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The Magnum Opus ewc4u culminating Activity The term Magnum Opus

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The Magnum Opus

EWC4U Culminating Activity
The term Magnum Opus refers to an artist’s masterpiece or best work.
The purpose of this culminating activity is to asses the progress you have made as a writer by showcasing your strengths through your work and to help you to start to compile your personal writing portfolio which you may add to over your lifetime as a writer.
At the beginning of the course you were asked to consider “Your Writer’s Voice” and while you worked through the course you would asked a couple of times to consider how you have developed your voice. While finishing this final task you should continue to reflect on how your “Voice” has grown or changed through your exposure to different styles of writing since the beginning of the course.
Over the course we have looked at and attempted many different forms of writing: Play scripts, Children’s Literature, Fables, short fiction (especially in the horror genre), novels from the Canon and outside of it, opinion – non fictional writing and several forms of poetry, to name a few.

You should at this time have submitted at least 5 (+ if we get time) polished pieces to your Writing folders. You are to choose the 3 entries you like best and complete one of the following options using your selected entries for your culminating activity.
Due Date:________________________________________
Your Options

  1. Incorporate all three pieces into one finished work in your favourite style of writing (see a to e below). The finished piece must clearly have themes or elements of your original 3 works (i.e. I should be able to see how your writing evolved from stream of consciousness to polished entry to adaptation rough to good copy.)

    1. One play or film script (a “short”) between 10 min and half an hour in length performed. (4 -10 pages)

    2. One adult short story 3 - 10 pages

    3. One children’s story 5 - 10 pages

    4. One anthology of poetry: 3 longer poems (4 stanzas min.) or 5 poems of varied length.

    5. One booklet of lyrics - 3 songs (3 min sung including 3 stanzas of lyrics and 1 repeated chorus)

    6. A novella (100 pages or less)

See next page for option 2

  1. Using three pieces from your writing folder choose one style of writing from those we covered in the course and create three separate works one from each chosen entry from your folder developed in that chosen style of writing.

**** Your three chosen writing folder pieces and their matching stream of consciousness starters must be submitted with your finished work. I will be looking at them to see how they morphed into your final work.

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