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Genealogy of the Nawab family of Prithimpassa. Sakhi Salamat

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Genealogy of the Nawab family of Prithimpassa.

Sakhi Salamat

Circa 1499 AD

The first member of the family from who descends the family he migrated from Iran to Delhi. He belongs to the royal family of Persia and was a prince. He married and had a son.

Ismail Khan Lodhi,

Khan-e-Jahan Khan

Mid 16th century.

He was titled Nawab Amirul –ul- Umara in the court of Daud Shah, King of Bengal. The father of the King, Sulaiman Shah made him Governor of Orissa. The title Khan-e-Jahan Khan was later conferred on him by Daud Shah too. He married the daughter of Daud Shah. He was during the rule of Akbar given the assurance to continue his rule in the area. (History of Bengal by Dr. Blochman, Akbar Nama, page 177. Riyaz-ul-Salatin pg.180, Translation Ain-I-Akbari pg. 520, Tazak-i-Jahangiri pg.104.)

Shamsuddin Mohammad

Born 1624.

Mohammad Rabi Khan.

He was given the title of Danish Mand by the Nazim of Bengal for his learning. He was a very learned man and was teacher in the court of the Nazim of Bengal. He was the teacher of the Nawab’s children. He was in the courts of Nawab Nazim of Bengal, Nawab Sarfaraz Khan and Nawab Ali Wardi Khan, Nawab Nawazish Md. Khan Shahamat Jang who was Naeb Subedhar of Dhaka. He died in 1181 BS (1774 AD). The first sanad conferred upon him was in 1734 AD . He also obtained Jagir from Nawab Qasim Khan Nazim of Bengal. It was given by a Sanad.

Mohammad Ali Khan

In 1793 he put down the rebellion of the Koki and Naga and was subsequently allowed by the government to have his own army and was greatly honoured by the British for his contributions. In 1819 the Jagirs were permanently settled with the family.

Gaus Ali Khan

Moulvi Ali Ahmad Khan

Born 1840 Died 1874 (1281 BS Poush).

His wife’s name was Umrul Nisa Khatun. In 1869 helped the Raj in the battle of Loshai. In this expedition he earned honour and respect for his dedication and assistance which he provided for the success of the expedition. He was exempted from Arms Act as a token of appreciation and respect by the British Raj.

Nawab Moulvi Ali Amjad Khan

Born 1871 Died 1905 A.D.

He was a pioneer in tea cultivation and his first Tea Estate was Rungicherra Tea Estate. He had two wives. His first marriage was to the daughter of Syed Aminuddin Saheb, Syeda Fatima Banu in 1303 BS (1897).

His second wife was Jarida Banu whom he married in 1900 (1306BS). From Jarida Banu he had two sons Nawab Ali Haider Khan and Nawab Ali Asghar Khan. From his first wife he had no issue. There was disastrous earthquake during his life time in 1897 AD- 1304 BS, 30th. Jaistha.

Nawab Ali Haider Khan

Father Nawab Ali Amjad Khan

Born 1900 (Maagh 29, 1306) Died June 30th, 1963.

He married Murshidzadi Husne Ara Begum in 1924, the eldest child and daughter the Honourable Ihtisham-ul- Mulk, Rais-ul-Dowla, Amir-ul-Omrah,

Nawab Asef Kudr Syed Wasif Ali Meerza, Khan Bahadur, K.C.S.I, K.C.V.O. Mahabut Jung; Premiere noble of Bengal, Behar and Orissa. He was 38th in descent to the Prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammad (SM), born on 07th. January 1875. He had his education at Sorbonne, Rugby and Oxford, U.K. He was six times Member of Bengal Legislative Council. The wedding took place in the palace of Nawab Bahadur. He was minister in the cabinet of Sir Syed Muhammad Sadullah, Assam and later in the cabinet of G.Bardalai, Assam. Once he held the portfolio for agriculture and the other time was Minister for Power and Water Development. It was from 1937 till 1939. He was a skilled shikari and during his life time shot innumerable tigers and leopards.

