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Listen to the meditation story (provided by Mr. Fournier)

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A Mandala is an ancient Hindu term for circle. Though found in many cultures they are dominant in East Asia, in regions of Hindu and Buddhist traditions. They were often intricate geometric shapes constructed as symbols sacred shapes, or a type of map giving direction towards spiritual thought, meditation and interior balance. In many cases the Mandala’s are symmetrical or circular in shape and contain other symbolic images.


  1. Listen to the meditation story (provided by Mr. Fournier).

  2. Using various types of lines, draw assigned images and feelings.

  3. Using your sketches from 1 and 2, create a Mandala. Be sure to use Balance/ Unity in your rough copy.

  4. On a provided sheet of paper, produce a good copy of your Mandala. Using pencil crayons, be sure to use good colouring techniques (demonstrated by Mr. Fournier).

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