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1. Biodata

2b. ADDRESS: Department of Vet. Pathology, Microbiology and Parasitology,

University of Nairobi

P.O. Box 29053 - 00625, Kangemi, Kenya, East Africa.

Telefax : +254-20-630985

E-mail :;
Cell phone: +254 -733-944 899.
2c. Associated skills: i. Avian Influenza trainer for laboratory diagnosis and

surveillance: Anglophone and Francophone Africa countries

laboratory personnel.

.. ii. Coordinated training and setting up of human influenza

Surveillance in Kenyan Provincial hospitals and wild birds

together with other officers (2007) for CDC - Kenya.

iii. Designed and assisted in setting up of an influenza diagnosis

laboratory (BSL 2+) for Makerere University, Uganda.

iv. Been trained as a company director by the Commonwealth

Association for Corporate Governance (CACG).

v. Certified trainer of company directors by CACG.

vi. Have trained company chairmen and directors of

major companies and public corporations in Kenya,

Uganda and Tanzania.

vii. Computer literate (MS Office, SPSS).
3. Academic Training and Experience
1973 : University of Nairobi - BVM

1975 : University of California - MPVM

1975 : University of California - Ph.D
4. Courses taught : 1975 -Onwards

  1. Undergraduates:

Davis, California(1975):

(i) Pathology and clinical diagnosis of viral diseases.

University of Nairobi:
(ii) Second Year Veterinary Students:

Immunology, virology

(iii) 3rd Year Veterinary Students:

Virology, Immunology; Bacteriology & Mycology.

(iv) 4th year Veterinary students. Special Pathology, Diagnostic Techniques,

Avian Medicine

(iv) 5th Year Vet:

Differential diagnosis in Avian Medicine; Diagnostic pathology.

(b). Bachelor of laboratory and biosciences technology (BLT) . Immunology.
(c) Postgraduates(University of Nairobi):

(i) Epidemiology of Viral diseases

(ii) Advanced Virology

(iii) Advanced Bacteriology and Mycology

(iii) Advanced Immunology

(iv) Principles of Scientific Communication

(v) Biostatistics
5. Prizes and Awards

(a) Gandhi Smarak Prize (1970) - For the best First year student, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Nairobi

  1. Kenya Shell Prize (1973) - For the best final year student, Faculty of

Veterinary Medicine, University of Nairobi.

(c) Rockefeller Foundation Scholarship (1973-75) Postgraduate Studies,

University of California.

(d) Matsumae International Foundation Fellowship (1987)

Visiting Researcher Japan (Monoclonal antibody production and Molecular biology).

(e) ISID 2nd prize for best epidemiology paper in the Nairobi conference (1992) to J.R.

Ndumu (diseased,1993), P.N. Nyaga, J.J.Bwayo and P.M.Tukei.

(f) Association of African Universities(AAU). Senior University Management

Workshop Arusha, Tanzania, 6-14 January, 1994.

(f) Research exchange visits to Kimron Veterinary Research Institute, Israel

1995& 1996 as part of collaborative project. with Prof. M A. Lipkind.

(Worked on Newcastle disease virus isolates, collaborating on the monoclonal antibody characterisation of HN, F and M proteins).

  1. German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Research Fellowship(1997)

Marburg University, Institute of Virology, Germany.

( Worked on Newcastle disease and influenza viruses : Virus receptors and the molecular mechanism of virus pathogenesis).

( h) Global Foundation for Research and Scholarship Professional Training

Fellowship (Jan. 30th to Feb. 28th, 1999 at Columbia University, New York, USA).

(i) Fulbright Senior Scholar Fellowship(Feb,5th - Nov. 2001: Southeast Poultry Research

Laboratory, Athens, Georgia, USA.

(Worked on Newcastle disease virus: Spent nine month at the laboratory of Dr.

Bruce Seal ; Did full length sequencing of the six genes of Newcastle disease

virus for the heat treated vaccine strains : LaSota, VGGA, and Hitchner B1).

6. Administrative Experience

  1. Director, Board of Postgraduate Studies(1992- 2001 ); Helped University to develop all the module II graduate programmes, starting with MBA.

(b) Chairman, Department of Veterinary Pathology and Microbiology

(1985 to 1991).

(c) Chairman, College Income Management Committee University of Nairobi -

Kabete Campus. This was the only Income Generating Committee in the

University for many years. Under my chairmanship College farms purchased tractors and lorries and developed plans which are still being used to date.

Increased farm production was recorded during the tenure of my chairmanship period (1987- 1990).

  1. Member of Appointment Committees for Technical Staff, Lecturer and

Professorial posts at the University of Nairobi (1989-todate).

(e) Member, various technical and appointment Committees at Faculty, College and

University - wide levels University of Nairobi.

(f) KARI: Training & Recruitment panels (1990)

(g) Community service:

  • Member and Chairman of Committees for Nairobi International Show (livestock- member: poultry – Chairman 1981-2001);

  • Member of Synod and Diocesan Committees - Diocese of Embu(1990-2000); Diocese of Nairobi, 2002- ; Chairman, Education Committee - Nairobi Diocese (1999-2001).

