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The Air Quality Programme – 01. 03. 2011 03. 2012

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The Air Quality Programme – 01.03.2011-1.03.2012
Considering the results gathered by the AQ programme participants in the mentioned-above period, similarly like in previous years remarkably better quality of air is observed in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia than in Poland. In first three listed countries even in industrial areas bark-inhabiting lichens are present, including considered to be very sensitive to sulphur oxides fruticose thallus lichenes. On leaves of maple species tree black spot fungus (Rhytisma acerinum) i.e. a saprophytic fungal bioindicator of air condition can also be found.

In Poland air is often more polluted, but comparison the latest results with those obtained some years ago illustrates that air quality in our country has been improved that corresponds with information obtained by technical measurements ( It is the most visible in the most industrialized and urbanized region of the country – e.g. Upper Silesia (Katowice) conurbation. Not only crustose and foliose epiphitic lichenes are observed in relatively numerous stations but also bark-inhabiting mosses are noted. For the first time from decades black spot fungus has been observed on maple trees growing in central districts of large industrial cities like Katowice, Zabrze and Gliwice. This results of observation confirm that biomonitoring can show changes in the environment and so it is worth doing!

Representative of protected by law in Poland Parmelia sp., lichen-forming discomycetes found only ca. 20 km from Katowice center in Jaworzno town (Fot. B. Węgrzynek).
Schools working within the programme:


1. XVIIII LO przy Specjalnym Ośrodku Szkolno Wychowawczym nr1 im. Louisa Braille'a in Bydgoszcz, Krasińskiego 10, PL 85-011 Bydgoszcz

Teachers: Magdalena Hawrylkiewicz, Anna Michalska
2. I LO im. H. Sienkiewicza in Lancut

ul. Mickiewicza 3, PL 37-100 Lancut

Teacher: Ludmila Smet-Dudziak
3. Szkola Podstawowa nr 86

os. Jagiellońskie 18, PL 31-843 Krakow

Teachers: Anna Szmer, Malgorzata Topor
4. Complex of Environmental Protection Schools in Gdańsk

ul. Smoleńska 5/7, 80-058 Gdańsk

Teachers: Anna Sapieja
5. Gimnazjum im. Ireny Sendler w Toszku

ul. Dworcowa 27, 44-180 Toszek

Teacher: Kornelia Rzepka

1. Vecpiebalga Secondary School

Cesu rajons, Vecpiebalga LV 4122

Teacher: Agita Berzina

2. A.Upits Skriveri Secondary School,

Stacijas 1, Skriveri, Aizkraukle district

Teacher: Daiga Martinsone
3. Riga Secondary School No. 49

Krišjāna Valdemāra iela 65

Riga – 10, LV 1010

Teacher: Irena Liepina

1. Raguvele Basic school.

Raguvele village Troskunai parish, Anyksciai district

Teacher: Angele Azusieniene
2. Mastaičiai Main School

Mokslo 2, Mastaičiai, Kaunas region, Lithuania

Teacher: Birutė Jasinskienė
3. Lapes Basic School,

Lapės LT – 54434, Kauno r.

Teacher: Rasa Stankienė
4. Basanavicius Secondary School


Teacher: Vilma Dirzyte
5. Vilnius Žemyna gymnasium

Čiobiškio str. 16

LT-07181 Vilnius

Teachers: Gražina Drebickienė, Romualda Fedosejevaite

1. Loksa Gümnaasium

Talinna 47, Loksa city, Harju county, Estonia

Teacher Linda Kask
2. Kadrina Secondary School

Rakvere tee 4; Kadrina 45201 Lääne-Virumaa Estonia

Teacher: Siret Pung


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No. of protocols













Total: 4 15 27

Beata Wegrzynek

AQ Programme Co-ordinator

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