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Aromatherapy Report October 2015

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Aromatherapy Report October 2015

A new plant has been found in Fiji in the Medinilla Group. It was found by the Water and Nature Initiative Group who work with communities to better manage their water use. Medinilla Mirabilis is a good diet food, helps coughs and cicatrises wounds. Medinilla Magnifica Lindl inhibits the growth of cancer cells, slows cervical cancer cells, reverses colon cancer cells and stimulates immunity.

The European Cosmetics Association is new name for Colipa

Sofia Gatica an Argentinian woman whose daughter died at 3 days old from kidney failure has successfully fought the use of glyphosate herbicide. She has now been awarded 2012 Goldman Environmental Prize.

Rhiannon Lewis, who I trained with and is excellent, is holding some training of working with cancer. Information on www.royalmarsden.nhs.

Tests have been carried out in Iran to establish that geranium can help during labour. It found that levels of anxiety were substantially down. There was also a significant decrease in diastolic blood pressure.

The ATC has published an article concerning regulation that is significant to aromatherapy practice especially if you make and market your own products. Information from

Research in Turkey has established that lavender reduced renal colic pain. Information on

Robert Tisserand gave a seminar recently which was very well received.

I would be delighted to hear how you are all getting on and of course if you have any problems do please contact me.


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