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The Graduate School of the University of South Carolina Letter of Recommendation Form

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The Graduate School of the University of South Carolina

Letter of Recommendation Form

Applicant Instructions:

• Applicant should provide recommender with name, SSN, intended field of study, term applying for, and personal access indication (“I do not want personal access” or “I do want personal access”).
• Instruct recommender to fill out form (including the information listed above) at:
Recommender completes, prints, and faxes (or mails) form.
Recommender Instructions:
• You have been asked to recommend this applicant for admission to The Graduate School at the University of South Carolina. We would greatly appreciate your completion of this form at your earliest convenience. Upon request, the applicant may review your recommendation, unless they have waived access. We cannot consider the applicant without this form, but you may attach to it extra pages or a signed letter that addresses items #1 and #2. You may print and sign this document, then either mail or fax this document to The Graduate School (do not mail or fax the guidelines page).
• Mail to: The Graduate School

901 Sumter St. #304

Columbia, SC 29208
• Fax to: 803-777-2972
• If your recommendation exceeds the amount of space, you may use the second page. You must sign each page.

Applicant Information Applicant ID#









Applicant E-mail Address:


Intended Field of Study:

Degree Goal:

Term and year applying for:

 Applicant Access: If the checkbox is checked, then applicant DOES NOT have access to this recommendation.

Recommender Information






Institutional Affiliation:

Address of Recommender

Number and Street: Apt. #:

City: State:

Zip Code: Country:

Telephone: Fax: E-mail:
1. How well do you know the applicant? How long and in what capacity?


2. Please provide your assessment of the applicant according the following criteria:

Outstanding | Excellent | Very good | Good | Average | Below average | Cannot assess

Analytical ability:       
Verbal communication:       
Written communication:       
Overall academic potential:       

3. Where would you rank this applicant relative to other student in your program/department.
Top 1% Top 5% Top 10% Top 25% Top 50% Below 50%

4. If the applicant’s first language is not English, please evaluate her/his proficiency to read, write, and speak English?

5. Please provide your overall assessment of the applicant’s academic ability and promise. What do you consider to be the applicant’s principal talents or strengths?


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