has developed initiatives (exhibitions, trade fairs, festivals etc) that develop and grow the Nigerian fashion industry.

 How do we select the YCE?

  • Applications are now open to the relevant industry till 24th of July

  • Applicants can apply by completing the application form and attach a portfolio of selected work. The portfolio can be sent using any format you find convenient to give a sense of your entrepreneurial work.

  • A shortlist of up to fifty (50) finalists from each region – Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja, will be announced at the end of July on our website. Short listing is done in collaboration with partners to ensure transparency.

  • The short listed candidates will be invited for a brief presentation to the panel of judges followed by a question and answer session. The judges will assess each candidate’s application form, their presentation and responses to questions and score them.

  • The final judging will take place in August. A high profile interview panel that is representative of the sector will select the Young Creative Entrepreneur for 2011.

  • The winners will be announced at a networking event at the end of August.



  • Applicant’s must be between 21 to 30 years

  • Have at least three years of work experience in the fashion sector

  • Display entrepreneurial skills through promotion of the Nigerian fashion industry in either a commercial context, public context, or both.

  • Demonstrate leadership potential in the fashion industry through your character, drive and abilities.

  • Applicants who are primarily academics are unlikely to be short-listed or successful.


  • A star prize of N2,000,000 (One million naira) presented by MTN Nigeria to the winner

  • A tour of London Fashion Week and Design Week London by British Council

  • Networking workshops facilitated by British Council






Male  Female 

Date of birth

Home address




Facebook URL

Twitter ID


Please attach a recent full colour photograph (send as attachment)*

How would you describe yourself and the work you do?*

(include background and vision)

(max 200 words)

* Please note that if you are selected for interview this information would be used on the MTN Lagos Fashion and Design Week Website


How would you rate your English language skills?


basic working knowledge fluent
basic working knowledge fluent

What other languages do you speak?

Highest level of education attained

Insert High School Qualification - Degree Level

Postgraduate Level;

University / Faculty

Subject of study/ Year of Study


Name of business

Address of business

Office Phone / Fax / Mobile


Type of business

PartnershipSolePvt. Ltd.Pub. Ltd.

What is your status in relation to the business

Please specify:

When did the business start?

Current Turnover

Number of employees

Full timePart timeConsultants

Organisation Structure

(explaining roles and hierarchy briefly) (100 words or less)

Brief description of your business / organisation (200 words or less)


Please provide details of a referee to support your application. This person must know you in a business or professional capacity.

Please note: Referees must not be family members, business partners, fellow directors or employees of your business. They can however be investors, suppliers, customers or former employers.
This reference will only be taken up if you are shortlisted for the Young Creative Entrepreneur Award. Please think carefully about your selection of an appropriate referee.
So that we can process the request for a reference quickly it is imperative that you complete the following section in full.





Email address

Phone / Mobile

How do you know this person (200 words or less)

Length of time that the referee has known you


Describe your work in the Fashion Sector. What is your role within your company/organisation? In the context of the work your organisation does, why do you consider yourself a fashion entrepreneur? (500 words maximum)

How does your work sit in context of the Nigerian fashion scene? What do you see as the main challenges and strengths regarding the fashion sector vis-à-vis your organisation? (500 words maximum)

If selected, how would you use your experience and position as a finalist in this programme to contribute to the development of the Nigerian Fashion Sector (500 words maximum)

Please explain why you are applying for this award and why you would like to participate in the UK industry tour. What benefits do you see for you/your business organisation in extending your international networks?

Membership of professional bodies (if any)

How did you find out about the YCE awards?


I confirm that the information given on this application form is true and accurate.

Signature: Date:

Examples of your work: Kindly illustrate your application with any visual or audiovisual examples of your work please include them here (either in emailed electronic files, CD / DVD hard copy or via a web link to your work where it can be downloaded).

Please send the form by August 3rd 2012 by email to

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