Sahebzadi Begum Syeddunnessa

Nawab Ali Sarwar Khan

Nawab Ali Safdar Khan

Born in 1917 in the Murshidabad Palace of his Maternal grandfather. Died 1974 16th. July at Dhaka. Wives: The second daughter of Ali Ather Khan of Illyas Ali Estate of Huru Saheb Bari and Afika Bibi of Khanakiari. He had a very volatile and exemplary life style and dominated the political scene of the 50s, 60s and the 70s in his region. He had his education from St. Paul’s, Darjeeling and Alia Madrasah, Kolkata. and was his Maternal grandmother’s favourite grandson who lovingly called him Raja and this sobriquet stuck to him and today he is known by this name by the young and the old alike. He was a leader in Ballisara peasant movement of the 60s. In 1971 he led the liberation war as commander of his regiment from the Tripura borders and his forays and military strategies cost the Pak junta, based at Tripura border heavy losses. He was the first man to walk into Prithimpassa as the army retreated and took over command of the liberated area. From his wives Sirajunnessa Khatun daughter of Ali Ather Khan and Afika Bibi, he had five sons from the former and two from later. His sons are:

Nawab Ali Abbas Khan He was twice MP. In the 80s and 90s,Nawab Ali Mehdi Khan, Nawab Ali Naqui Khan, Twice chairman of 12 U.P. Nawab Ali Taqui Khan and Nawab Ali Hassan Khan, Nawab Ali Baquar Khan, Nawab Ali Sajjad Khan.

2. Nawab Ali Sarwar Khan

S/O Nawab Ali Haider Khan

Born 15th. May 1924 at Kolkata, at Sylhet House. Died 1995 21st July, in Dhaka.

He was the youngest child of Nawab Ali Haider Khan. Wife: Sahebzadi Syedatunnessa Begum, the eldest daughter of Nawab of Patna, India Nawabzada Syed Mahoammad Mehdi. He was twice MLA during his political tenure. They got married in 1948, October in Patna India in Bawli the Mansion of Nawabzada Syed Mohammad Mehdi. He had his education from St. Edmonds, Shillong and Aligarh University, India. He was a very conscientious and disciplined man and was a very good sportsman. In school he earned his name in boxing. In his father’s Estate he played a prominent and constructive role. He was an accomplished hunter and was a consummate tea planter. During his early years he worked in Etah Tea Estate in 1951. He was twice Member of Constituent Assembly. The first time in 1970, December 9th. and again in 1973. He was a freedom fighter and was in charge of the Tripura front. He set up the Muraicherra Tea Estate tea manufacturing factory at the Tea Estate.

Nawab Ali Anwar Khan, Nawab Ali Wasif Khan,

Nawab Ali Hamid Khan, Nawab Ali Arshad Khan,

Sahebzadi Niffer Haider, Nawab Ali Wajid Khan, Nawab Ali Waris Khan.

3. Sahebzadi Begum Syeddunnessa.

Daughter of Nawab Ali Haider Khan

Born 1923 in Calcutta, Died in in the late 1990s Sharjah.

The second child and the only daughter of Nawab Ali Haider Khan. She was married to Prince Wahid Ali Mirza. The direct descendant of ruler of Oudh Wajid Ali Shah. He died at the age of 24. They were married for two or three years and he died before the partition of India.Leaving behind a one year old son Asif Ali Mirza. His father was Prince Mirza Syeed Bahadur when He died when his son Prince Wahid Ali Mirza was only 7 years of age. He was educated at the St xavieers school. His properties included extensive real estate in Kidderpore and Mitaburj in addition to some lands in Lucknow where he frequently used to visit. In addition he used to get a privy purse of Rs 500 which was actually granted to Prince Kamer Kader the eldest surviving son of the last ruler in 1887, indeed a princely sum at the time.this amount was a monthly allowance. Second marriage was to Syed Amanat Hussain. He was a Bara Syed. He died on the 6th of June 1987 in Dubai where he was in intensive care  unit of Rashid Hospital in Dubai. The marriage was definitely after the departure of the Shah of 1950. Her sons are from Prince Wahid Ali Mirza is Asif Ali Mirza and from Syed Amanat Hussain: Syed Naseer Hussain, Syed Hadi Hussian, Syeda Husne Abida and Syeda Malikatunnessa.

Few years after the demise of her husband she was married to Syed Amanat Hussain of India. He was a graduate in Economics from Lucknow University,and joined the police academy during the British Rule,and was from a batch of officers who graduated soon before the end of British rule.He came from a long line of "Bahara Sayyads" so his lineage was impeccable.His father was a govt.official from the village of Kanpoor in the district of Jaunpur in eastern UP.

