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The Workshop of cis 2005 Final Program

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The Workshop of CIS 2005 Final Program

Thursday, 15th December

8:30 am-10:15 am

Room C: IS

762, 966, 1258, 1176, 167, 1490, 2069

Room D: APP

1468, 2044, 1635, 1808, 2123, 900, 1018

10:15 am-10:30 am

Tea/Coffee Break

10:30 am-12:05 pm

Room C: IS

2096, 1327,1270,1581, 1295, 1470

Room D: APP

1165, 1449, 296, 990, 1033, 122

12:05 pm-13:30 pm


13:30 pm-15:30 pm

Room C: CI

1694, 2100, 513, 1779, 1804, 1957,1004, 1232

Room D: APP

1553, 348, 768, 1666, 692, 1685, 461

15:30 pm-15:45 pm

Tea/Coffee Break

15:45 pm-18:00 pm

Room C: CI

1613, 68, 2086, 1933, 70, 2082, 1293, 2045, 765

Room D: APP

552, 1373, 1591, 1954, 1656

18:00 pm-19:00 pm


Detailed Program of the Workshop of CIS 2005
Thursday, 15th December
Room C: IS (8:30 am - 10:15 am, Information Security)

Session Chair: Prof. Siu Nang-Bruce Cheung and Prof. Timo Mantere

  1. Richard W.C. Lui, Sherman S.M. Chow, Lucas C.K. Hui, S.M. Yiu, Bruce S.N. Cheung - Decryption Delegation Infrastructure.

  2. Xiaoqi Ma, Xiaochun Cheng, Rachel McCrindle - Secrecy Proofs of SET Purchase Request Phase.

  3. S. M. Haider Aejaz, I. M. Ghauri - Chaotic Encryption.

  4. Chang Han Kim, Yongtae Kim - A Parallel Architecture for Type k Gaussian Normal Basis Multiplication over GF(2m).

  5. Jongoh Choi, VanDong Nguyen, Si-Ho Cha, JooSeok Song - Constructing Arithmetic Architectures for Composite Finite Fields GF ((qm)q), where q=2, 3.

  6. Ratsameetip Wita, Yunyong Teng-amnuay, Kraisie Anchanon, Patinya Janluechai - A Framework for Application Survivability in Vulnerable Operational Environment.

  7. Xia Li, Jill Slay, Shaokai Yu - Evaluating Trust in Mobile Ad Hoc Network.

Room D: APP (8:30 am - 10:15 am, Applications)

Session Chair: Prof. Xiamu Niu

  1. Arshad Aziz, Nassar Ikram - A High Throughput Implementation of AES on a Low Cost FPGA.

  2. SuJung Yu, MoonGyung Kim, JooSeok Song, YongSurk Lee - Word-Based Montgomery Modular Exponentiation for an Efficient Implementing RSA on 32-Bit Processor.

  3. Jirı Klema, Ahmad Almonayyes - Categorizing Fanatic Documents Using Random Forest Classifier.

  4. Ming-Lai Li, Heung-Num Kim, Jason J.Jung, Geun-Sik Jo - Profit-based Association Rule Mining.

  5. Sen Xu, Manton Matthews, Chin-Tser Huang, Jingshan Huang - Security Issues in Privacy and Key Management Protocols of 802.16.

  6. Ye Tian, Di Wu, Kam-Wing Ng - GroupRep: A Robust Group-based Reputation System for Peer-to-Peer Networks.

  7. Chao Li, Armando Barreto - Integrated 3D Expression Recognition and Face Recognition.

10:15 am – 10:30 am Tea/Coffee Break

Room C: IS (10:30 am - 12:05 pm, Information Security)

Session Chair: Prof. Siu Nang-Bruce Cheung

  1. Matias Fallenius, Teemupekka Virtanen - Security Policy Models and Languages in Practice.

  2. Kwo-Jean Farn, Shu-Kuo Lin, Chi-Chun Lo - A Study on e-Taiwan Information System Security Classification and Implementation.

  3. Woo-Sug Jung, Seok-Min Kang, Youngseok Lee, Taeck-geun Kwon - An Efficient Multi-Packet Inspection Scheme without Packet Reassmbly.

  4. Keisuke Takemori, Yutaka Miyake, Toshiaki Tanaka - A Comparing Technique of Attack Frequencies on a Network Axis to Detect Anomaly Behavior.

  5. Ricky W.M. Tang, S.M. Yiu, Bruce Cheung, Lucas C.K. Hui, Joe C.K. Yau - Solving Dilemmas in Information Security Policy.

  6. Keonwoo Kim, Hangrok Lee, Kyoil Chung - Vulnerability of Lightweight RFID Security Protocols and Analysis about EPC Class 1 and C1G2 Security.

Room D: APP (10:30 am - 12:05 pm, Applications)

Session Chair: Prof. Xiamu Niu

  1. Zhang Yigang, Li Qiong, Hao Kecheng, Niu Xiamu - The Design of Iris-Hash Algorithm Based IC Card Access Control System.

