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Last Revised June 2009

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Last Revised June 2009

Limon FFA Chapter Constitution
Section A. The name of this organization shall be the LIMON FFA CHAPTER.
Section B. The purposes for which this chapter is formed are as follows:

  1. To develop competent and assertive agricultural leadership.

  2. To strengthen the confidence of agriculture students in themselves and their work.

  3. To promote the intelligent choice and establishment of an agriculture career.

  4. To stimulate development and encourage achievement in individual agriculture experience programs.

  5. To improve the economic, environmental, recreational, and human resources of the community.

  6. To develop competencies in communications, human relations, and social abilities.

  7. To develop character, patriotism and train for useful citizenship.

  8. To build cooperative attitudes among fellow students.

  9. To encourage wise management of resources.

  10. To encourage improvement in scholarship.

  11. To provide organized recreational activities for agriculture students.

  12. To develop an awareness of the global importance of agriculture and its contribution to our wellbeing.

Section A. The Limon FFA Chapter, chartered in 2002, is a local unit of the Colorado FFA Association, which was chartered in 1928 by the National FFA Organization.
Section B. This chapter accepts in full the provisions in the constitution and by-laws of the Colorado FFA Association as well as those of the National FFA Organization.
Section A. Membership in this chapter shall be of three kinds: (1) Active; (2) Alumni; and (3) Honorary, as defined by the National FFA Constitution.
Section B. Active Membership: Members in good standing may vote on all business brought before the chapter. An active member shall be considered as such when:

  1. He/she attends local chapter meetings regularly.

  2. He/she shows an interest in and takes part in the affairs of the chapter.

  3. He/she pays dues by the date determined by the Executive Committee.

  4. He/she participates in the official activities of the chapter. Official activities shall be defined as attendance at monthly meetings, committee work, fund raisers, and other official activities scheduled in the Program of Activities (POA).

Section C. Alumni membership: Following termination of active membership status, a Limon FFA member may become an alumni member. A local alumni affiliate, chartered by the Colorado FFA Alumni Association, is available for past members and community members to be involved with FFA activities.

Section D. Honorary membership: The school superintendent, principal, members of the Board of Education, members of the Advisory Committee, businessmen, agriculturalists, and others who are helping to advance agriculture education and the FFA may be elected as an honorary member. The candidate must have received a majority vote of the active FFA members present at any meeting.

  1. Honorary membership in this chapter shall be limited to the Honorary Chapter FFA Degree.

  2. Names of honorary members will be filed with the chapter secretary and recorded in the chapter history.

  3. The maximum number of honorary members inducted each school year shall

not exceed 3.
Section A. The annual membership dues of the Limon FFA chapter will be established by the executive committee.
Section B. The dues shall be paid one week prior to the National Dues due date or with in six weeks after joining the Limon FFA Chapter.
Section C. The membership year of the Limon FFA Chapter shall be from September 1 to August 31.
Section D. No reimbursement of dues will occur under any circumstance.
Section E. If a member is financially unable to pay dues, the chapter advisor will grant a time extension, or find alternative funding.

Section A. The emblems of the Limon FFA Chapter shall be the same as those of the National FFA Organization. The use of the emblems shall be designated by the National FFA Organization.

Section A. Written application by any member or officer shall be submitted to the executive committee, complete with in-depth discussion, stating why the article or sections should be amended.
Section B. Amendments to the Limon FFA Chapter Constitution may be made by a two-thirds vote of the active members at any regular meeting.
Section C. A by-law may be adopted or amended at any chapter meeting by a two-thirds vote of the active members at any regular meeting.
Section A. There shall be four degrees of active membership in the Limon FFA Chapter. These degrees are: (1) The Greenhand FFA Degree; (2) The Chapter FFA Degree; (3) The State FFA Degree; (4) The American FFA Degree.
Section B. Greenhand FFA Degree: Minimum qualifications for this degree are as follows:

  1. Be enrolled in agriculture education and have satisfactory plans for a Supervised Agriculture Experience Program (SAEP).

  2. Learn and explain the FFA creed, motto, mission statement, and salute.

  3. Describe and explain the meaning of the FFA emblem, symbols, and colors.

  4. Demonstrate a knowledge of the FFA Code of Ethics and proper use of the FFA jacket.

  5. Demonstrate a knowledge of the organization’s history, the chapter constitution and bylaws, and a chapter of Program of Activities.

