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Star Ferry a pleasant ride for locals and tourists

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Liu Chung Yin (7A)

Star Ferry a pleasant ride for locals and tourists

The government says the Central-Wan Chai reclamation project is necessary to relieve traffic congestion in the area.

Officials think that new roads and buildings will boost Hong Kong’s international image. But I believe the Central-Wan Chai bypass will do more harm than good.
Victoria Harbour is already shrinking because of reclamation. Reclamation projects could damage our ecosystem.
I don’t want our future generations to ask: “Where is our harbour?”

Thanks for your letter, Chung-yin. I, too, am concerned about the Star Ferry.
For years the ferry has been an integral part of the city. The green ferries that plied back and forth between Kowloon and Hong Kong side look so pretty and have become icons of Hong Kong.
But what’s more, they are practical. It isn’t just tourists who enjoy the seven-minute ride – a great many local Hongkongers rely on the ferries to get about the city. The new ferry pier will mean an additional 10-minute walk, which I fear will put off many commuters. In a year’s time it may only be the tourists who take the Star Ferry. I will definitely take a sad, final ride on the ferry before it’s relocated.
Kate, Editor
September 20, 2006

South China Morning Post

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