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Digital Storytelling: Super Hero Comics

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Digital Storytelling: Super Hero Comics

Project Overview

Objective: Create a comic that demonstrates knowledge of a topic using a superhero/comic book theme. Digital art is provided by Marvel Comic, Pixe2, and Comic Life.

Timeline: This project is intended to take place in three-four sessions (approximately 45-60 minutes each session); however, depending on the number of panels students are required to make it could take more than four sessions.


Creating the Superhero

As the teacher, you must decide how many panels the comic will contain. Then you will need to use a comic planning sheet for the students. They should plan: who their hero is, what their hero’s superpower will be, and how they plan to explain their power through a short story. A story map would also be useful in the planning.

Viisit the link to marvel comics: (Add to your teacher connect page)

Click Begin. Advise students to thoroughly look through the options for their superhero before applying any body costumes, etc. The only way to remove it is to start over. Don’t add any backgrounds.

Once your superhero is created, click DOWNLOAD. It will save a jpeg of your superhero to the computer’s download folder.

This jpeg can be uploaded to the student vault for work on another computer.

Make the Comic Panels

Separate the superhero to use as a sticker.

  1. Import your superhero as a sticker. Click STICKERS, then the OPEN folder. Browse to your superhero picture and click OPEN.

  2. Resize the superhero to approximately half the size of the Pixie page. Glue it down on the page (right click and choose glue).

  3. Click the marquee tool (box under the arrow). On the right select the lasso marquee.

  4. Loosely trace around the superhero. Drag the superhero to the other side of the Pixie Page.

  5. Make it a sticker (OPTION>Convert to sticker).

  6. Use the eraser tool to get rid of the cut out leftovers.

  7. Save this as superhero. Copy and paste from this saved image to add to your panels.

Students can also create a villain and make it’s own page for use in their comics.

Create the comic panels.

  1. Click NEW to build your first scene using the STICKERS clipart in PIXIE2. Add backgrounds, objects, etc.

  2. Adjust as needed using the resize option, paint tools, shape tools, rotation, flip, etc.

  3. Continue in this manner until all panels have been finished.

  4. Save as you work in a sequential format – panel 1, 2, 3, etc.

  5. Export all the comic panels (EXPORT icon). Export these to the desktop so they are easy to find. They will export as JPG files. REPEAT until all scenes have been exported.

Do not add text/speech bubbles to these panels. That will be done later in ComicLife.

Finish the Comic in Comic Life

  1. Open Comic Life

  2. Choose a panel format (make sure the panel format has enough for each one you created.

  3. Find the panels you created in Pixie on the desktop and drag and drop them in the panels.

  4. Resize them to fit the panels.

  5. Add in a title, descriptions, and speech bubbles to complete the story.

  6. Use the styles and details to make the comic more individual.

  7. Print the comic for display.

Use to make huge poster sized comics.

Jessica White & Kevin Fox, Killeen ISD, Campus Technology Support Specialists

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