There were twelve middle class Sayyads families in the village been there from Mughul times,and whose members were highly educated even in those days,and were judges professors and administrators. Syed Amanat Hussain’s father was a fine horseman and was known to have the strength to lift a man off his feet while galloping.

The turning point in Syed Amanat Hussain’s life came when after independence he had to salute the Indian flag  wearing his police uniform,supposidly a sign of loyalty. the next day he packed up without resigning and left for Bombay to sail on the merchant ship Akbar going to Karachi. In Karachi he joined the newly formed Pakistan police force and was put in the Special Branch,and was told that East Pakistan was in desperate need of young officers like him and was transfered there. He died on the 6th of June 1987 in Dubai.

Nawab Ali Asghar Khan

Father Nawab Ali Amjad Khan

Born 1903 (Poush 28,1309BS).

Died May 1984.

He was MLC in Muslim League in undivided India. Council. He married Murshidzadi Sofia Banu Begum the second daughter of Nawab Bahadur of Murshidabad Nawab Asef Kudr Syed Wasif Ali Meerza. The sister of Murshidzadi

Husne Ara Begum.

Nawab Ali Yeawar Khan

Father Nawab Ali Asghar Khan

Born in Kolkata, India in 1925, died in Dhaka in October 2003.

Wife: Sahebzadi Ummatul Fatima Begum daughter of Nawab of Patna, India Nawabzada Syed Mahoammad Mehdi. They got married in 1948,October in Patna India in “Bawli” the Mansion of Nawabzada Syed Mohammad Mehdi. He was the only child of Nawab Ali Asghar Khan and his wife Murshidzadi Sofia Banu Begum. He was MPA from 1958 to 1968 during the regime of Ayub Khan. He was the first chairman of No. 12 Union of Prithimpassa.
Sahebzadi Shamim Ara Sahebzadi Yasmin Ara Sahebzadi Iffat Ara

Sahebzadi Nasreen Ara Sahezadi Samer Ara and Sahebzadi Durdana Ara

Genealogical chart of the Nawab family of Guzri, Patna

Starts from Imam Hazrat Ali Raza (VIII th. Imam).

Syed Hasan Rizvi (1648-1706)

Syed Mohammed Ali Rizvi (1676-1750)

Syed Baquar Rizvi Syed Razi Rizvi (1702-1779), settled in India.

Syed Murtuza Rizvi (1728-1801) Syed Ali Rizvi

+Umme-e-Laila Begum.

Agha Meer Rizvi, Meer Nawab Rizvi, Syed Abdullah Rizvi Kaniz Zahra Begum   Syed Muzttuza Rizvi II (Murshidabad) Known as Mir Abdullah


+Ameenisa Begum


settled in Patna


Syed Mehdi Ali Khan (1792-1850), Syed Mohammad Ali Khan(1797-1823),Shamshunnisa Begum (1802-1820), Syed Qasim Ali Khan (1807-18  ) , Nawab Luft Ali Khan ( C.I.E.) (1812-1890)

1. Razia Begum, 2. Nawab Syed Mehdi Hasan Khan @ Badshah Nawab (1859-1919),3. Syed Ibrahim Hasan Khan (1861-1934) @ Manjhle Nawab, 4. Warisunisa Begum (1864-1879),5. Syed Mohd.Akbar Ali Khan @ Chote Nawab (1867-1935),6. Wajihunnisa Begum (1869-1930).

1.Mehditunnisa Begum@Khurasani Begum(1897-!973)+Syed Mobarak Ali Naqvi, (Khijwa:Bihar),

2.Nawabzada Syed Mohammed Mehdi(31.12.1898-26.01.1972)+ Batul Fatma Begum, D/O.Syed Mohd.Luft Ali Khan@Safder Nawab,

3. Halimatunnisa Begum


w/o..Syed Mohammad  Jabir Ali khan

of Husainabad Dist.Mongair. (1901-1947),

4.Latifunnisa Begum,

w/o Syed Najmul Hasan Kazmi

(of Pali ,Bihar).

  Syed Farzand Ali (1920),Justice Syed Sarwar Ali (1922 ), Syedatunnessa Begum married to Nawab Ali Sarwar Khan, Umatul Fatma Begum married to Nawab Ali Yeawar Khan, Kulsum Begum, Imami Begum , Sakina Begum, Syed Akbar

Ali,(1939), Syed Asghar Ali,Lall.

