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Content for Preservation Main Page

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Content for Preservation Main Page:
A large part of the help we as the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition give the Fort comes in the form or preservation, restoration and clean-up work. Any member who wishes to join us is welcome to attend any of our Work Days. We normally hold work-days once a month, except for December.
We are progressing on various projects to aid in the image and long-term viability of the Fort as a historic gem. Our projects fall into one of two categories: preservation and restoration or grounds maintainence.
The HFWC currently has two committees, one dedicated to each category, to aid the Executive Board in deciding how to progress on this work. Any of our projects, whether facility or grounds based, is approved by the appropriate staff member of the Detroit Recreation Department prior to commencement of work.
The Grounds Committee was formed at the June, 2005 general membership meeting. It is led by Ric Julian who has been active for several years in making sure the grounds looked as good as possible, both for special events and even for weekly visitors. Ric is also active in leadership of several projects that have been completed or are under way.
The Projects Committee was also formed in June, 2005. It is led by Will Eichler. The projects committee is responsible for helping the board put the great ideas of our members into written form and then prioritizing which will be done first. The projects committee also has helped in finding other organizations to sponsor the cost of materials needed to complete a given project.
Below are links to two pages. On the first, go and see some of the projects we have finished. Use the second to see a list of areas of work we are considering. If you have ideas for ways the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition can help in the Preservation or Restoration or you’d like to help at one of our work-days, please go to the Contact Us page and send us a message. We welcome all thoughts and volunteers!
Completed Projects Page
Projects in the Works/Proposed
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