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Dth. 1500. 01: Stagecraft spring 2013

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Spring 2013

Class meets Tuesdays, 10:45am – 1:15pm in The Little Theatre (Unless otherwise noted)
Gregory L. Bain (Instructor) Mobile Phone/Voicemail: (917) 517-8011

OFFICE HOURS: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10am-4pm, or by Appointment. Office: (914) 323-5473


This course supplies you with practical knowledge and skills that you will need to understand the processes of theatre technology and production stage crafts. You will be prepared to become part of the technical crew for the Dance and Theatre Department’s productions.


  • THEATRICAL DESIGN AND PRODUCTION 4th Edition by J. Michael Gillette


  • STAGE MANAGEMENT 9th Edition By Lawrence Stern

  • SPACES OF THE MIND Isamu Noguchi’s Dance Designs By Robert Tracy


  • STAGE FRIGHT Health and Safety in the Theatre A Practical Guide by Monona Rosssol, M.S., M. F. A

You may choose to write a report based on any of these readings for extra credit. Prior to beginning work on a report, once you have chosen a reading, you are advised to discuss the report guidelines with me, which will be specific to each reading.


You must bring these items to production class and work call (every call in which you are a stagehand; every load-in, rehearsal, show, etc.)

  • Mini-Mag Light (or other small flashlight)

  • Personal Calendar or Date Book

  • Work Clothes (Clothes that may get dirty and may even get torn, this also includes a sturdy pair of shoes or boots, NO SANDALS EVER.)

You must also bring these items to all show calls.

  • Black Clothing

Suggested Tools: Pocket Knife or Box Cutter, 4-way Screw Driver, Marker, Grease Pencil, Pad and Paper, Tape Measure, Watch, Stop Watch.


All Stagecrafts students must attend a Dance and Theatre Department performance, as well as a load-in, a strike, or a change-over.

Spring 2013 Productions are:

1. Spring Play As You Like It, March 21st through 24th.

2. Spring Dance Concert, April 18th through 21st.


  • Class: You are expected to attend every class; the lectures will contain practical information that may not be included in your handouts. The Midterms will be based primarily on the lectures. If you are absent from a class, it is very important that you see me before the next week’s class to collect any missed handouts.

  • Weekly quizzes will be based primarily on the handouts.

Crew Calls: Crew Calls cannot be missed under any circumstances. Mounting a production is a collaborative effort and cannot be done without full dedication from everyone involved. Every position that you will fill backstage is an important one and requires your special commitment. Keep in mind that, as a performer, you might have an understudy standing by, but as a stagehand you usually do not. Any unexcused absence from a crew call will result in the lowering of your grade by one letter. Tardiness will be counted as half of an absence, remember you are expected to arrive 10 minutes before the crew call begins. If you have any conflicts, you must see me immediately. Do not wait until the day of the call.

If you are going to be late for a work call or show call due to unexpected circumstances, you MUST CALL.

Note: Do not wait for the time of the call to report an absence or late arrival.

You can leave messages for me on my mobile phone.

Don’t make people wait for you. If you are going to be late for a work call or show call, due to unexpected circumstances, you must call my office, my mobile phone, and the theatre.

You are required to arrive for crew call 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Many hours and considerations go into the process of scheduling for a production. If you are late, it affects everyone involved in the production.


All dance production notices and technical schedules will be posted on the callboard under the section titled Production. You must check this callboard at least daily.


You are required to attend at least one theatre or dance performance during the Spring 2013 semester. Additionally, if you are not a member of the running crew, you are required to see all DTH performances. These concerts will be a basis for discussion in class.


There will be a quiz at the start of every class session.

You will have two exams this semester. Your mid-term exam will be a written exam, based on material presented in class. There will be a pre-test exam prior to the mid-term exam.

Your Final exam will be a practical exam testing your stagehand skills.


Your Spring semester grade is based on your class attendance, practical assignments, quizzes, and your mid-term examination, which will be averaged together and will count for 50% of your semester grade. 20% of your Spring semester grade will be assessed through class and project participation.

Your final exam counts as the remaining 30%.


Proposals for extra credit projects are subject to my approval and must be submitted no later than February 14, 2013. Extra credit projects may include, and are not limited to, book reports, the generation of paperwork, such as stage manager’s cue sheets, illustrations and materials inventory, for set construction pertaining to a particular production, or the construction of a scale model of a particular production.

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Theatre Production Office: (914) 323-5473

Gregory L. Bain’s mobile: (917) 517-8011

DTH Main Office: (914) 323-5458

Always have these numbers with you, in case of an emergency.

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