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Leona Lewis to host Christmas Fair at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Essex

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Leona Lewis to host Christmas Fair

at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Essex

This weekend, Leona Lewis flies back to the UK to host a Christmas Fair as part of her ongoing campaign to raise funds in support of the charity that she is patron of: Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Brentwood, Essex. The event will take place at Hopefield itself from 12-3pm on Sunday 27th November and Leona will be opening it, along with Keisha Buchanan and guests will be entertained by magician Dynamo and Stavros Flatley.
Leona has made several trips to the sanctuary over the past few months, most recently for a sponsored walk which raised over £14,000 - much needed funds for these formerly abused or unwanted animals, who are given a home for life at Hopefield. 
In a bid to continue the fundraising and fly the flag for the charity stateside, Leona hosted a star-studded yet intimate fundraiser in Beverley Hills, LA last weekend. Leona performed on the night, including a duet with Glee pal, Matthew Morrison. Fellow Brit and friend of Leona's, Natasha Bedingfield also lent her support and performed. Leona also surprised two of the Hopefield managers by flying them over from Essex to be a part of the evening and see the work that she is doing out there whilst recording in LA. 
The event had a very relaxed and intimate feel about it, including the fact that everyone had to leave their shoes at the door! Guests also enjoyed the special cupcakes that Leona designed and were made by a lady who flew from Puerto Rico especially to make them for her.
Speaking so passionately about the cause and important goals that she is striving to achieve for Hopefield, Leona ended up losing her voice at the end of the evening! She was thrilled by that so many people came out to support the cause and raise so much money - they are currently totting up the total!
Full Guestlist:

Leona Lewis

Matthew Morrison

Natasha Bedingfield

Perez Hilton

Jeremy Piven

Kristen Cavallari

Max Adler (Glee)

Dot Marie Jones (Glee)

Ron Artest

Shawn Pyform (Desperate Housewives)

Colton Haynes (Teen Wolf)

Dana Wilkey (Real Housewives of Beverley Hills)

Michael Moloney (Extreme Home Makeover)

Dianna Warren

Kristen Quintrall (The Helpers)

Tyson Ritter (All American Rejects)




For further info please contact:

Stuart Bell - / 0207 484 5012 Twitter - @dawbell 

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