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Marrietta R. Reber

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Marrietta R. Reber

21250 Stevens Creek Boulevard

Cupertino, California 95014 (408) 864-5565


Ph.D. coursework in English, British Literature, The George Washington University, Washington D.C.:2000-2001.

M.A. in Humanities, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah: August 1996.

B.A. in English, Humanities Minor, Magna Cum Laude, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah: December 1993.

Teaching Experience

Department Chair/Instructor September 2002 – Present

DeAnza College: Technical Writing, English, Business, and Reading Departments Cupertino, California

  • Chair the Technical Writing Department and manage faculty, scheduling, curriculum, and budget.

  • Teach technical writing, instructional design, business communications, and project management.

  • Teach composition, literature, and analytical reading skills in the English and Reading Departments.

  • Develop syllabi, curriculum, and examinations; submit grades; write recommendations; serve on committees.

Education Coordinator/Curriculum Consultant April 2000 – August 2000, July 2001 – March 2002

The Rose Education Foundation Chimaltenango, Guatemala

  • Supervised native teachers to create curricula for Spanish, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Natural Sciences.

  • Oversaw all aspects of education; reorganized administration; created org charts, job descriptions, and policies.

  • Created and delivered administrator and teacher training; created U.S. volunteer materials.

Humanities and English Instructor August 1996 – May 1998

Utah Valley State College, Humanities and English Departments Orem, Utah

  • Taught technical writing, business communications, composition, literature, and visual and performing arts.

  • Developed syllabi, curriculum, and examinations; supervised TA, submitted grades, wrote recommendations.

Humanities Instructor and Section Leader August 1994 – January 1996

Brigham Young University, Humanities Department Provo, Utah

  • Taught composition, literature, philosophy, music, dance, drama, film, painting, sculpture, and architecture.

  • Developed syllabi, materials, and examinations; graded essays and examinations; submitted final grades.

Teaching and Academic Achievements

  • Studied Arabic and political science in Jordan with UCSB’s Teacher Training program in June/July 2006.

  • Supervised campus abroad programs to 10 European countries 1997, Spain Fall 2005, England Fall 2008.

  • Nominated for Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers for 2004-05.

  • Member of Phi Kappa Phi, National Golden Key Honor Society, National Dean’s List, Who’s Who American College Students, Who’s Who American High School Students, and California Scholarship Association.

  • Awarded BYU Graduate Scholarship 1994 to 1996, BYU University Scholar Scholarship 1990 to 1993, Mae Covey Gardner Study Abroad Scholarship 1992, and Kiwanis Club Scholarship 1990.

  • Studied literature, art, political science, and world religions in London, England from January to June 1992.

  • Received the Disneyland Creativity Challenge Award for Poetry and Outstanding Student in Vocal Music 1990.

Academic Papers Presented or Published

  • “Reflection and Rejection: The Borderland Search for Identity in Walter Scott’s The Surgeon’s Daughter” at Borderlands: Remapping Zones of Cultural Practice and Representation at UMASS Amherst, March 2001.

  • “Mark Twain as an Anglophile: A Crucial Step in His Journey from Light-Hearted Social Critic to Damning
    Social Satirist” at the 6th Annual Texas Tech Graduate English Studies Conference, February 2001.

  • “Clarity and Cohesion in Technical Writing” at 3rd Annual Rocky Mountain Peer Tutoring Conference, 1996.

Corporate Experience

Independent Employment Consultant/Trainer March 2008 – Present

Project Management Institute (PMI): Silicon Valley Chapter San Jose, California

  • Conduct seminars and workshops for project managers and chapter members on employment strategies.

  • Assist participants to write effective cover letters, create persuasive resumes, and interview successfully.

Independent Consultant August 2000 – February 2001

K&L Field Marketing, LLC. New York, New York

  • Served as National Training Manager to develop training materials for American Express, Ricoh, and Iams.

  • Functioned as D.C. Area Manager to launch field marketing campaign; hired, trained, and managed field reps.

Training Manager & Associate Account Executive December 1998 – April 2000

Digitas (Bronnercom) Boston, Massachusetts

  • Supervised teams to design customized training materials including course curricula, self-paced workbooks,
    train-the-trainer sessions, and certifications.

  • Assisted clients such as American Express, AT&T, and General Motors to determine and implement marketing strategies, performance support initiatives, and organizational alignment strategies.

  • Served as the main client contact; managed budgets and created timelines, decks, and client presentations.

  • Analyzed and implemented marketing and contact strategies for AT&T direct mail and telemarketing.

Project Manager June 1998 – January 1999

Professional Development Group (PDG) Weyland, Massachusetts

  • Directed project teams to create customized training solutions for Fortune 2000 companies implementing software applications such as PeopleSoft, NT, Microsoft Office, and proprietary applications.

  • Oversaw creation of Computer Based Training (CBT), paper-based documentation, and stand-up training.

  • Created project plans, design documents, and timelines; served as the primary contact with clients.

Product Developer May 1997 – March 1998

Franklin Covey Co. Provo, Utah

  • Served on product development teams to create curricula for personal and professional effectiveness seminars, such as time management and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

  • Created learning objectives, seminar curriculum, models, exercises, trainer and participant manuals, and videos.

Technical Writer December 1993 – February 1996

Ameritech Library Services Provo, Utah

  • Wrote, edited, designed, and indexed user’s guides for library automation software.

  • Developed new design for user’s guides and pamphlets; created team style guide of writing conventions.

  • Implemented and taught new employee training; conducted department training sessions and follow-up labs.

  • Wrote and edited marketing materials and articles on a freelance basis.

Corporate Achievements

  • Received The Rose Education Foundation Most Valuable Volunteer Award, 2000.

  • Received an American Express Special Recognition Award for the new Membership Rewards program, 2000.

  • Received The Society for Technical Communicators Excellence in User’s Guides Award, April 1996.


Tech Pubs and Document Design. Training. MS Office and PageMaker. PC and Mac proficient. Fluent in Spanish.


Gourmet cooking, hiking, latin and swing dancing, piano, singing, and kickboxing.

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