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Additions and corrections to first edition of the Nordic Liverworts 2002

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Additions and corrections to first edition of the Nordic Liverworts 2002
p = page I = column
p. 9 I Pleiocene Baltic amber: Ptilidium pulcherrimum from Eocene (54.8-37 m.y.a.). Baltic amber also with Nipponolejeunea subalpina, today an subalpine relict in SE-Asia.

p. 9. II Delete Riccardia incurvata, replace it with Scapania compacta.

p. 10 I line 40 relict ..and so is M. arctica, only observed once with young gynoecia, whereas male plants are frequent. Sporophytes recorded from Siberia (p. 356).

line 37... during Pleistocene supposed dispersed to tropical mountains.

II ... L. rubrigemma (in this contex considered a synonym of L. longidens ssp.

arctica occurring in the Nordic countries).....Radula prolifera Arnell,

add Tritomaria heterophylla

line 50: delete S. compacta.

p. 12 II line 13 refugium, similar to Tritomaria quinquedentata ssp. turgida and Riccia beyrichiana.

p. 15 after 14. mirabilis..Headline: Vegetation above soil surface.

p. 17 II add in key............usually with n = 5 or 6 Anthocerophyta

“ “ usually with n = 8 or 9 Marchantiopsida

p. 18 I line 34: the naked egg, unique to bryophytes, only surrounded of a plasma membrane.

p. 21 II point 6 at the end of line: 8 corrected to 9

Cryptocolea is missing near L. decolorans 8

p. 22 I: point 19. l-celled gemmae... Cephalozia bicuspidata is lacking.

p. 37 Plate 4: Illustrated Erfjord material stated close to H. aduncus ssp. tenuis of eastern N.Am. (lvs fragile).

p. 42 I: Female plants described by Paton (1999). Female bracts and bracteole to 1.5 mm long, divided 0.5 of the length, lobes subulate, with marginal slime-hairs from base to the middle of lamina. Perianths obovoid 0.8 x 1.6 mm, mouth bilobed to 0.5 of the length, margins with few slime-hairs. Sporophyte unknown.

II: Distrib. Female plants rare. Sporophyte unknown.

Faeroes. Add : Not occurring in the Alps, here supposedly replaced of the

closely related H. sendtneri (Nees)Lindb.

p. 49. II: Before Dioicous. Gemmae recorded from British Columbia, Vancouver I. (described as dark red, 1 (-2)-celled, angular, 16 x 28 µm.

p. 51 II Tetralophozia: reproduce probably by shoot fragments.

p. 55 I: above map. Gemmae only recorded from Sweden !

II: L. kunzeana, rarely with branches of Frullania-, Radula- or Acromastigum


p. 72 II: L. rubescens add distrib. Yukon.

p. 80 I: add syn.: Lophozia rubrigemma R.M.Schust.

p. 83 I: key to fo. cylindracea add syn. L jurensis Meyl. ex Müll.Frib.

p. 86 I: L. perssonii Distrib. add Alaska (Potemkin 1995).

p. 93 I: L. ventricosa var. confusa Distrib. add Alaska (Potemkin 1995).

II: Lophozia ventricosa var. grandiretis Add syn. Lophozia savicziae Schljakov

p. 100 II: L. sudetica var. anomala. Add: Alaska (Potemkin 1995) and E.Greenland.

p. 101 Plate 30, 1, 7-9. The illustrated female plant of L. polaris (RMS & KD 82-

1223) probably belongs to var. sphagnorum R.M.Schust.

p. 102 I: n=9 (Inoue 1975 and New Manual p. 123) some gemmae diploid with n = 18. Diploid gemmae first recorded from Calypogeia neesiana (Tatuno).

p. 104 I: var. minor R.M.Schust. recorded from Spitsbergen.

p. 112 II. L. debiliformis, distribution. S.Trdl. Uppdal, Trollheimen, lower Kamtjønna at the foot of Blåhø. Alt. 1366 m (leg. Kristian Hassel 2003).

N.Troms, Lyngen, Storelva, Rottenvik, Vattenfall. Alt. 170 m (69°37’N., 20°15’E.) Aug. 22, 2004. leg. T.Hallingbäck 41799.

p. 122 II: Limpricht considered the form with obtuse lobes to be the typical form of L. gillmanii, whereas the form with acute lobes was described as fo. acutifolia.

p. 123 II: below column .. p. 117 L. rutheana var. laxa from Sweden, Lule lappmark, Muddus was not seen, but suggested being L. gillmanii var. gillmanii.

p. 124 II: male bracts of L. heterocolpos sometimes reddish.

p. 126 I: add, Syn.: Lophozia holmenianum Inoue et Steere 1978:285 J.Hatt.Bot.Lab.

