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Press release 1, 2010 Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands

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Press release 1, 2010

Swedish Chamber of Commerce

for the Netherlands

50th anniversary

Innovation and Sustainability

Trade and economic connections between Sweden and the Netherlands are very vivid. The close economic - and political - relations date back to the 16th century. Indeed, Louis de Geer (1587-1652) is considered the father of Swedish industry. He introduced Walloon blast furnaces in Sweden, which helped Sweden become a great power in the 16th century. Netherlands is also the first country in which Sweden established a diplomatic mission. The Dutch Embassy in Stockholm is located in what used to be Louis de Geer's residence.

Today, trade between the two countries amounts to approximately 12 billion Euro annually. The Netherlands is Sweden's seventh largest export market and lands on fifth place when it comes to imports. Sweden import of goods from the Netherlands totals more than 5,2 billion Euro (2007). Netherlands is also the biggest investor in Sweden. Approximately 5 500 Swedes reside in the Netherlands, and the number of Dutch persons emigrating to Sweden seem to increase every year.
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce has approximately 150 member companies, these include, among others, SCANIA, Volvo, Saab, SKF, Kinnarps, IKEA, Electrolux, SAS, TetraPak, Handelsbanken, Akzo Nobel, Tele2 and SCA. During the years many Swedish and Dutch companies have built up their business network through the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and valuable business contacts have been made leading to new business possibilities.
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands presents a special 50th anniversary program with the theme innovation and sustainability. A spectacular program is presented with many preeminent keynote speakers such as; Mr. Stephen Odell, CEO Volvo Cars, Mr. Magnus Hall, CEO Holmen, Mr. Torsten Jansson, CEO New Wave and Mr. Mikael Ohlsson, CEO IKEA. On the 17-20th of June the Swedish Chamber of Commerce arranges a study trip to Stockholm, Sweden to learn more about the European Green Capital.
The highlight of the anniversary year will be the innovation and sustainability seminar and gala ball on the 28th of October with Honorary Guest H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. The evening offers a show by the great Swedish artist Malena Ernman, distribution of life achievement award and Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s company award and much more.
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is happy to connect you with our member companies for further information about; company establishments, market surveys, branch contact information, study trips to Sweden and the Netherlands. Furthermore we are able to pass on contacts to Swedish or Dutch companies within your segment.
Not for publication: For more information, Kerstin Gerlagh, General Manager or Rebecca Fallegård, Communication Swedish Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam, tel 0031203203226

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