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Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve Kamilė Zaleckaitė, Akvilė Noreikaitė Facts of Žuvintas

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Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve

Kamilė Zaleckaitė,

Akvilė Noreikaitė

Facts of Žuvintas

  • Map of Žuvintas Rezerve

Reserve’s purposes

    * observe and predict changes in natural ecosystems;

    * perform environmental experiments in natural complexes and their surrounding areas;
    * conduct the monitoring;
    * carry out applied research;
    * analyze human impact on natural ecosystems;
    * ensure the sustainable use and restoration of natural resources;
    * save the stability of natural ecosystems and components of biota;
    * develop ecological education;
    * facilitate the organization of cognitive tourism to educational and training places;
    * promote ideas of environmental protection.
It is allowed to visit nature reserves for these purposes:
* Scientific expertise, educational or cognitive
* Gather berries (cranberries) / mushrooms, amateur ice-fishing (local residents only)
Endangered birds

  • The Black stork (Ciconia) nigra)

  • Eagle-owl (Bubo bubo)

  • Hoopoe (Upupa epops)

  • Gadwall (Anas strepera)

Endangered animals

  • Red-bellied gossip (Bombina bombina)

  • Otter (Lutra lutra)

  • Wisent (Bison bonasus)

Endangered plants

  • Woodman burdock (Arctium nemorosum)

  • Ramson (Allium ursinum)

  • Yellowed-vetchling (Lathyrus laevigatus)

Endangered moss
Hamatocaulis vernicosus

Huperzia selago


Žuvintas Reserve has not yet been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list, but it is protected and maintained. An integrated and coherent environmental management strategy for the biosphere reserve, as well as the involvement of local people should set an example by the development of national conservation programmes.

You must visit Žuvintas Reserve!
Žuvintas Reserve is worth visiting because you can see a very unique nature, access to the animals, birds and insects. Also visit St. George’s Church, or breath with fresh air!

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