II: distrbution: add Alaska (Potemkin 1995).

p. 127 I: first line: ”some brownish” add ”or purplish”.

II: add. Alaska (Potemkin 1995).

p. 145 I: Distr. Arctic, boreal montane.

p. 152 I: combination validated in Söderström et Váňa 2002 Lindbergia 27,1:43.

p. 163 I: The described gemmae from N.Trdl.were from A. minutum; gemmae of A. assimile still unknown. Distribution map fig. 65, delete dot from N.Trdl.

p. 164 I : “from sea level to alt. 600m, not alpine”.

p. 167 II: Considered relictual in the whole area of distribution.

p. 168 I: Sporophytes in the boreal part of the Temperate zone. Sweden, sporophytes from Md, Borgsjö, Randkleven (Arnell 1890), Ll, Jokkmokk (Hagen 1867), Njammats (E.Nyman 1891). – Sporophytes also from Finske Bugt, Suursuari (Hogland, Gogland) S.O.Lindberg 1867, Fl.D. 1871.

p. 175 Plate 61 fig. 4: oil-bodies more numerous than described in text.

p. 185. fo. gracilis Found as fo. dentata in SE. Greenland (JL 70-1733), still with the small cells of fo. gracilis. Dentition similar to that of the female bracts in T. heterophylla.

p. 187 I: perianth ..sometimes only 2-3 stratose at the very base (Mestersvig E.Greenland).

p. 190 II: P-mouth ? (probably not beaked), delete “ beaked”.

p. 191 I: Perianth beaked delete “ beaked”. Perianth also not found beaked in the

material from Mackenzie R.-delta.

II: line 25 asymmetrical, add “at base sometimes with 1-2 celled thread-like


II: Perianth contracted and beaked, delete “beaked”.Described as “not beaked”

in Inoue & Steere 1971.

p. 192 I: Distrib. add Yukon, Siberia. Delete bisexual replace with unisexual.

II: Dioicous under subfam. Jameson... on a new line.

line 26 “paraphyses lacking” replaced of only present in J. undulifolia.

p. 195 I: J. undulifolia branches add of Radula- and Frullania type.

II: after 1-2 antheridia add “and paraphyses”.

p. 196 I: J. undulifolia is possibly circumpolar, circumboreal (Lindbergia 21,03 1996). Sporophytes rare.

p. 200 I: map. fig. 80 is Chiloscyphus polyanthos var. polyanthos in Söderström et al. 1995:79 not J. leiantha (syn. J. subulata) fig. 133 l. c. as it should have been. (Fig. 165, p. 406 is Söderström et al. 1995 fig. 78 Chiloscyphus polyanthos).

p. 201 I: Description, add “slightly to strongly aromatic” to the first line.

p. 207 II: shoot 0.4-1.2 mm wide corr. to 0.4-1.5 mm wide

p. 212 I: The rhizoid character, used in distinguishing Sect. Desmorhiza, is for Greenland and N.Am. plants demissed as diagnostic, being considered environmentally induced (R.M.Schust. 1988 Hep.S.Greenl.); the ventral strand-like decurrent bundle of rhizoids is developed as a result of optimal growth.

p. 214 II: add distrib. Alaska (Potemkin (1995).

p. 216 II. line 4 of key : “Pergynium lacking”, replaced of “Perigynium lacking or very low in var. nana”.

p. 218 II line 5. “perigynium lacking” replaced of “perigynium low, but distinct “

p. 225 I Sect. Chascostoma replaced of Eucalyx (Lindb.)Grolle Grolle & Long 2000. Basionym: Nardia sect. Eucalyx Lindb. Acta Soc.Sci.Fenn. 13: 369, 1874.

