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Va nwihcs-lincoln Campus pgy1 Residency

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VA NWIHCS-Lincoln Campus PGY1 Residency

The Lincoln VA is an outpatient primary care clinic whose services include primary care, radiology, laboratory, dental, physical therapy, mental health, outpatient pharmacy, infusion clinic, nursing clinics, dermatology, telehealth clinics, transition clinic (OEF/OIF), urology clinic, eye clinics, wound care clinic, podiatry, respiratory therapy and orthopedics.

Pharmacy services includes: outpatient dispensing pharmacy, infusion clinic, PACT clinics, anticoagulation, pain clinic, mental health clinic and telepharmacy for Norfolk, Holdrege and Shenandoah CBOCs (community based outpatient clinics). PACT pharmacist have protocols to manage: COPD, Smoking cessation, CHF, Osteoporosis, Hypertension, Hypothyrodism, Anticoagulation, REMS monitoring, and hyperchlosterolemia. Individual pharmacists manage pain, mental health, and women’s health. We have Pharm.D. students on rotation from Creighton University and the University of Nebraska.

Our site offers electives in academia with Creighton University, pharmacy informatics, wound care, and specialty clinics. Residents can also complete elective rotations in inpatient pharmacy at OmahaVA in internal medicine, ICU, ID, Cardiology, Surgery, and inpatient psychology. Residents can choose electives in home based primary care at the Omaha or Grand Island VA as well as sub-acute care (CLC) at the Grand Island VA. Residents can also chose to complete a teaching certificate program through Creighton University.

Lincoln VAMC accepted its first two residents the 2011/2012 residency year and was granted accreditation in 2011. Lincoln VAMC residents work with residents at the Omaha VA and Grand Island VA, both of which have been accredited by ASHP.

Attached is our current resident’s schedule, however each schedule is customized based on electives chosen.

Appointment of applicants

  • Appointment is contingent upon satisfactory completion of a physical exam, including negative drug test.  Applicants must meet requirements for federal employment.  Residents are required to obtain a pharmacist’s license in any state by 9/30, however preferred that residents are licensed on program start date.

  • Additional information about pharmacy residency policies.

How to Apply

Application requirements:

  1. Academic transcripts

  2. Curriculum vitae

  3. Letter of intent (address questions below)

    1. Why you want to complete your residency at the Lincoln VA?

    2. What are your areas of clinical interest?

    3. What are your short and long-term career goals?

    4. Describe how your APPE and work experience makes you qualified for this program.

    5. What are your strengths?

    6. Why are you good match for Lincoln VA?

  4. Three (3) completed residency applicant recommendation request forms (from PhORCAS)

    1. Please have references answer questions 1-4.

  5. All above information to be uploaded to PhORCAS ( and all applicants must register for the match program ( ).

Application deadline: January 8th

Interview notification: January 22nd

Websites of Interest:

Lincoln VA website:

About VA website:

Lincoln Convention and Visitor's Bureau*:

Common Wealth Fund Article about Lincoln VAMC*:

Early results from the implementation of medical homes in Memphis and Lincoln suggest that building teams that work collaboratively to improve chronic care management and facilitate patient access can lead to an increased focus on patients’ needs and, with that, a new awareness of the challenges some patients face in establishing a consistent and continuous relationship with a primary care provider.

Read the full study at this link:

*This link will take you outside the VA website. VA does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of the linked websites.

Residency Program Director (Ambulatory Care/PACT):

Veronica Kuhlmann graduated from South Dakota State University in 2006 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, and went on to complete an ASHP accredited PGY2 residency in ambulatory care at the Madison, WI VAMC 2006-2007. She has been working at the Lincoln VAMC since 2007. Veronica helped expand pharmacy services into the primary care area and currently works with one of the Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT) in primary care.

Preceptors (rotations):

  1. Kirk Anderson (Outpatient Pharmacy)

Kirk graduated from North Dakota State University College of pharmacy in 1980. He has held various positions in retail pharmacy management. Kirk is currently serving as a staff pharmacist at VA medical center in Lincoln Nebraska.

  1. Chad Bartholomew (Management)

Chad graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Pharmacy in 2009 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. He completed an ASHP accredited PGY1 pharmacy practice residency at the Grand Island, Nebraska VA in 2009-2010. After completing the residency he began working at the Lincoln, Nebraska VA in July of 2010. He helped expand pharmacy services into primary care at the Lincoln VA and provided Medication Therapy Management services as part of Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT) in primary care. Chad became the Lincoln site Pharmacy manager 8/2013.