  6. Personally own or have access to the Official FFA Manual.

  7. Submit a written application for the Greenhand FFA Degree.

Section C. Chapter FFA Degree: Minimum qualifications for this degree are as follows:

  1. Must have received the Greenhand FFA degree.

  2. Must have satisfactorily completed at least 180 hours of systematic school instruction in agriculture education at or above the ninth grade level, have in operation an approved supervised agricultural experience program, and be enrolled in an agricultural education course.

  3. Have participated in the planning and conducting of at least three official functions in the chapter Program of Activities.

  4. Have earned and productively invested at least $150.00 by the members own efforts or worked at least 45 hours in excess of schedule class time, or a combination thereof, and have developed plans for continued growth in improvement in a supervised agricultural experience program.

  5. Have effectively led a group discussion for fifteen minutes.

  6. Have demonstrated five procedures of parliamentary law.

  7. Show progress toward individual achievement in the FFA award programs.

  8. Have a satisfactory scholastic record by maintaining a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

  9. Submit and present a written committee report.

  10. Submit a written application for the Chapter FFA Degree.

Section D. State FFA degree. Minimum qualifications for selection will stand in this chapter as those found in Article V, Section C. in the Colorado State FFA Constitution, which shall be the same as found in Article VI, section E of the National FFA Constitution.

Section E. American FFA Degree. Minimum qualifications for this degree will stand in this chapter as stated in Article V., Section E. of the National FFA Constitution.
Section F. The executive committee will review the qualifications of members and make recommendations to the advisor concerning degree advancement.
Section A. The constitutional officers of the chapter shall be as follows: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, reporter, and sentinel. Officer positions will be filled as candidates are available. The advisor shall be the teacher of agriculture education in Limon High School.
Section B. Officers shall be elected annually by a slate of persons. This slate shall be called the Election Board. The Election Board may consist of: select members of the Advisory Board, select school administrators, respected business people, honorary FFA members, retiring senior officers, and the advisor. All Election Board members will be requested by the advisor. One candidate for each office will be chosen by the Election Board based upon an interview of all applicants as applicants are available for the office. Any office left vacant by the Election Board must remain vacant during the upcoming year of service.
Section C. The officers of the chapter shall constitute the Limon FFA Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall have full power to act as necessary for the chapter in accordance with actions taken at chapter meetings and from various regulations for by-laws adopted from time to time.
Section D. Chapter officers must be active members in good standing and must hold a minimum of the Greenhand Degree at the time of the installation into a chapter office.
Section E. Honorary members shall not vote or fill any office in the chapter, except that of the advisor. In case of absence of the advisor, an honorary chapter member may serve as a temporary advisor.
Section F. The terms of the Limon FFA Chapter Officers shall commence at the Annual Chapter Banquet of their election year and terminate at the Annual Chapter Banquet the following year.
Section G. District Officers: In order to run for a district office, only two members from the Limon FFA Chapter can run for an office at a time. If more than two people want to apply for a district office from the Limon Chapter, they must be placed in front of the advisory committee in order to choose which members are eligible.
Section A. Regular chapter meetings will be held once a month during the year, unless previously arranged by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will choose the time and place of the meeting. Special meetings may be called at any time.
Section B. A simple majority of active members listed on the secretary’s membership roll shall constitute a quorum. A quorum must be present at a meeting at which businesses transacted for a vote taking committing the chapter to any proposal or action.
Section C. All chapter meetings shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.
Section A. All active members must participate in at least one committee.
Section B. The Executive Committee will appoint chairpersons. Chairperson nominations may also be taken from the floor.
Section C. Active committee chairmen must give a report at monthly meetings.
Section A. Members are allowed to participate in only two years of skilled oriented CDE’s while in the Limon FFA Chapter.
Section B. To be qualified for the state or district contest, you must be eligable in school to attend on this trip.
Section C. If qualified for state, members and teams must put in at least two hours per week of practice in order to complete at the state contest.
Section D. If any member qualifies for state at the district level, only the top three placing individuals can compete at state.