  2. Wai Han Ho, Paul Watters - Ecological Validity of Face Recognition Research.

  3. Yu-Long Qiao, Jeng-Shyang Pan, Sheng-He Sun - Fast Algorithms for K Nearest-Neighbor Classifier: A Comparative Study.

  4. Gu-Min Jeong, Hyun-Sik Ahn - JPEG Quantization Table Design for Face Images and Its Application to Face Recognition.

  5. Yu-Long Qiao, Zhe-Ming Lu, Sheng-He Sun - Feature Based on Wavelet Frame Representation for Texture Classification.

  6. Ruiqiang Shang, Jianli Zhao, Guangxing Wang - A New Fast Direct P Code Acquisition Algorithm.

12:05 pm - 13:30 pm Lunch
Room C: CI (13:30 pm - 15:30 pm, Computational Intelligence)

Session Chair: Prof. Lupton William and Prof. Timo Mantere

  1. YoungJoon Chai, TaeYong Kim - Dependency Connection for Game State Analysis Using Petri Net.

  2. Hyun-Sik Ahn, Gu-Min Jeong - Direct Learning Control for Linear Feedback Systems.

  3. Hakima Mellah, Salima Hassas, Habiba Drias - From Cooperation to Self Organization of a Telemaintenance Process.

  4. Cha-Seop Im, TaeYong Kim, Sang-Won Um, SeongHo Baek - Flexible Platform Architecture for Developing Game NPC Intelligence with Load Sharing.

  5. Vojislav Stojkovic, Grace Steele, William Lupton - An Agent-Oriented Approach to Find All Solutions to the Longest Common Subsequence (LCS) Problem

  6. Kyungkoo Min, Harksoo Kim, Jungyun Seo - A Schedule Extraction System with High Domain Portability Using Shallow NLP Techniques.

  7. Mahamed G. H. Omran, Andries P Engelbrecht, Ayed Salman - Using Neighborhood Topologies with Differential Evolution.

  8. Sang-Wook Lee, S.M. Soak, N. P Mahalik, B. H. Ahn - Real World Tournament Selection: Mathematical and Empirical Analysis

Room D: APP (13:30 pm - 15:30 pm, Applications)

Session Chair: Prof. Xiamu Niu

  1. Woobeom Lee, Youngho Sohn, Wookhyun Kim - Automatic Browsing and Extracting the Texture Region of Interest from Texture Image.

  2. He Wang, Zhe-Ming Lu - Image Retrieval Based on Shape and Texture Watermarks.

  3. Long-zhe Han, Hakmo Yang, Yeonseung Ryu - An Intelligent Flash Memory Software.

  4. Osslan Osiris Vergara Villegas, Raúl Pinto Elías, Andrea Magadan Salazar, Marco Antonio Martínez Pérez - Wavelet Lossy Image Compression: An Application to Pattern Recognition.

  5. Sang-Ho Cheon, Hyung jin Choi, Ki hyeon Kwon - Implementation of Non-SQL Data Server Framework Applying Web Tier Object Modeling.

  6. HyoJoo Park, TaeYong Kim - Traffic Analysis and Modeling for Network Games.

  7. Xia Xiao Xin, Tay Teng Tiow, Bharadwaj Veeravalli - Dynamic Data Dependence Identification Using Phases Analysis.

15:30 pm -15:45 pm Tea/Coffee Break
Room C: CI (15:45 pm - 18:00 pm, Computational Intelligence)

Session Chair: Prof. Lupton William

  1. Timo Mantere - A Min-Max Genetic Algorithm for Min-Max Problems.

  2. Yibo Hu, Yuping Wang - A Bi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Ranking for Constrained Optimization.

  3. Salihin F. Shoeeb, Raja N. Ainon, Roziati Zainuddin - An Evolutionary Program for a Malaysian School Timetabling Problem.

  4. Miao Kang, Dominic Palmer-Brown - An Adaptive Function Neural Network (ADFUNN) for Function Recognition.

  5. Jingxuan Wei, Yuping Wang - An Attraction Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Global Optimization Problems.

  6. Jacek Frankowski - Neural Network with Hybrid Learning Strategy for Financial Time Series Forecasting.

  7. Devinder Thapa, Gi-Nam Wang - Intelligent Agent Based Multi Perspective Dynamic Decision Model for Ubiquitous Healthcare System.

  8. Hyunchul Ahn, Kyoung-jae Kim, Ingoo Han - Ordinal Pairwise Partitioning Approach to Multiclass Support Vector Machines Training in Bond Ratings.

  9. Sin-Jae Kang, Jong-Wan Kim, Wun-Ho Hwang, Sae-Bom Lee - Analyzing the Effect of Lexical Information and Thesaurus in Spam-mail Filtering System

Room D: APP (15:45 pm - 18:00 pm, Applications)

Session Chair: Prof. Xiamu Niu

  1. Soohyun oh, Jin kwak, Daesung Kwon - Randomized RFID Identification system for Protecting User’s Privacy.

  2. Chul-Hyun Park,Joon-Jae Lee, Byung-Gook Lee - Fingerprint Image Enhancement Using the Directional Filter Bank and Oriented Anisotropic Gaussian Filters.

  3. SeongHo Baek, TaeYong Kim, JongSu Kim, ChaSeop Im Chan Lim - Aim Position Calibration with Infrared LED Tracking System for Game Interface.

  4. Yih-Jiun Lee, Peter Henderson - A Modelling Notation for Grid Computing.

  5. Osslan Osiris Vergara Villegas, Raúl Pinto Elías, Vianey Guadalupe Cruz Sánchez - Lossy Image Compression for Object Recognition Using Singular Value Decomposition.

18:00 pm-19:00 pm Dinner

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