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Big Mac: Inside the McDonald’s Empire

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Big Mac: Inside the McDonald’s Empire

1. What would a McDonald’s franchise have cost to get in on the ground floor?

2. What can it cost now?

3. What personal trait does George Michelle have that has made him a rich man?

Hard work

4. How did Tyrone Davis start at McDonald’s? What does he do now?

Crew/Operations Manager

5. How much does the show say a good manager can make?

6. How many countries is McDonald’s located in?

7. In 2002, McDonald’s was not doing well financially. What caused the problem?

The unsustainable growth strategy.

8. What were some of the changes they made after the problems they faced in 2002?
9. How much does of every dollar made by McDonald’s in the U. S. is from breakfast?

.25 (a quarter)

10. How did Ray Kroc first get acquainted with McDonald’s?

He sold them his shake mixer, they wanted 5.

11. What did Ray Kroc demand? What is one of the things he required?

Consistency/quality, service, cleanliness

12. What is the name of the management training program for McDonald’s franchisees?

Hamburger University

13. What was the rent amount based on?

14. Who played the first Ronald McDonald?

Willard Scott
15. What was the first addition to the original menu?

Filet of fish

16. When did McDonald’s go public?

17. What was the purpose of the test conducted on the show?

If the secondary seasoning matched the test season.
18. What was one of McDonald’s “failures”?

Arch Deluxe

19. How do critics say McDonald’s contributes to the obesity epidemic in this country?

Large Servings/Unhealthy choices

20. Who faces the greatest risk of obesity?

Poor children

21. What has been eliminated at McDonald’s in the name of improving health?

Super Size Portions

22. What movie did McDonald’s partner with to promote healthier eating?

Shrek theThird

23. Name one of the places you can find nutrition information for foods sold at McDonald’s .

Backs of tray liners, wrappers, brochures, website (1)

24. What lesson have they learned about opening new stores in China?

Don’t just open one, open 3-5.

25. What type of company did McDonalds’s partner with in China?

26. How many KFC stores are in China?

27. In China, what issue trumps all others?

Food Safety

28. What percent of McDonald’s stores are in other countries?

Over half

Your opinion…

29. What did you find the most interesting about the franchise that is McDonald’s?

Answers will vary

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