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Job advert Media Training Coordinator Introduction

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Job advert – Media Training Coordinator
Sine FM Higher Rhythm Ltd) are looking for a Media Training Coordinator to play a key role in the development of our Sine FM 102.6 radio station in Doncaster.

The post holder has the responsibility of recruiting beneficiaries / organisations into the various strands of the radio station / media services, and providing tutor / mentor support for these people, assuring the volunteer programme meets targets.

In carrying out these duties the post holder will be expected to adhere to the company Equal Opportunities Policy and to contribute to implementing the policy in all aspects of service delivery

Principle tasks

  • broadcast and media services support

  • staff and volunteer coordination

  • development of the profile of sine fm

  • creating new partnerships

  • creating projects and producing proposals for new activities to funding bodies

  • teaching and training delivery, and management of training programmes

Additional tasks

  • to make recommendations to the media services manager on programme policy and revisions to scheduling

  • To coordinate and support a large team of volunteers involved in programme making including producers, presenters, reporters and programme assistants.

  • To oversee computer-based programme scheduling, development of a digital music and programming library and smooth operation of automated playout procedures.

  • To provide editorial support and guidance to programme producers to encourage programme development and to assure the quality of the programme service and compliance with internal and external programming codes.

  • To monitor and respond to audience feedback including complaints handling.

  • To liaise closely with the media services manager to ensure that training beneficiaries are smoothly integrated into the volunteer programming team and to assist in the development and delivery of broadcast related training.

  • To oversee production of jingles, sponsorship announcements, advertising and public announcements and to ensure their correct scheduling and play-out.

  • To assist in fund-raising and sponsorship development for programme content.

  • To undertake such other tasks as may be reasonably required.

Person specification

Essential requirements

  • Evidence prior commitment to the field of community media

  • Qualified Teacher Status

  • Prior skills and experience in broadcast radio production

  • Knowledge and experience of broadcast programme scheduling / law

  • Experience in cooridntaing staff and volunteers

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Experience in bid writing and tendering to national agencies

  • Knowledge of computerised scheduling and playout systems

  • Experience working with people from a wide range of backgrounds

  • Sympathy with the aims and objectives of Higher Rhythm and Sine FM

  • Excellent word processing, computer and office skills

  • Motivated, flexible and able to work under own initiative

Desirable skills and experience

  • skills and experience in studio engineering

  • ability to communicate in more than one language

  • previous work in the arts, voluntary or community sectors

  • familiarity and understanding of Internet-based broadcasting

  • experience of fund-raising and/or sponsorship development

£ 23,708 per annum
Funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund

28 days per annum

37.5 hours per week Monday – Friday, with flexibility expected. A pension scheme is also in place

Closing date and method of application:

CV with covering letter / Closing date for applications 24th June 2011

Please address applications to:

Senior Manager

Higher Rhythm
53 – 57 Netherhall Road

Or send via email to

This job description and post information can be obtained at:



TEL Helen Matthews on 01302 327769

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