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Westwood Nursery School Committee Annual General Meeting Tuesday 13 September 2011

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Westwood Nursery School Committee

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 13 September 2011
Present: Alex Clark, Belinda Lawrie, Dawn Bryant, Delphine Hobbs, Sofia Arenal, Helena Claridge, Fay Evans, Lilly Webb, Jo Batten, Elaine Caddy, Lindsay Millen, Jo Hill
Apologies: Carrie Coveney


1) Minutes from last Annual General Meeting

1.1) It was noted that former Chairperson Karen Hobson had approved the minutes of last AGM previously as an accurate record of the meeting.

2) Chairperson’s Report

2.1) Alex welcomed all to the meeting and presented a Chairperson’s Report (Appendix 1). She also noted the lease of building was renewed for a further 7 year period.

3) Manager’s Report

3.1) Dawn presented a Manager’s Report (Appendix 2).

4) Treasurer’s Report

4.1) Belinda presented a Treasurer’s Report (Appendix 3) and distributed some draft accounts. The final Annual Return will be posted on the website once it has been submitted to the Charity Commission later this year.

5) Any Other Business
5.1) Committee Positions: The following were approved unanimously:

Alex Clark – Chairperson – proposed by Sofia Arenal, Seconded by Fay Evans

Lilly Webb – Secretary – proposed by Belinda Lawrie, Seconded by Lindsey Millen

Belinda Lawrie – Treasurer – proposed by Alex Clark, Seconded by Jo Batten

Elaine will continue in the role of ICT Coordinator, and Helena will take on the role of Maintenance Manager.
5.2) Addition to email list: It was agreed Jo Hill should be added to the committee email distribution list as an interested party to receive copies of agendas, minutes etc. Jo hopes to join the Committee in the future. Action: Lilly to add Jo’s email to the list
5.3) Minutes on website: It was agreed that AGM minutes and Committee Updates should be made available on the website. Action: Lilly / Elaine to organise for AGM minutes to be uploaded when approved
5.4) Fundraising ideas: All welcomed Dawn’s fundraising ideas of a family bingo night and Christmas t towels. It is hoped a DVD of the nativity can again be produced for sale. Action: Dawn to investigate feasibility of these fundraising ideas and advise how best for committee to assist / support
5.5) Westwood Update: Lilly noted an item was being produced on the nursery for the next Westwood Update. Dawn asked that the village be thanked for their fantastic support in donating Sainsburys and Tescos vouchers. Action: Lilly to produce a draft for Dawn and Alex to check.



DB/ Cttee


Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 13 October 2011 7.30 pm at the Nursery
Appendix 1

Westwood Nursery School AGM Chairpersons Report 2010 - 2011
2010 was a busy year for the nursery school with 36 children keeping the staff very busy.


A committee of ten members was elected in September 2010. Karen Hobson remained Chairperson (I took over in May), Debbie Augusztinyi as Secretary and Terri Wyartt as treasurer and myself as co-treasurer (Belinda Lawrie took on the role from May). We welcomed Carrie Coveney as a new member and later in the year she was joined by Lily Webb, Helena Claridge, Fay Evans and Jo Batten. Phillippa Lowton stood down and Elaine Caddy took over the role of ICT co-ordinator from July.
The committee has worked well together and continued to communicate well during the many changes that occurred later in the year.
Policies and Procedures

All policies and procedures were reviewed in June 2011. They are currently being read by all committee members and staff. We have also been working closely with our childcare development officer (Sarah Jackson) to review and improve all policies and procedures. We plan to have a copy of all our policies and procedures on our website to enable all parents/prospective parents to access.

Pre-school learning Alliance membership was renewed in February 2011 and employer’s liability insurance renewed in April 2011.
Staff appraisals were completed in June and July with the exception of Theresa due to illness and Dawn will be carrying this out shortly. The appraisals will be reviewed in October to make sure that these remain an area of focus and that agreed actions are or will be completed.
Health & Safety and Compliance

A full health and safety risk assessment was completed in March 2011 and the recommendations are being completed, namely greater visibility on the step down to the toilet and a cover for the conservatory heater .

The condition of the known asbestos in the garage roof continues to be monitored. The original asbestos survey was undertaken in 2002 and a new survey should be considered for next year.

The Fire Safety risk assessment was completed in February 2011.


