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LEAP IN TIME_andreas reisenbauer_AUSTRIA_2010_8min_fiction

A young woman and an elder man on a park bench – but something is wrong – a filmic mediation about time and memory.

AU PAIR_paul reisinger_AUSTRIA_2012_15min_fiction

An honest look at the disturbing and mysterious power that love has over us when we experience it for the first time.

TALFAHRT_paul reisinger_AUSTRIA_2012_10min_fiction

'Talfahrt' (Descent) tells the tragic story of two lovers who can neither be with nor without each other and of the alienation of those who are closest to us when we don't share our deepest feelings.

THE PLUNDERING_oliver ressler_AUSTRIA_2013_40min_documentary

The film The Plundering focuses on four cases of aggressive, state-property privatization policies in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. Through interviews, it discusses the privatization of the water system in Tbilisi and of Tbilisi’s popular market, the Dezerter Bazaar. A newly emerging movement prevented the attempted sell-off of the National Scientific Library, and the destruction and conversion of the historical Gudiashvili Square in Tbilisi’s city center into a shopping mall.

UNTITLED BRAZIL PROJECT_christoph rainer_AUSTRIA_2012_12min_experiment/fiction/documentary

Inmidst hectic Rio de Janeiro a street musician, a young director, the massive statue of Christ and even a computer avatar interact in this multi-layered father-son tale.

RICHMOND_christoph rainer_AUSTRIA_2009_6min_documentary

A physical portrait of the human battle for recognition. Wrestling for a lifetime: Geri K. Richmond.

WALRUS_ christoph rainer_AUSTRIA_2008_5min_documentary

A text message bursts out the inner despair of a young man.

REQUIEM FOR A ROBOT_christoph rainer_AUSTRIA_2013_6min_fiction

Tortured by a recurring nightmare, an alcoholic robot has nothing left but a corrupt memory. In order to find out what has happened, he returns to his creator.



A girl is looking for her dead boyfriend in the mythological Sami landscape. She turns to an old woman, who is a noaide, for help.

Director: Tuva Synnevåg

Norway, 2009, 9’

Behind the Door

A stop-motion animated graduation film about a dark world

where a girl and a man are trapped in a strange net, where

life unfolds rapidly until roles are suddenly reversed.

Director: Helga Fjeldså& Stein-Christian Fagerbakken

Norway, 2011, 11'

Water Lilies in Bloom

The suspended synchronized swimming guru Labanosov entices overweight women to join him in his mission to prove Isaac Newton wrong at the Championships.

Director: Emil Stang Lund

Norway, 2010, 15’


Having survived the end of the world, two Norwegians have

spent the last twenty years in a cramped space station.

Waiting to be saved by the ship Vascodagama, Mikkel tries

to keep his spirits high, while Gard starts to lose patience.

Director: Kalle Doniselli Gulbrandsen

Norway, 2011, 14'

Nesting Place

A woman has obsessive-compulsive thoughts about a certain knife and killing her husband. She is afraid that she might actually hurt someone so she goes to see a psychologist to get help.

Director: Alam Ali

Norway, 2011, 14'

Before She Came, After He Left

Christian is visiting his home village with his fiancée. But what are the true reasons for the visit? A strong visual and evocative story about a young man's inner struggle, the sorrow of a love that once was and the balance with the new love that has occurred.

Director: Marja Bål Nango

Norway, 2012, 22'

A Moving Load of Memories

Moving house unleashes a torrent of memories. All his life, dad has collected things with stories attached. His new flat only has space for a fraction of them. What should he bring with him into the final chapter of his life? How will he define himself en route to his last stop?

Director: Stig Andersen

Norway, 2009, 29'

Strange Fish

On a wind-swept island in the North Sea, Margarethe has served her traditional fish stew in her diner for years. One day, the lovely Julia unexpectedly moves into the closed down fish factory next door and opens a Sushi Bar. Margarethe takes up the fight against this strange new way of eating fish.

Director: Mikal Hovland

Norway, 2011, 24'


DARLING_izabela plucinska_POLAND_2013_6min_animation

What is memory loss? In the labyrinth of fear, a stranger becomes a close person and home turns into a trap. Groping her way down the track of familiar objects and shapes, the character is trying to go back to the life that used to be her own. This latest clay animation from Izabela Plucińska is a captivating picture of the feeling of being lost and alienated and an attempt at putting the pieces that fail to fit together into a whole.

