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Levent Baykus

68 Knapp Pl., Englewood, NJ, 07631 Cell :(201)602-3013

To make a successful transition into another challenging new aspect of the marine industry, where my initiative, drive and maritime experience will prove an asset to my new employer and will enable me to make a positive contribution to any organization.

Work Experience

11/2009-11/2010 US Shipping Corp Edison, NJ

Vessel Coordinator

  1. Responsible for all aspects of vessel operation for company owned 2 U.S. flag articulated tug/barge and 2 chemical tankers involved in coastwise trade.

  2. Duties include development and preparation of voyage plans and voyage orders, administration of charter parties, and negotiation and purchase of bunkers.

  3. Manage agency effort for company vessels calling US ports. Responsible for appointment and evaluation of agents.

  4. Work with chartering department to provide post-fixture support to the vessels, to make sure that the ships perform as per the charter party agreements, and to ensure the safe and efficient carriage and delivery of cargoes for post fixture.

  5. Exercise voyage calculation and generate voyages using shipnet.

  6. Attend the company vessels while loading or discharging periodically to better understand the operation on shipside.

11/2007-06/2009 Eastwind Maritime Inc NY,NY

Marine Manager

  1. Worked as a Ship Operator at Eastwind Maritime

  2. Person in Charge for handling Reefer and Bulk Carrier vessels independently from the fleet with reference to post fixture, bunker intakes, preparing freight invoice, agency appointments etc.

  3. Preparing Vessel Position updates for forwarding to Charterers at a daily basis.

  4. Updating and monitoring vessel information using Shipnet.

  5. Preparing Lay time and Off-hire Statements on completion of each voyage.

  6. Looking after agency appointments, arranging advance payments from charterers and final settlements thereafter on completion of each voyage.

  7. Responsible for ensuring that vessels voyage is performed as per charter party and ensure quick turn around.

  8. To follow up the vessel's operations / schedules and the implementation of company procedures in coordination with ship's agents, stowage planners, ship's command and other Line's Departments.

  9. Familiarity with voyage instructions, P&L, Hull Insurance, charter parties, B/Ls

Fleet ICT Manager Assistant

  1. Regularly Interface with Airtime and Service Providers to troubleshoot and to ensure that vessels are optimizing the offerings of these providers

  2. Review invoices and perform accurate cost accounting for the fleet’s shipboard communications, including deciphering Split Billing and the proper assignment of charges to appropriate cost centers

  3. Keep up with new regulatory, crewing or communications-related requirements and ensure that the Eastwind fleet remains in compliance

  4. Update Shipboard Software and Anti-Virus programs as needed

  5. Manage crew solutions and ensure that calling cards are procured and distributed appropriately

  6. Monitor vessel Usage for possible system Abuse by ship’s crew (ie, regular extended personal phone calls, internet browsing, etc)

  7. Monitor changes in marketplace and new products that become available, which could enhance the operation of Eastwind’s fleet

  8. Manage White List/Black Lists and other administrative functions for messages to/from vessels within the fleet 

09/2006-10/2007 Midship/Marine Inspection Logistics LLC P.Pleasant Beach, NJ

Marine Surveyor

  1. Draft surveyor: Handling initial, split and final draft surveys. Advising the stevedore for loading plan.

  2. Hold condition, cargo quality and cargo damage survey: Checking all the holds and ship gears to record any damages, ensuring the cargo quality within specifications given.

  3. Loss Control or Expeditor: Ensuring gauging, sampling and analysis both ashore and on board vegetable oil tankers was carried out as per recommended methods.

02/2004-05/2006 SUNY Maritime College Bronx,NY

Simulator Operator

  1. As a part-time simulator operator in Bridge Watch Standing Course.


  1. Regimental Duty Officer, responsible for cadets, and Rules and Regulations in the campus.

02/2001- 05/2003 Fairwind Inc. Gloucester, MA

Commercial Fisherman

  1. Worked ten consecutive days offshore at 16 hours a day on a lobster boat.

  2. Operated hauler. Set, hauled, hand lifted, and stacked 70 lb lobster traps.

01/1999-12/1999 Mardeniz Shipping and Mgmt Co. Istanbul,Turkey

Second Mate

  1. Officer-in-charge of navigational watch using radar, GPS, chart, etc.

  2. Creating all voyage plans and maintained the chart inventory.

  3. Also participated in numerous loads, discharges, and hold cleaning operations for bulk cargos, and served as the ships radio operator.

06/1998-12/1998 Ulusoy & Marti Shipping Inc. Istanbul,Turkey

Third Mate

  1. Officer-in-charge of navigational watch using radar, GPS, chart, etc.

  2. Responsible for the operation and maintenance of vessels lifeboats, fire fighting gears and various lifesaving equipments.


  1. SUNY, Maritime College, Master of Science, May 2007, Bronx, NY

Major: International Transportation Management

  1. SUNY, Maritime College, Bachelor of Science, May 2006, Bronx, NY

Major: Marine Transportation

  1. Istanbul Technical University, Associate of Science, June 1997, Istanbul,Turkey

Major: Marine Transportation

  1. Istanbul Maritime High School, Harbor Master, June 1993, Istanbul,Turkey


  1. A.S.B.A. Chartering Certificate 2007

  2. Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats 2007

  3. Medical First Aid & Training 2007

  4. Advanced Firefighting Training 2007

  5. The Operational Use of Automatic Radar Plotting Aids(ARPA) Training 2007

  6. AT Level 1 Awareness Training 2006

  7. Chemical Biological Radiological Defense 2006

  8. 70-Hour Global Maritime Distress and

Safety System Course and FFC Element 1 & 7 Exams 2006

  1. Radar Observer Recertification 2006

  2. Automated Radar Plotting Aids 2006

  3. Basic Firefighting 2006

  4. Personal Survival Techniques 2006

  5. Personal Safety & Social Responsibility 2006

  6. Basic First Aid & CPR 2006


Oceangoing Watchkeeping Officer (Unlimited)


Available upon request

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