I: key point 1 add.””.as wide. “Perianth exserted”. Dioicous or paroicous.

key point 1 add.”” than wide. “Perianth included”. Paroicous..

p. 232 I: line 23 brownish walls. Add: Oil-bodies 2-8 per cell.

p. 238 II: Distr. add Alaska (Potemkin 1995)

p. 251 I: line 8 “furrow”, usually described as a “sulcus”.

p. 256 II: (n =9) Sporophytes known from Siberia (Lindbergia 21,1: 34 1996) Chukotka Pen., and Canada NWT.

p. 258 I: Arctic. In Europe only known... Chukotskyi Pen., prob. pre-pleistocene. Recorded from Sweden Lule Lappmark, Jokkmokk, Padjelanta, Kierkevaare (leg. H.Weibull Aug. 2002).

p. 259 Plate 94,2 : male plant from Dalsland, Edelskog, högheten (leg. C.Jensen Aug. 20, 1927).

p. 274 II: add Alaska (Potemkin 1995).

p. 276 II: after Baffin I add: S.Am., Venezuela.

p. 282 I: var. intermedia probably raised to G. mucrophorum R.M.Schust.

p. 285 I: Corallioides or Coralliodes (perhaps the missing “i” was deliberately missing, but sect. Corallioides was used in the key p. 121 in R.M.Schust, 1974 Hep.Anth.N.Am. III).

p. 309 II: add: Alaska (Potemkin 1955, Fragm. Fl. et Geob. XL,1: 331). Recorded from Pacific N.Am. (Schofield 2002),

p. 315 II: (S. pseudocalcicola) - Sporophyte unknown. R.M.Schust in R.M.Schust & Damsh.

p. 317 I: Distr. ..forests. W. & NW. Greenland, both records probably representing juvenile S. cuspiduligera.

p. 321 I: add to distrb. of var. massalongii: Medelpad, W. of Sundsvall, Viskanbädren. On Picea branches, close to bädren (leg. H.Weibull July 2002).

p. 331 I: key second point 2 after 1921 add Plate 122

p. 333 I: key first point 1 add: Plate 123

key second point 1 add: Plate 124

p. 338 II: S. lingulata ssp. microphylla should be S. lingulata var. microphylla (Warnst.)R.M.Schust.

p. 343 II line 17: ..present. Gemmiparous shoot sectors often with strongly inhibited leaves with 2 triangular lobes only (H.Buch 1911,51), such inhibited lobes also occur in S. hyperborea (e.g. W.Greenland, Disko I., Skarvefjeld RMS & KD 66-0406, 66-0407, 66-0409).

p. 348 II: Distrib. add Alaska (Potemkin 1995).

p. 350 II: Ecology, add W.Greenland, Svartenhuk found with calciphytes as Lophozia quadriloba, L. heterocolpos var. arctica, Tritomaria polita ssp. polymorpha, in Norway among Lophozia quadriloba and Aneura pinguis,

Distrib. add Alaska (Potemkin 1995).

p. 360 I: Perianth mouth with thick-walled apical cells, undentate (Potemkin 1998)

p. 366 I: Greenland. Only one record. SE.Greenland, Angmagssalik, Paornartivartik (KD 69-346 leg. O. Hamann), few shoots accepted, but questionable.

p. 369 I: line 16 Scapania cupiduligera corr. to Scapania cuspiduligera.

p. 416 II: ? Iceland

p. 470 II: with ventral intercalary branches.. add rarely with Acromastigum type branches.

p. 472 I: n = 8...Diploid gemmae from haploid shoots (New Manual p. 123).

p. 474 I: intercalary branches.........rarely with Frullania type terminal branches.

p. 511 I: Distrib.: add Sweden, Helsingland, Hedvigsforsen (H.Weibull 2004).

I: delete 2 repeated lines of the bottom 4 “.Perianth usually ellipsoidal to

subfusiform, unistratose almost to the base, trigonous”

p. 513 II: line 12 C. macrostachya to be replaced of C. loitlesbergeri.

p. 524 I: bracts subtending 1-2 antheridia in S.Greenland plants.

p. 530 I: Distrib. doubtfully reported from British Columbia, add: Yukon, Alaska, Oregon and Washington.

p. 539 II: Key 13. – first couple of the two 13, line two: “Female bracts dentate,

lacking hooked lobe apices”. (delete “and teeth”).

p. 550 I: Distrb. Alaska (Potemkin 1995). Norway, S.Trdl. Holvasselva, Rissa. –Bergveg at Storfossen (Kr. Hassel Oct. 18, 2005).

p. 552 I: gemmae colour, also purplish (S.Greenland Hep. 1988: 202), also purplish in collection from Norway, Finse (KD 80-186).

p. 566 I: Distr. var. elegans add: Alaska (Potemkin 1995).