  • Chairman Kabete Vet. Primary School(1983-86);

  • Chairman Christian Union Advisory Committee Kabete Campus(1988-todate 2006;

  • Chairman Parents- Teachers association (PTA) of Moi Girls School Nairobi (1995-98; 2002- ).

  • Member Board of Governors (BOG) Moi Girls School, Nairobi (1995-1998; 2002-2004).

  • Chairman, Board of Directors, Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute (KEVEVAPI; 2000-2003) a government parastatal.

(h) ICIPE: (1991) External assessor senior staff recruitment

(i) National Council for Science & Technology (NCST) subcommittees, on patents;

  1. (j) Kenya Veterinary Board (1991-1994)

  1. Nairobi Cluster, Member Board of Directors(for Dean Vet. Medicine(4 years

1996-1990) and member Scientific Committee (2 years).

  1. Co-organiser : ABN - UNESCO African Biotechnology Symposium February, 17th - 21st , 1992.

  2. Member Organising Committee for the 7th International Symposium for The International Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics.

15-19th August, 1994.

  1. Organised postgraduate seminar on scholarly writing on behalf of the German Academic Exchange Service(DAAD) on Scholarly writing for all Kenyan universities 2000.

  2. Organised international seminar on international and higher education linkages between African and American Universities, April 2001.

  3. Session Chairman, Biennial Faculty of Vet. Medicine Scientific conference(2002, 2004).

  4. Certified Trainer of Company directors, 2002.

  5. Trainer and facilitator of private and public corporations in corporate governance (2002-2004) for the Center for Corporate Governance(CCG), specializing in finance. The participants in these training sessions are usually Chairmen, Directors and Chief executives drawn from Kenyan, Tanzanian, Ugandan, companies and public corporations. Gained useful and wide exposure to working, strategies and operations in corporations.

  6. Training Medical and Veterinary personnel in Highly pathogenic Avian Influenza Surveillance and laboratory diagnosis June 2006-August 2007.

7. Consultancy
7.1 Kenchic Ltd.:

(a) Commissioned to study viral, bacterial and other diseases affecting breeding

stock and broiler growing operations. The work was carried out, report

written and submitted for implementation(1979/80).

  1. Commissioned to draw an effective vaccination program for the breeding stock

and broiler operations. This was carried out and the program instituted (1981).

  1. Design of Microbiological Laboratory. Work done and report given (1983). The laboratory has since been established by the company and upgraded.

7.2. Muguku Poultry Farm

Bacteriological studies on causes of deaths and low hatchability; vaccination

schedules:- report written and implemented (1986).

7.3. Wellcome (K) Ltd

Studies on the efficacy of the disinfectant Municipal fluid (1987). Work carried out

and results given. Other Wellcome disinfectants were also evaluated and reported.
7.4. Ciba-Geigy

Trials on efficacy of the disinfectant 'IOSAN' (1987). Work done and reported.

7.5 World Bank/Ministry of Livestock Development

Technology policy programme participant : Drew initial document and questionnaire

on educational institutions offering agricultural education in

Kenya (1983).

7.6 Kenya/British Governments.

Review Mission on Kenya Veterinary Vaccines production and usage (1989).

At the time this review was commissioned, veterinary vaccines were being produced in Kenya as follows:

  1. Foot and mouth vaccine : Joint venture between Welcome (k) Ltd and the Government of Kenya at Emabakasi.

  2. Rinderpest; contagious bovine and caprine pleuropneumonia vaccines: The Department of Veterinary Services at Muguga.

  3. All the other mammalian and poultry vaccines( rabies, African horse sickness, Blue tongue, Nairobi Sheep disease, Newcastle disease, fowlpox, fowl typhoid and anthrax) by the Department of Veterinary Services at Kabete Vet. Labs.

The review team had experts from United Kingdom and myself. We visited all the vaccine production sites for Government and private sector; the Department of Veterinary Services; farmers and field Veterinary officers utilising the vaccines as well as potential investors to seek their opinions.

In our report we recommended four options open to the Government of Kenya to take, namely:

i. Keep the status quo, i.e. produce some vaccines via the Government

Department of Veterinary services and the Foot and mouth vaccine via a

joint venture.

  1. Produce all vaccines through a joint venture.

  2. Produce vaccines under a parastatal.

  3. Government to divest itself from vaccine production and let a private investor(s) produce all the vaccines as a commercial venture. Among the disadvantages listed for this option was the concerns on the production of strategic vaccines that may not be commercially viable due to small volumes required annually.

The report was widely read by the relevant officers. The Government subsequently decided to take option iii and create the parastatal Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute (KEVEVAPI).


Review on committee structure (1989) in Kenya Agricultural Research Institute

(KARI) Research organization. All KARI research stations were visited and their research committees and processes evaluated. A report was compiled and effective

Systems were recommended and implemented with good results for the institute and the


    1. USAID/KARI Workshop on CRSP integration into KARI (1990). Evaluation

report given .

Bio-diversity : Microbes in the Conservation of Bio-diversity (1991). The report was

Written and submitted.

7.10. KARI / ODA

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