Section A. The Limon FFA Constitution and By-laws must be revised by the executive committee at least every three years. Revisions must be accepted by a two thirds vote by the chapter.
Section A. Officers shall perform the usual duties of their respective office as found in the Official FFA Manual. More specific duties will be outlined in the addendum to the bylaws.
Section B. Chapter officers may resign by presenting a written resignation to the chapter for acceptance by the active members at any regular meeting.

Section A. Chapter officers who are not carrying out their duties and responsibilities specified in the addendum to the bylaws or designated to the specific officer by the executive committee or put on chapter probation will automatically be put on the agenda for the next scheduled meeting for consideration of impeachment.
Section B. Procedures of impeachment will be in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order which says a two-thirds vote of the active members is needed to remove an officer from the position.
Section A. In the event that an office becomes vacated during the term of service, by an elected officer, the vacant office may be filled by an active member in good standing who meets all the qualifications of the office.
Section B. To request consideration for the vacant office, any active member must submit a written application, a letter requesting consideration for the vacant office, and be interviewed by the executive committee.
Section C. The executive committee shall appoint a replacement to complete the term of the vacant office upon approval of the chapter.

Section A. Any member who violates the FFA Code of Ethics or the Colorado FFA Association Discipline Policies and Procedures, or misuses the FFA jacket may be suspended from participating in the chapter, state, or national activities for up to one year. A member who violates the above policies will receive a notice of their suspension from the executive committee and the advisor.
Section B. Any member who commits to a project or position that represents the Limon FFA and fails to fulfill the obligations or expectations will be eligible for chapter probation as designated by the advisor.
Section C. FFA members are governed by the Limon Public School District RE-4J school policies. These policies will be strictly enforced.
Section D. Members may appeal in writing to the executive committee concerning the misconduct decisions. Persons who report the misconduct must have a witness or proof. The executive committee’s decision is final.

Section A. Member participation will be recorded according to the chapter Points Chart.

Section A. In the event of dissolution of the Limon FFA Chapter, the assets of the chapter shall be given to a non-profit organization determined by a majority vote of the members at such time.

Current Acceptance Date: _____________________

President Signature: _____________________

V.P. Signature: _____________________

Secretary Signature: _____________________

Advisor Signature: _____________________


Section A. Specific Duties of all officers

  1. Memorize his/her part in opening and closing ceremonies and special ceremonies conducted at Chapter Banquet.

  2. Be interested in being part of a leadership team.

  3. Have the desire to serve the chapter without concern for individual desires or goals.

  4. Be able to lead by example, through actions both in and out of school.

  5. Be familiar with Parliamentary Procedure.

  6. Be willing to accept responsibility and carry out that responsibility promptly and expediently.

  7. Be on time to all activities.

  8. Be willing to work and help others accomplish goals.

  9. Be enthusiastic in completing his/her duties and in helping others.

  10. Be sincere, prepared, and positive.

  11. Be able to make a decision and stick with the outcome, but have enough fortitude to change a decision if needed.

  12. Be alert and communicate with everyone so that problems are known and can be solved.

  13. Be an FFA officer at all times, not just when in FFA activities, and remember the officer is always in public view.

  14. Periodically clean, update, and maintain his/her respective officer folders and drawers.

  15. Assist other officers in completing their duties.

  16. In the event that an office remains vacant, the executive committee will assume the duties of the vacant office.

  17. Be drug and alcohol free always.

Section B. Duties of the President

  1. Conduct chapter meetings with correct parliamentary procedure.

  2. Schedule executive meetings prior to regular monthly meetings.

  3. Be sure a definite agenda is arranged for each meeting.

  4. Keep members on the subject during chapter meetings and explain the items of business so all members understand, avoiding personal opinions in presenting information.

  5. Announce upcoming events in advance so all members may be informed.

  6. Conduct (serve as master/mistress of ceremonies) for all special events such as creed speaking, Chapter Banquet, and others.

  7. Serve as the official representative of the chapter at all functions and take charge of all members and decision-making at all events.

