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: 03-11-08, id: 1521938, Profile edited: 03-19-08

Author has written 1 story for Hannah Montana.

Hi I'm Helen Zaas. I tend to be the butt of every joke, and I try not to be anal about it.

I enjoy long walks and eating pancakes. You know to walk off all those carbs and sugar and calories.

I'm a vegitarian and eat only green veggies oh and like red ones and orange one too. Ands fruits dont bother me

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1. Miley and Lilly get in a Fight reviews

Miley gets tickets to a Jonas Brothers concert and invites Lilly. But Miley has an extra Ticket. Who will she invite and how with this effect there friendship?

Hannah Montana - Fiction Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 20 - Reviews: 3 - Updated: 3-27-08 - Published: 3-27-08

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TV Shows » Hannah Montana » Miley and Lilly Get Into A Fight

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Author: Helen Zaas

Fiction Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Humor - Published: 04-02-08 - Updated: 04-02-08


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Fight with Lilly

Lilly and Miley are sitting the living room at Miley’s house just after Lilly burst through the door after she found out Miley had exciting news.

Miley- Hey guess what?! I got tickets to a Jo Bro concert!!

Lilly- what?! That’s amazing. How many did you get?

Miley- three, one for you, one for me, and oh I seem to have an extra one

Lilly- Who are you going to invite for the last one?

Miley- well I was thinking of inviting amber, I mean she really is nice, well to some people. This could be a chance for us to become friends with the popular crowd!

Lilly- I though you didn’t want to be with that popular crowd.

Miley- Oh sweet niblets, I do but I don’t at the same time.

Lilly- Why why why. Miley I always thought it would you me and Oliver.

Miley- girl that’s my best friends say what? Well it will be but I want to expand my friends list. And this way we can do that.

Lilly- well I’m not down with that Miley. I prefer sticking to our own crowd. I like it.

Miley- Oh sweet niblets. Why won’t you do this for me? Why? I do tons of stuff for you through Hannah Montana why won’t you do this for me for once?

Lilly- Excuse me? I do stuff for you all the time. Why are you pressuring me?

Miley- come on I’m not pressuring you. Ok maybe a little bit. Do you want to go or not? Because I’m sure I’ll find some other takers.

Lilly- you seriously think that you can replace me so fast?

Miley- Yes yes I do. Lilly we are best friends but if that’s gunna effect be going to meet new ppl that’s got to change.

Lilly- I though honestly we could be best friends for life Miley, you’ve changed a lot this year. I’m leaving. Later.

(Lilly leaves, stomping out the door)

Miley’s dad over hears what was going on in the living room and comes down to talk to Miley.

Dad- you know bud, Lilly has always been there for you. No matter it be for Hannah Montana or Miley Stewart. She’s been by your side in the good and bad times

Miley- but she’s holding me back from expanding my friends circle.

Dad- you mean like the popular kids?

Miley- oh sweet niblets, yes dad that’s what im talking about! Se’s holding me back!!

Dad- you know bud when I was your age we all played together with each other.

Miley- you mean back in the stone ages when ppl didn’t know any better?

Dad- haha very funny but you know what im talking about.

Jackson walks down in to the living room and unexpectedly enters the heated conversation.

Dad- Ain’t I right Jackson?

Jackson- huh oh umm yeah dad your so right. Just what ever it was I didn’t do it.

Miley- don’t side with him! Its only helping him with his conspiracy theory!!

Jackson- oh is poor little miley not getting her way? What ever it is dad go through with it.

Dad- Well Jackson im not so sure. I mean its really up to miley, her choices, but all I know is if it were me I would stick with my true friends.

Jackson- you know if you want to be so famous why don’t you just tell everyone your Hannah Montana? I mean if I were that famous I would do so.

Miley- you know that’s not such a bad idea…(drifts off into deep thought)

In her day dream she’s shes the most popular girl in school and is going out with that hottest guy in school. First in line for everything… smothered by paparazzi… day dream done.

Miley- maybe your right..she is a true friend. I’ll go talk to her right now.

Finds lilly on the beach talking to Oliver

Miley- hey lilly can I talk to you for a minute?

Lilly- umm why don’t you go talk to my replacemet?

Miley- the truth is lilly I could never replace you and I was really dumb to say that

Lilly- yeah you were.

Miley- aww lilly im realy sorry will you please please please for give me?

Lilly- umm yeah on one condition…

Miley- best-friend-lilly-say what?

Lilly- we invite someone of my choice to the concert instead of amber.

Miley- ok ok ok. Agreed.

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