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Using host nation providers in the tricare preferred Provider Network offers you comfort, confidence and convenience

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Quick Facts 

  • Using host nation providers in the TRICARE Preferred Provider Network offers you comfort, confidence and convenience.

  • PPN providers must be able to communicate in English and will usually help you file claims.

  • PPN provider credentials are verified and the care they provide is regularly evaluated by U.S. doctors.

he TRICARE Europe Preferred Provider Network

What is the Preferred Provider Network?

The TRICARE Europe Preferred Provider Network (PPN) consists of host nation health care providers who agree to provide care to TRICARE beneficiaries and assist them in filing TRICARE claims. In most cases, PPN providers will not require up-front payment from TRICARE Prime beneficiaries.

Why should I use a PPN provider?

Preferred providers offer beneficiaries three important benefits:

  • Comfort: To join the network, providers must demonstrate that they can communicate with TRICARE beneficiaries in English. We also help them understand some of the cultural differences involved in health care practice.

  • Confidence: A provider’s credentials and experience are verified before being allowed to join the network, and U.S. military physicians regularly evaluate the care PPN providers give. So, you can be confident that you will receive quality health care.

  • Convenience: Preferred providers agree to file claims for TRICARE Prime beneficiaries, so you will not have to deal with paperwork or pay out of your pocket when you get authorized, covered care from a PPN provider.

How can I locate a PPN provider?

Your local TRICARE Service Center staff will help you find a PPN provider when you a referred for host nation care. You can also use the PPN Provider Search Tool on the TRICARE Europe web site (see below) or contact your TRICARE Service Center for assistance.

What if I have a complement for or concern about a host nation provider?

If you provide your e-mail address to the TRICARE Service Center during the referral process, a host nation provider evaluation form will be e-mailed to you. You can also call your TRICARE Service Center directly or use the “Contact Us” feature on the TRICARE Europe web site.

Where to Get Help

  • Local TRICARE Service Center: XXX-XXX-XXX

  • TRICARE Area Office-Europe: 49-(0)6302-67-6312; DSN 496-6312

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