  8. Attend all School Board Meetings and give a 2-3 minute report on the events and activities of the Limon FFA/Ag Ed

  9. Delegate responsibility to others, as necessary.

  10. Review chapter applications and records, revise and correct as needed and

Section C. Duties of the Vice President

  1. Assume all the duties of the president in the absence of the president.

  2. Supervise all committee operations.

  3. Make sure all committees function effectively and promptly.

  4. Work closely with the president in directing the work of the organization.

  5. Provide guidance and direction to all committees and assist wherever needed.

  6. Be in charge of the Program of Activities (POA).

  7. Make sure the POA is completed on time.

  8. Check official due date calendar for upcoming activities and inform the officers and members.

  9. Be in charge of the National Chapter Application and insure that it is completed and sent to state by the official due date.

  10. Be responsible for the completion of necessary forms for the State and National Activities.

  1. Attend all Chamber of Commerce Meetings and give a 2-3 minute report on the events and activities of the Limon FFA/Ag Ed.

  1. Serve as chairman of a standing committee.

  2. Serve as ex-officio member of all committees.

Section D. Duties of the Secretary

  1. Prepare and present the minutes for all activity periods and monthly meetings.

  2. Prepare the agenda for each meeting, special events and activities.

  3. Promptly take care of correspondence (other than that which is assigned to a committee)

  4. Promptly write thank-you letters to individual upon the completion of a particular activity involving others who participated and assisted the chapter.

  5. Compile a list of member on committees and post and update periodically.

  6. Keep a record of which members are assigned to special or standing committees.

  7. Promptly type and post the minutes of all the meetings.

  8. Assist other officers and members in conducting all activities.

  9. Take minutes of all executive meetings, special meetings, and activities.

  10. Take charge of any meeting in the absence of both the President and Vice President.

  11. Count and record votes.

  12. Complete and submit the secretary’s book to the advisor prior to school check-out.

  13. Prepare the membership roster for the state and national roster and submit to the Executive Committee for approval.

  14. Turn over appropriate correspondence to reporter/historian for scrapbook.

  15. Maintain a file of committee report forms.

  16. Send out invitations for special chapter events.

  17. Send sympathy cards to chapter members and their families in case of death and get well cards in case of illness.

  18. Serve as chairman of a standing committee.

  1. Attend all High School Accountability Committee Meetings and give a 2-3 minute report on the events and activities of the Limon FFA/Ag Ed.

Section E. Duties of the Treasurer

  1. Receive and care for all chapter funds.

  2. Maintain a financial record for the chapter.

  3. Be prepared to give an accurate report (type, copy, distribute) of all receipts and disbursements at any time requested by the chapter including the total balance in the FFA account.

  4. Collect dues and issue receipts when requested for funds collected.

  5. Collect other money owed to the chapter and issue receipts when requested.

  6. Pay bills promptly and file a copy of the bill.

  7. Cooperate with the school office in keeping an accurate financial record.

  8. Prepare the official state and national dues roster for chapter members and submit to the state office by the designated due date.

  9. Summarize expenses and income for each chapter activity and file for future reference.

  10. Prepare the annual chapter budget.

  11. Treasurer’s book must be completed and submitted to the advisor prior to school check-out.

  12. Organize all fund raisers conducted by the chapter.

  13. Be responsible for all purchase orders for obtaining items needed by the chapter.

  14. Serve as chairman of the Earnings, Savings, and Investments Committee.

  15. Attend all regularly scheduled Advisory Committee meetings and give a budget report and a 2-3 minute FFA report.

Section F. Duties of the Reporter

        1. Plan public information programs with local radio, television, newspaper and service clubs and make use of other opportunities to tell the FFA story.

        2. Release news and information to local and regional news media.

        3. Publish a chapter newsletter.

        4. Prepare and maintain a chapter scrapbook.

        5. Send local stories to area, district and state reporters.

        6. Send articles and photographs to FFA New Horizons and other national and/or regional publications.

        7. Work with local media on radio and television appearances and FFA news.

        8. Serve as the chapter photographer.

        9. Serve as chair of chapter recruitment and marketing.

Section G. Duties of the Sentinel

        1. Assist the president in maintaining order.

        2. Keep the meeting room, chapter equipment and supplies in proper condition.

        3. Welcome guests and visitors.

        4. Keep the meeting room comfortable.

        5. Take charge of candidates for degree ceremonies.

        6. Assist with special features and refreshments.

        7. Prepare FFA announcements for the school bulletin.

        8. Be in charge of the FFA display box in the commons area.

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