  1. Alan Chock (Anticoag, PACT)

Alan graduated from Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions in 2001 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.  He completed an ASHP accredited pharmacy practice residency at Creighton University Medical Center in 2002.  As a full time faculty of Creighton University since 2002, Alan is contracted out to the Veteran’s Affairs Nebraska, Western Iowa Health Care System (VA NWIHCS)-Lincoln Division, as a clinical pharmacist to the ambulatory clinics.

  1. Johanna Hatcliff (Orientation, Service in Outpatient Pharmacy)

Johanna graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2007 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She then worked at and managed the Wal-mart Pharmacy in Sidney, Nebraska. While in Sidney, Johanna also filled in at Memorial Health Center as staff pharmacist and long term care consultant. She joined Lincoln VAMC in March of 2011 in Outpatient Pharmacy, anticoagulation clinic, Infusion/Chemotherapy, anticoagulation clinic and PACT.

  1. Kevin Kratz (Management)

Kevin Kratz graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 1982 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.  He went on to complete an ASHP accredited clinical pharmacy residency at Hamot Medical Center in Erie Pennsylvania in 1983.  He is the Assistant Chief of Pharmacy for the Nebraska Western Iowa Health Care System.

  1. Sean Kubik (Outpatient pharmacy)

Sean graduated from the University of Iowa in 2013 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. He went on to complete an ASHP accredited PGY1 residency focused in ambulatory care at the Lincoln VA in 2013-2014.  Following residency, Sean stayed on at the Lincoln VA and splits time working as a clinical pharmacist in the ambulatory clinics and in the Outpatient Pharmacy. In summer 2015, Sean accepted the PACT2 clinical pharmacist position.

  1. Alex Schneider (Pharmacoeconomics)

Alex (Jim) graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Pharmacy in 1982 with a doctor of pharmacy degree.  He began work as a staff pharmacist in the Omaha VA Hospital’s inpatient and outpatient areas.   He transferred to the Lincoln VA Medical Center in 1990 and worked inpatient and outpatient areas as a clinical pharmacist.  In 2008 he became Nebraska Western Iowa Health Care System’s Pharmacoeconomist.  He also serves as the pharmacy Automated Data Processing Application Coordinator (ADPAC) for Lincoln. Jim was 1 of 42 participants across the US that received a Healthcare Analytics Certificate through the inaugural  Veterans Administration sponsored Healthcare Analytics Certificate Program in 2012.  Jim prepares SQL pharmacy database reports for VISN23 Pharmacy Chiefs and managers.  Jim is a member of the Veterans Health Administration Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Public Health  IDPIO (Infection Don’t Pass It On) team.

  1. Julie Stading (Smoking Cessation Clinic, Anticoag, PACT, Research)

Julie, PharmD, CDE graduated from Creighton University in 1991 and completed a Clinical Cardiovascular Fellowship in 1992.  She became the administrative director of the Creighton Cardiac Center doing cardiovascular research until 1996 in Omaha, Nebraska.  She then went to Bayer Pharmaceuticals and worked in the national headquarters in West Haven, Connecticut in the National Sales Training division working with various parts of the company creating educational materials and putting on educational programs throughout the US and Puerto Rico.  She came to the Lincoln VAMC in 1998 as part of a joint position with Creighton School of Pharmacy and has been involved in anticoagulation, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hypertension management and education with a transition to Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT) and smoking cessation clinic recently.

  1. Jeffrey Steffensmeier (PACT, Pain Multidisciplinary Clinic)

Jeff graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 1989 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.  Prior to working at the VA he worked for 11 years at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital as the Clinical Pharmacy Manager and expanded clinical pharmacy services to all areas of the hospital.  While at Madonna he also was an Adjunct Professor in the School of Pharmacy and Allied Health at Creighton University and was preceptor for many students. He has been working at the Lincoln VAMC since 2009. Jeff participated in the expansion of pharmacy services into the primary care area and participated in the establishment of the interdisciplinary pain clinic. Jeff currently works in primary care (PACT) and in pain clinic. 

