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GRE阅读真题200篇 1


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1.The molecules of carbon dioxide 7

2.All of Francoise Duparc’s 9

3.Paule Marshall’s Brown Girl, 11

4.Before Laura Gilpin (1891-1979), 12

5.The social sciences are less 15

6.In a recent study, David Cressy 17

7.The 1960’s witnessed two profound 19

8.National character is not formally 21

9.Comparing designs in music with 23

10.From the 1900’s through the 1950’s 24

11.Although scientists observe that 26

12.Visual recognition involves 28

13.A mysterious phenomenon is the 29

14.Mycorrhizal fungi (mycorrhizal fungi: 菌根真菌) infect more 31

15.Currently, the paramount problem 33

16.Flatfish, such as the flounder, 34

17.Until about five years ago, 36

18.Echolocating bats emit sounds 38

19.Typically the queen honeybee 40

20.While it is true that living organisms 42

21.As people age, their cells 44

22.Hydrogeology is a science dealing 46

23.Our visual perception depends on the 47

24.Eight percent of the Earth’s 49

25.Diamonds, an occasional component 50

26.Since 1953, many experimental 51

27.Quantum mechanics (quantum mechanics: n.[物]量子力学) is a highly 53

28.It is now established that the 55

29.Analyzing the physics of dance 56

30.The Earth’s magnetic field 57

31.About a century ago, the 58

32.Many philosophers disagree 61

33.For many years, Benjamin 62

LEVEL 2 64

1.The black experience, one 64

2.Notable as important nineteenth-century 65

3.The belief that art originates 67

4.Roger Rosenblatt’s book Black 69

5.Of Homer’s two epic poems, 71

6.Ragtime is a musical form 72

7.That Louise Nevelson is believed 74

8.When speaking of Romare Bearden 76

9.The common belief of some linguists 77

10.Isadora Duncan’s masterly 79

11.Present-day philosophers usually 80

12.Although a historical lack 82

13.It is their sensitive response 83

14.This is not to deny that the 84

15.By the time the American 85

16.Tocqueville, apparently, was wrong. 87

17.In large part as a consequence 88

18.Traditional research has confronted 90

19.Throughout human history 92

20.The recent change to all-volunteer 93

21.Although the development of new 95

22.Writing of the Iroquois nation, 97

23.The age at which young children 99

24.Allen and Wolkowitz’s research 101

25.The whole biosphere, like 102

26.It has long been known 103

27.When the same parameters 106

28.The deep sea typically has 107

29.Since the Hawaiian Islands have never 109

30.Viruses, infectious particles consisting 111

31.One of the questions of interest 113

32.For some time scientists have 115

33.Zooplankton, tiny animals adapted 117

34.Warm-blooded animals have elaborate 118

35.As Gilbert White, Darwin, and 120

36.Researchers are finding that 122

37.The success of fluoride in 123

38.One advantage of breeding 124

39.The two claws of the mature American 126

40.One explanation for the tendency 128

41.Experiments show that insects can 130

42.Although the hormone adrenaline 132

43.In prehistoric times brachiopods (brachiopod: n.腕足类动物的一种any of a phylum (Brachiopoda) of marine invertebrates with bivalve shells within which is a pair of arms bearing tentacles by which a current of water is made to bring microscopic food to the mouth) were 133