p. 568 I: Distr. ssp. arctogena add: Alaska (Potemkin 1995).

p. 569 II: description line 5: µm corr. to mm.

p. 570 I: var. scabra perhaps Plate 208,3.

p. 572 I: Distrb. Adventfjorden etc....add: Sweden, Lule Lappmark, Jokkmokk, Padlejanta, Kierkevaare (Leg. H. Weibull Aug. 2002).

p. 575 I: In eastern N.Am. from Alaska, Ellesmere I. (Potemkin 1995)

p. 578 II: Sweden Uppland, Nora Korpholmen ca. 900 m west of Sneickanbo, veststranden. On soil/humus of rocks along margin of stream (strandklippar) May 13, 2004. T. Pettersson. 1557083 6677371.

p. 580 II: Distrb. add Alaska (Potemkin 1995).

p. 585 II: Distrb. add after “frequent”. The species found in Baltic amber from Eocene (54.8-37 m.y.a.).

p. 610 I: Frullania bolanderi recently also found in S.Trdl., midtre Gaudal (Gudm. Moen in lit. 2008) Norway.

p. 617 II: key replace in both point 2 “long” with “large”

p. 653 II Replace “Calyptra large” with “Shoot calyptra large”.

p. 661 I: Distrb. The N.Am. material from Oregon revised, was R. chamedryfolia. Accordingly is R. incurvata not found in N.Am.

p. 665 II: line 4 replace geotropic with geotropical

Distribution add : Alaska (Potemkin 1995).

p. 702 II: Dgdeck should be Dĕdĕck

p. 708 I: Reboulia in key, move to the right.

p. 714 Plate 269, the Finnish (fig. 1-2, 6) material by Schill suggested being M. sibirica. The Nordic distribution and occurrence of M. fragrans need a revision!

p. 730 Conocephalum conicum. Male plants from Sweden, Åsl. Sporophytes from Denmark, N.Sealand. – C. salebrosum recorded from the Nordic countries, distribution and status of that taxon still uncertain.

p. 747 I: line 27 “ium” (of antherid-ium) add: antheridia immersed through upgrowths of the thallus around superficial antheridia initials.

II: key 7-9 gemmae, counted to 32-39 gemmae in plants from Greenland.

p. 748 II: 7-9 gemmae, but counted to 32-39 gemmae in plants from Greenland.

p. 752 II: line 29...lacking air-chambers add “best seen when dry”.

p. 758 II: Distrib. add Alaska (Potemkin 1995).

p. 783 I: Distrib. add Alaska (Potemkin 1995).

p. 797 II: line 10: Anthocerotaceae (n = 5 or 6 rarely 9 or 10 by autopolyploidy).

p. 800 II agrestis (n = 4+ 1 m).

p. 802 II var. douinii, cross-section 5-10 (-15).....not 5-10 (-5)..

p. 803 II: n = (4 + 1m).

p. 806 I: Diploid gemmae known from Calypogeia neesiana (Tatuno), Lophozia polaris (Inoue 1975, New Manual p. 123). Add alloploidy.

II: Archegonium -...the egg cell. corr. to “ the naked egg cell, unique in only being surrounded of a plasma membrane, whereas with a bounding layer in ferns.

p. 816 Dgdeck should be Dĕdĕck , in both ends of the line.

p. 821 I: under A. hellerianum , 22, 26.. moves to the right

II: Anthoceros punctatus, “hom. illeg.” moves to the right.

p. 822 II: under Calypogeia sphagnicola “Loeske in Loeske” etc. moves to the right.

p. 824 I: Cephaloziella rubella ssp. arctogena next line, starting with Damsh., moves

to the right.

p. 825 II: Fossombronia wondraczekii corr. to wondraczeckii.

p. 826 I: Gymnocolea inflata ssp. inflata var. heterostipa, move next line starting with “Spruce” to the right.

I: Haplomitraceae Ddeek, the author should have been Dĕdĕck

II: add after Herbertus sakuraii ssp. sakuraiisendtneri (Nees)Lindb. 42”

p. 827 II: exsertifolia ssp. cordifolia VaHa corr. to Váňa.

p. 829 II: Lophocoleoideae and the following lines, page down, moves two steps to the left.

p. 833 I: Pellia epiphylla ssp. borealis the next line starting with ” Messe..” moves to the right.

p. 836 I: add. to lingulata H.Buch “var. microphylla (Warnst.)R.M.Schust. 338”

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