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Ithaca board of education regular meeting minutes

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March 23, 2015
The regular meeting of the Ithaca Board of Education was called to order by Board President, Steve Lehman on March 23, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. in the High School Media Center, 710 N. Union St., Ithaca, Michigan.
Opening business began with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Members present: Tom Clark, Brad Heffner, Kevin Kindel, Steve Lehman, Don Macha, Mike Reeves, Rick Wilson

Members absent: none

Opportunity was given for communication and expressions from the public. - none
Reports and Presentations – Rick Wilson presented the finance committee report. They reviewed the Treasurer’s Report, the accounts payable register, and the budget amendment.
Administrators’ & Directors’ Reports

Nathan Bootz, Superintendent – The Senate and House School Aid Budget proposals are expected next week. The school could lose around $400,000 if the road proposal (Proposal 1) does not pass. No action has been taken by the State on the bill requiring all third graders to be able to read at grade level before they can advance to fourth grade. Nathan also discussed the early warning system to identify schools in financial distress. The House committee begins hearings on this bill this week.

Steve Netzley, High/Middle School Principal – absent – His grandmother passed away.

Terry Hessbrook, Ass’t High/Middle School Principal/Athletic Director – We had a successful winter sports season. The boys’ basketball team ended the season 21-3. They were the district champs. The girls’ basketball team also ended the season 21-3. They were also district champs. They lost in regionals to the State runner-up team. Kayla Belles won All-State Honors. Bob Anderson was named Coach of the Year. The girls’ Varsity bowling team placed third at State Finals. Spring sports have begun.
Steve Lehman expressed condolences on behalf of the board to Steve Netzley on the passing of his grandmother.
Renee Sopel, North Elementary Principal – Everything is in place for the M-Step testing. The first group to test is 5th grade followed by 4th grade then 6th and 3rd grades. Their improvement committee will meet at the GI-RESD on April 10. They have been playing detectives for March is Reading Month. Thanks to Jan Lehner and Stephanie Marcy for all their work to help make the month successful. Tonight is Reading Night.

Mark Abenth, South Elementary Principal –This is the last week of March is Reading Month. South Elementary students met their math goal; therefore, Mark does not have his mustache. They had their vocabulary parade last Friday. This included some interesting costumes. Wednesday is their reading fair where parents can come to view the students’ displays featuring their favorite book or author. South Elementary had many VIP readers this month. They are just finishing up a six part PRIDE presentation on WMLM. Spring break is almost here. The staff is working hard.

Keegan Hartman, Technology Director – The computer lab in the High School Media Center has been up and running for two weeks. The other lab will be finished by the end of this week. We received the TRIG grant through the Technology Readiness Structure to help pay for the expenses. Keegan worked with Bill Stahl to receive a school safety grant for $12,685 to be used for a safety project. The State had our technology plan on hold but we should be getting the new guidelines by the end of this week or next.

Bill Stahl, Operations Director – The energy costs have been high this winter with the cold weather. However, when Bill compared this February with a past February we had a savings of around $14,000. He will be getting prices on resurfacing the tennis courts and moving the high jump and pole vault areas.

Rick Bongard, Food Services Director – We have received a grant from the State for a new salad bar which has been delivered. This is an adult size salad bar and holds more fruits and vegetables. Earth day will be in April. The FFA will be giving little seed packets to the students at South Elementary to represent the three sisters of salad. Ithaca Food Service will be putting on the dinner theater for the High School Musical on April 25.

  1. Monthly Business

  1. Motion by Mike Reeves, supported by Kevin Kindel, to approve the February 23, 2015, regular meeting minutes as corrected. Motion carried unanimously. 7-0

  1. Motion by Mike Reeves, supported by Rick Wilson, to approve the invoices in the amount of $1,436,412.51. Motion carried unanimously. 7-0

  1. Motion by Mike Reeves, supported by Tom Clark, to approve the financial report. Motion carried unanimously. 7-0

  1. Motion by Mike Reeves, supported by Kevin Kindel, to add the BPA National trip approval as item #4 under new business.

  1. Annual Business – none

  2. Old Business - none

  3. New Business:

  1. Motion by Mike Reeves, supported by Tom Clark, to approve the budget amendment resolution. Discussion followed. Steve Lehman called for a fifteen minute recess for Ben Engelter to update the budget resolution. Fund balance amounts were added to the resolution. Steve Lehman called the meeting back to order after fifteen minutes. Roll call vote: Mike Reeves – yes, Rick Wilson – yes, Tom Clark – yes, Brad Heffner – yes, Kevin Kindel – yes, Don Macha – yes, Steve Lehman – yes. Motion carried unanimously. 7-0

  1. Motion by Kevin Kindel, supported by Mike Reeves, to approve the overnight Model UN trip. They received a Successful Community Foundation Grant to pay for the hotel rooms and the student delegate fees. The Model UN team won their 22nd consecutive Conference Championship. Motion carried unanimously. 7-0

  1. Motion by Brad Heffner, supported by Mike Reeves, to not renew the Superintendent’s contract for the purpose of restructuring the current contract. Roll call vote: Tom Clark – yes, Brad Heffner – yes, Kevin Kindel – no, Don Macha – yes, Mike Reeves – yes, Rick Wilson – no, Steve Lehman – yes. Motion carried 5-2.

  1. Motion by Tom Clark, supported by Mike Reeves, to approve the BPA National trip and to contribute $100 for each of the six students going on the trip to help defray costs. Six out of the eleven students that competed at the State level qualified to go to Nationals. Motion carried unanimously. 7-0


  1. High School Graduation Requirements – All the board members agreed to make no changes to the graduation requirements. No action is needed.

  2. Meijers Sports Signage Authorization – Nathan called and left a couple of messages with our Meijer representative but he has not heard back yet. His last contact with them indicated that they did not have any requirements on how to spend the money that they donated.

Motion by Mike Reeves, supported by Rick Wilson, to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.

7-0 7:51 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Brad Heffner

Secretary, Ithaca Board of Education
Minutes submitted by Tamara D. Puffpaff, Payroll Clerk

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