44.Upwards of a billion stars in our 136

45.The dark regions in the starry 137

46.The transfer of heat and water 138

47.Computer programmers often rem 140

48.The determination of the sources 142

49.Classical physics defines the vacuum 144

50.Theorists are divided concerning 147

51.Of the thousands of specimens 149

52.It has been known for many decades 151

53.One of the simplest and best known 154

54.Many objects in daily use have 156

55.As of (As of: 到...时为止;从...时起) the late 1980’s, neither theorists 159

56.The origin of the theory that major 160

57.Benjamin Franklin established that lightning 161

58.Because of its accuracy in outlining 163

59.Scholars often fail to see that music 164

60.Traditionally, pollination by wind has 166

61.The complications frequently accompanying 169

62.Over the years, biologists have suggested 172

63.An experiment conducted aboard 174

LEVEL 3 176

1.Extended debate concerning 176

2.Picture-taking is a technique 178

3.The making of classifications by 180

4.“Masterpieces are dumb,” wrote Flaubert, 182

5.“I want to criticize the social system, 184

6.Great comic art is never otherwordly, 187

7.Extraordinary creative activity has 188

8.Initially the Vinaver theory 190

9.Tillie Olsen’s fiction and essays 192

10.Jean Wagner’s most enduring 193

11.“Popular art” has a number of 194

12.Practically speaking, the artistic 196

13.Is the literary critic like the poet, 198

14.A “scientistic” view of language 201

15.The outpouring of contemporary 203

16.In the fields of Delano, California, 205

17.The earliest controversies about 208

18.It is possible for students to 211

19.Proponents of different jazz styles 214

20.Bracken fern has been spreading 216

21.When literary periods are defined 218

22.When we consider great painters 220

23.The 1973 Endangered Species Act 223

24.A Marxist sociologist has argued 225

25.The historian Frederick J. Turner 226

26.In the early 1950’s, historians who 229

27.The first mention of slavery in 232

28.A long-held view of the history 234

29.Discussion of the assimilation 237

30.Simone de Beauvoir’s work 239

31.Surprisingly enough, modern historians 241

32.Students of United States history, 244

33.It is frequently assumed that the 247

34.Historians have only recently 250

35.In a perfectly free and open market 253

36.One of the principal themes of 255

37.Human relations have commanded 257

38.Defenders of special protective 259

39.Influenced by the view of 262

40.A recent history of the Chicago 263

41.Although Victor Turner’s writings 266

42.The evolution of sex ratios has 267

43.The evolution of intelligence among 269

44.Many theories have been formulated 271

45.Two relatively recent independent 274

46.The transplantation of organs 277

47.Recent findings suggest that visual 278

48.A special mucous coating that 280

49.Investigators of monkeys’ social 282

50.The hypothesis of an expanding 285

51.It is a popular misconception 286

52.We can distinguish three different 288

53.The use of heat pumps has been 290

54.If a supernova (the explosion of a massive star) 292

55.Geologists have long known that 294

56.The term “Ice Age” may give a wrong 296

57.Volcanic rock that forms as fluid 298

58.Until recently astronomers have 300

59.Aided by the recent ability to 302

60.Recently some scientists have 304

61.The intensive work of materials 306

62.Before 1965 many scientists pictured 308

63.Geologists Harris and Gass 311

64.Eight times within the past million 313

65.In 1923 the innovative Russian 316

LEVEL 4 319

1.Thomas Hardy’s impulses as a writer, 319

2.Many literary detectives have pored 322

3.Many critics of Emily Bronte’s novel 325

4.A serious critic has to comprehend the 327

5.Historically, a cornerstone of classical empiricism 328

6.In Raisin in the Sun, Lorraine Hansberry 329

7.Hank Morgan, the hero of Mark Twain’s 331

8.The sweep (磅礴的气势) of narrative in A. N. Wilson’s 333

9.Mary Barton, particularly in its early 334

10.In his 1976 study of slavery in 336

11.In eighteenth-century France 339

12.Some modern anthropologists hold 342

13.Islamic law is a particularly instructive example 344

14.Traditionally, the study of history has 347

15.Some recent historians have argued that 350

16.In The Women of Mexico City, 1796-1857, 353

17.In February 1848 the people of Paris 355

18.The Fourteenth Amendment to the 358

19.By 1950, the results of attempts 361

20.Biologists have long maintained 363

21.The more that is discovered about the 365

22.What causes a helix in nature to 368

23.The defoliation of millions of acres 370

24.The recent, apparently successful, 373

25.The term “remote sensing (remote sensing: 遥感, 遥测, 远距离读出)” refers 375

26.Modern archaeological finds can 377


1.Four legal approaches may be 380

2.Even as the number of females 383

3.My objective is to analyze certain 384

4.During adolescence, the development 386

5.Chimps and children, gulls and 389

6.Feelings of hopelessness among 391

7.It is well known that biological 393

8.The Food and Drug Administration 395

9.Few areas of neurobehavioral research 396

10.Although pathogenic organisms 398

11.The energy contained in rock 399

12.Scattered around the globe are more 401

13.Climatic conditions are delicately 404

14.The primary method previously used 406

15.The stratospheric ozone layer is 407



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