THE MYSTERY OF MALAKKA MOUNTAIN_jakub wronski_POLAND_2012_20min_animation

„The Mystery of Malakka Mountain” introduces us to the prepossessing universe; shrouded in mystery, that cannot be mastered. A young Junior leads a life of a very special boy – he smokes and holds constant inner monologues on the most existential of issues. His mother and two twin sisters live in the shadow of their father – a living legend air force pilot, who, one day doesn’t return from another secret mission. When the box with his personal belongings found in the plane wreck is delivered to the family, Junior, encouraged by his father speaking to him from the picture, decides to trace his footsteps and solve the mystery of what exactly happened at the foot of the Malakka mountain were his father was seen for the last time. This animation by Wroński is a mesmerizing story of growing up and the need of knowing the truth.

THE GOVERNANCE OF LOVE_adela kaczmarek_POLAND_2013_13min_animation/documentary

It is an animated documentary about imagination. The protagonist lives in several realities at the same time. Real people and events intertwine with those created by his imagination. He looks for a place for himself in this world and does it in his own unique way. He spins a tale while dreaming about the rule of love in Poland. Despite its naivety, his world ignites thought about the existential notions of good and evil. The author uses animation to show the inner life of the mentally ill patient and for the visual value of the film uses images created spontaneously by the protagonist.

ARS MORIENDI_milosz marganski_POLAND_2013_7min_animation

To what extend can our live be planned? Do we ever let the coincidence influence our plans? "Ars moriendi" seeks to answer these questions. The main protagonist's struggles with the surrounding reality are performed in the context of the Art of Dying - a medieval manual on the procedures of reaching the salvation through "dignified" death. All set in quite austere, cardboard scenery.

BATTLEHEART_tomasz matuszczak_POLAND_2012_24min_fiction

Julia loves photography. Thanks to her passion, she meets Maciek. They both live on the same housing estate, that is none too safe. For years it has been the turf of two rival groups of football fans, the Blacks and the Hounds. Like a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, Maciek and Julia are caught on opposing sides of the warring club factions. And, like the protagonists of Shakespeare’s drama, their love for one another is hit by a series of tragic events.

BATHS_tomek ducki_POLAND_2013_4min_animation

Two elderly swimmers meet at the baths for their ritual swimming. This time they are diving deeper than usual.

AFTERNOON_izabela plucinska_POLAND_2013_3min_animation

In her latest animation Izabela Plucinska returns to the motives that in 2006 inspired her to create her film Breakfast. Similarly, Afternoon is a two-part commentary on one single moment shared by a man and a woman. Although each of them is completely engaged with their own activities and doesn’t seem to notice anything else all of a sudden, owing to an unexpected incident, a couple will towards one another once again. When the world somehow fades away for a little while they are given the chance of reuniting once again. For how long however will this precious moment last? Izabela Plucinska, the author of awarded Esterhazy, employing clay technique creates an impressive depiction of the relationship between a man and a woman.

AB OVO_anita kwiatkowska – naqvi_POLAND_2013_5min_animation

Imagine your body stops being only yours. Someone starts to live inside you, changing the rules, taking more and more space, a milimeter every day, not caring that he almost makes you explode. Would you be able to love this thing and call it your child?

STEVEN AND THE BEETLE_piotr loc hoang ngoc_POLAND_2012_12min_animation

Is there a place for friendship in the world dominated by callous health rules? For a friendship that is a misalliance. Stefan is a successful swim coach loved by women. His life is turned upside down when he meets Beetle. Beetle embodies everything that is forbidden in the Stefan's world. Will their friendship last? Will Stefan be able to kill qualms of consience in the same way as he kills the smell of his friend with scented trees? A film by animation and special effect student from Lodz film school does not give clear answers but it makes an accurate diagnosis of human relationships. The animation about Stefan and Beetle should not be called surrealistic. On the contrary, in Piotr Hoang Ngoc's animation real reflection about loyality and alienation of an individual is hidden under the guise of grotesque realities.

EMPERORS' TOYS_joanna wojcik/joanna rusinek_POLAND_2012_10min_documentary

Documentary film mixed with animation which tells about an unusual collection of toys. Like most of his peers, the protagonist begun from collecting stamps, drink labels and stickers. Presently his collection consists of a couple hundred thousand



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