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Project Update: December 2009

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Project Update: December 2009
During the last three months I evaluated 20 1 km2 plots in the south and eastern part of the Cerros de Amotape National Reserve and the Tumbes National reserve. During these evaluations I detected two individuals of solitary eagle (Harpyhaliaetus solitarius), an endangered eagle that is reported for the first time in these protected areas.


The evaluations conducted in Tumbes National Reserve were in forested areas that have been severely fragmented due to the conversion of forests into cattle pastures. Although some restricted range raptor species were detected (gray-backed hawk Leucopternis occidentalis), species that are typical of continuous forest were absent (Spizaetus tyrannus).


In the first week of December 2009 I finished my field work as planned. In all, I evaluated 70 1 km2 plots distributed on 62,500 ha of three different forest types (savanna forest, dry forest, semi deciduous forest). During the next 3 months I will be conducting the statistical analysis on the data collected.

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