Genealogical chart of The Royal House of Oudh
Mir Mohammed Naseer

  1. Mir Mohammed Amin- 2. Daughter Jafar Beg Khan

Saadat Khan

Burhanul Mulk

Sadr-e-Jahan Begum Mirza Md. Muqim Abul Mansur Khan
Safdar Jung PrimeMinister of India
and Subahdar of Agra and Oudh

Jalaluddin Haidar Shujaud Daula

1754-75 m- Nawab Bahu Begum.

AsafudDaula 1775-97.

He made his kingdom the showcase of his splendour and grandeur. He shifted the capital from Faizabad to Lucknow. He consolidated theeconomy and Lucknow reached the pinnacle of its splendour. He built many palaces, mosques and other buildings to adorn his new capital. Prominent among the buildings he built were the awesome Asifi Imambara with its Bhool Bhulayian or labyrinth, Daulat Khan and Roomi Darwaza. The building of the Imambara was not only done to satisfy his religious fervour but also to provide employment to his people during the time of ongoing famine.

Wazir Ali Khan (1797-98) Saadat Ali Khan 1798-1814)

Ghaziuddin Haidar (1814-1827) Muhammad Ali Shah(1837-42)

M Malka Padsha Begum

Amjad Ali Shah

Naseeruddin Haidar (1827-37)

M Malka Kishwar
Rafiuddin Haidar (Munna Jan) (1837)

Wajid Ali Shah (1847- 56) d 1887. Dara Satwat Sulaiman Qudr

Prince Kamr Kadr b. 1852 Aasmah Jah b. 1853

Mirza Saeed

Mirza Wahid Ali-

Married the only daughter of Nawab Ali Haider Khan Sahebzadi

Syeddunnessa Begum. He died at a very young age leaving behind one son.
Asif Ali Mirza-
Genealogical Chart of Nawab Nazims of Bengal, Bihar, Orissa.
Syed Hasan Najafi

Syed Ahmad Najafi

Married Najmunnessa daughter of crown Prince Dara Sheko son of Emperor Shah Jahan.

From him descended the first Nazim of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa.

Mubarrak-ud-Dowla, Nawab Nazim of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa.
Nawab Babar Jung, Nawab Nazim.

Nawab Ali Jah Nawab Nazim. Nawab Wala Jah Nawab Nazim.

Nawab Humayan Jah Nawab Nazim

Nawab Faredoon Jah Nawab Nazim

Nawab Hasan Ali Meerza

1st. Nawab Bahadur of Murshidabad.

Nawab Wasif Ali Meerza Nawab Nasir Ali Meerza

Nawab Bahadur of Murshidabad.

Murshidzadi Husne Ara Begum Murshidzadi Sofia Banu Begum Nawab Waris Ali Meerza

w/o Nawab Ali Haider Khan w/o Nawab Ali Asghar Khan

Nawab Bahadur of Murshidabad

Nawab Ali Yeawar Khan

Sahebzadi Shamim AraSahebzadi Yasmin

Ara, Sahebzadi Iffat Ara, Sahebzadi NasreenAra, SahezadiSamerAra Sahebzadi Durdana Ara

Nawab Fateyab Ali Meerza
Nawab Kazim Ali Meerza

Nawab Imran Ali Meerza

Nawab Sajid Ali Meerza

Mahmuda Begum

Hashmatun Nisa Begum Jamal Ara Begum

Shakeel Ara Begum

Nawab Ali Abbas Khan Nawab Ali Mehdi Khan, Nawab Ali Naqui Khan, Nawab Ali Taqui Khan Nawab Ali Hassan Khan, Nawab Ali Baquar Khan, Nawab Ali Sajjad Khan.

Nawab Ali Safdar Khan

Asif Ali Mirza, Syed Naseer Hussain,Syed Hadi Hussian, Syeda Husne Abida Syeda Malikatunnessa

Sahebzadi Syeddunnessa Begum

Nawab Ali Anwar Khan, Nawab Ali Wasif Khan, Nawab Ali Hamid Khan, Nawab Ali Arshad Khan, SahebzadiNiffer Haider, Nawab Ali Wajid Khan, Nawab Ali Waris Khan

Nawab Ali Sarwar Khan

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