  1. Patricia Steffensmeier (Infusion Clinic, Anticoag)

Patricia graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 1992 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Prior to joining the VA in 2008, she was a hospital pharmacist in Fremont, Nebraska, and La Crosse, Wisconsin. In Lincoln, she worked at a local independent pharmacy and as a long term care consultant pharmacist. As a VA Pharmacist, she has worked in the outpatient pharmacy area, works closely with the Oncology and Infusion Clinic, works with Vista Chemotherapy Manager (VCM) individualized standard chemotherapy regimens and assists with 797 Compliance. She also rotates through the primary care (PACT) and anticoagulation clinic. She is Board Certified in Pharmacotherapy.

  1. Susan Stone (Tele-Pharmacy)

Susan graduated from Drake University in 2011 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and a Masters in Public Administration.  She went on to complete an ASHP accredited PGY1 residency focused in ambulatory care at the Grand Island VA in 2011-2012.  Following residency, Susan began working at the Marion VA in Indiana as a clinical pharmacist and transferred to Lincoln in 2014.  She is also Board Certified in Ambulatory Care.  She currently provides medication therapy management for four satellite clinics across the Nebraska-Western Iowa division. 

  1. Andrea Walter (Mental Health, Drug Information)

Andrea graduated from Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions in 2011 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She completed an ASHP accredited PGY1 residency at the Lincoln VA in 2012. Following residency, Andrea worked as a clinical pharmacist at the Lincoln VA providing Tele-pharmacy services to community based outpatient clinics within the Nebraska-Western Iowa division. She is now providing medication therapy management services focused on prevention and management of metabolic syndrome for patients utilizing mental health services at the Lincoln VA.

  1. Rebecca White (Tele-Pharmacy, Anticoag)

Rebecca graduated from Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions in 2008 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.  She completed an ASHP accredited PGY1 residency at the Cheyenne VA Medical Center in 2008-2009.  From there, she began working at the Black Hill VA Health Care System in Fort Meade as a clinical pharmacy specialist.  In June 2010 she returned to her childhood home of Lincoln and began working at the Lincoln VA as a clinical pharmacist.  She has helped in the development and implementation of the tele-pharmacy program that provides medication therapy management to four rural outpatient VA clinics.

  This residency site agrees that no person at this site will solicit, accept or use any ranking-related information from any residency applicant.

Past PGY1 Residents:

Class of 2011-2012:

Linda Phan

University of Michigan

First Job: Amb Care pharmacist @ Kingman Regional Medical Center

-Current job: Clinical Coordinator, Amb Care @ Kingman Regional Medical Center

Stading, JA, Bilslend, L, White, R, Phan, L.  Initial experience of clinical pharmacy services delivered by computer communication via Cisco Jabber video in a United States Veterans Administration Medical Center.  Published: Journal of Pharmacy Technology. 2014, Vol. 30(3) 76–80.

Andrea Walter

Creighton University

-Initial Job post-residency: Telepharmacist, Lincoln VAMC

-Current job: Mental Health Pharmacist, Lincoln VAMC

Assessment of group-based diabetes education using the “Continuing your journey with diabetes” conversation map in the veteran population. Published: Diabetes Spectrum.

Class of 2012-2013:

Jeremy Boehme

Idaho State University

-Current job: PACT Pharmacist @ VA Rice Lake CBOC (Minneapolis)


Kathleen Wallace

University of Iowa

-First/Current job: Staff Pharmacist @ Central Iowa VA- Des Moines


Class of 2013-2014:

Emily Carr

Farris State University

-First/Current job: PACT pharmacist Yuma, AZ CBOC


Sean Kubik

University of Iowa

-First job: Pharmacist Lincoln VA.

-Current Job: PACT pharmacist Lincoln VA.


Class of 2014-2015

Kelsey Frichtl


Current Job: PACT pharmacist, Las Vegas VAMC

Proper Dosing of Pantoprazole Based on Indication.

Evan Gahan


Current job: Clinical pharmacist in specialty clinics (HepC), Kansas City VA

Evaluating Practice Guidelines for the Oversight and Monitoring of Patients Taking Target Specific Oral Anticoagulants

Class of 2015-2016

Michael Wegner

Creighton University

Proper osteoporosis monitoring in men at LincolnVA

Maggie Kruschel

South Dakota State University

Review of Aggrenox to Plavix for secondary stroke prevention conversion Page

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