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Family feud live faq

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How will the registration process work?

Registration takes place day of show, prior to each performance.
 Beginning three hours before showtime, each eligible person who would like the opportunity to be selected to play will provide their first and last name to producers along with their Play-Along-Cards which are given to eligible patrons by Venue staff.

There is no ticket purchase required to register to be a contestant, and will not be considered a factor in determining eligible contestants or in the contestant selection process. Registration closes precisely at the scheduled show time.

Registration process for venue:

Card Distribution: Production staff will distribute Play-Along cards. One card only is to be given to each eligible person by production staff. Registration is to begin three hours prior to show time. For ticket holders, Play-Along cards are given out as they present their ticket upon entering venue. Each ticket is good for only one card, in the same manner that it is only good for one admission. For non-ticket holders who make it known that they wish to register (No Purchase Necessary), a Play-Along card is made available to the patron, one per person. A hand stamp is used to indicate that person has received Play-Along card. A waiting area is to be provided for patrons who wish to register but do not have admission tickets. Anyone selected from these individuals will be invited into an open seat. Everyone else in the waiting area can be sent home.

Random Drawing Selection: All contestants’ names are randomly drawn prior to start of show. If person selected as contestant is non-ticket holder, they will be brought inside the venue by producers to await their turn as contestant. If they are an Instant Winner, they will receive their prize, but will not be admitted. Non-ticket holders not selected as contestants may then leave once the show has begun.

Will people be able to register before the night of the show?

Unfortunately not. All registration will open three hours prior to each show. People are encouraged to get there early to avoid lineups. Registration will remain open until the posted show time.

Will people be able to register more than one person at a time?

All contestants much register themselves. People will not be permitted to register additional people.

What is the procedure for someone who shows up to register but does not have a ticket?

By law, everyone who shows up and wants to register must be allowed to do so and have equal opportunity to be called down to be a contestant. If an individual registers and DOES NOT have a ticket to watch the show, they will be directed to a pre-determined location. All of the contestants are for the show are chosen at random as soon as registration closes. The names of all eligible registrants will be weighted equally, that is, no advantage shall be given to individuals who purchased a ticket over individuals that did not. If an individual who did not purchase a ticket is selected as an onstage contestant, that person will be escorted to an open seat in the venue. Individuals who did not purchase a ticket and were not selected may leave the theater after the random drawing.

Do people need to be there 3 hours before the show in order to register?

It is ideal to arrive early, up to 3 hours, to avoid lineups, but registration will stay open until the posted show time. People may leave the theater after they have registered, but they must be present at the time of the drawing in order to be eligible.

When does the drawing take place?

The random drawing to determine show contestants will take place backstage during a 20 minute time period beginning at the posted show time. During that time the audience will be hearing the introduction to the show. All eligible contestants must be present at the time their name is called or they will be disqualified and another randomly selected name will be called. Eligible contestants who registered, but did not purchase a ticket will be informed in the waiting area in the first 20 minutes after the posted show time if they have been selected.

How do people collect their prizes if they win?

After someone wins a prize a producer will ask them to return to the front of the stage after the show where all the necessary paperwork will be done for the prizing. This takes place immediately following the show. The amount of time it takes depends entirely on the number of winners in a show. Usually not longer than 30 minutes to get through this process for the winners.

How are contestants selected for each show?

All contestants are selected entirely at random from the pool of registered contestants.

How old do you have to be to register?

You must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible to register to become a contestant.

Can you still go to the show if you are under age?

Absolutely. Anyone can buy tickets and watch the show. It's often a family affair, however only those 18 years of age or older can be eligible to be a contestant.

Who will be the host?


Is there a prize list available?

Not at this time.

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