Various items have been completed this year:

  • Safety matting extended

  • Conservatory floor re-fixed

  • New Store shed erected on concrete base

  • Air bricks covered to prevent bees nesting

  • Lock replaced on front gate

  • Garage repainted

  • All radiators replaced

  • Toilet cistern replaced

  • Replacement of front fence


No wage increase was given this year as it was not financially viable. However, a small cash thank you was given in August.

Michelle has temporarily reduced her hours and is not working on a Friday.

Various training has been completed :-

Dawn and Michelle attended Early Years Conference – The theme was communication and working with families

  • Completed early years degree

  • First Aid refresher

  • Child protection training


  • Mackaton

  • First Aid refresher

  • Letters and sounds



  • Makaton

  • Letters and sounds


  • Letters and sounds


  • Letters and sounds


  • Letters and sounds

The manager has identified further areas for training but unfortunately due to local education authority budgetary constraints we have not yet been able to progress this. We have now started to receive information from the local authority on courses that are available and therefore further training should be completed this year.
Fund Raising

Various fund raising events have taken place this year which included a Christmas raffle, the Easter egg hunt and raffle which was a huge success and, most recently, the flower show where a good profit was made and the nursery banner and t-shirts were on show for the first time. We have also received a 10% donation from the sale of phoenix cards, thanks to Elaine Caddy.

As a result of the committee’s hard work to raise funds we were able to purchase a new climbing frame.
Full minutes of AGMs are available from the secretary and will soon be accessible on our website.
Finally a huge thank you to the staff, committee members and parents for making Westwood nursery a special place for our children to enjoy.
Alex Clark

Chair person


Appendix 2

Manager’s Report for the year 2010/2011
The Nursery re-opened with a strong base of children as only 14 had left us. The new children settled in well. Theresa was not back with us however; as she had a serious horse riding accident in the summer holidays which saw her off of work until January; Jo and Shian covered her hours.
Michelle and I met with our advisory teacher to draw up a ‘Focused Improvement Plan’(FIP), this had 3 targets for the staff team and nursery to achieve over the academic year- we did so and new ones for this year have been set. The idea behind a FIP is to focus on areas the nursery wants to improve thus evaluating our practice.
During the Autumn term we had pupils; Francesca Amey and Zoe Robinson on work experience from John of Gaunt and St Laurence respectively. They both proved a great hit with the children.
Christmas approached us far too quickly and once more the children performed their nativity in the village church. Elaine’s Dad kindly filmed the proceedings again and the sale of the DVD’s added some funds to the nursery account. We also held two Christmas parties the older party being held in the social club, this venue was much more welcoming than the parish rooms and thankfully Father Christmas found us in our new venue!
Snow once again impacted on the operation of the nursery with us having to close for a couple of days. The children did get to enjoy the snow in the garden though with snowballs flying all over the place. The weather did fit well with our New Year topic of opposites, one of which was ‘hot and cold’. This topic was thoroughly enjoyed by the children especially the ‘night and day’ week, when we got ready for bed.
The role play area as ever was widely used; it took on different guises such as a travel agent; garden centre and a dinosaur landscape with a volcano! The writing table saw some great work independently produced and by the time we broke up all the children leaving for school were forming recognisable letters. A lot of the children were counting beyond 15 too and could find the numbers in the number line; this was a fantastic achievement and exceeded the goals set in the Early Years Foundation Stage.
The garden space continued to be a massive hit. With the new matting down there is a better space to ride bikes etc and the excess dirt provided some great mounds of mud to dig looking for bugs! From a successful Easter Egg Hunt our new climbing frame was purchased which the children love. We also had some small stepping stone logs donated to us which the children have transported around the garden giving them different purposes. The vegetable patch again produced some lovely fresh produce with radishes, potatoes, carrots and runner beans. We did think we had planted pumpkins yet as the plant grows it is looking like we have marrows????!!!
We had Alice Gimbert a student from Trowbridge College on work experience from March until June. Alice was an asset to the team and the children loved her. Having an extra pair of hands saw us off on outings to the canal, garden centre and the woods; where we went on a treasure hunt. As well as to school to visit Mrs Cook and her class; we delivered a pumpkin in the autumn term - hope they are ok with a marrow this year!!
Even though the summer term’s weather didn’t reach temperatures to warrant the paddling pool out we still had a great time. Zoo Lab unfortunately had to cancel this year but the End of Term Show was held in the garden in sunshine. The sun however did not grace us with it’s presence on our BIG trip to Longleat; thanks to funding given to me for completing my degree we had an all expenses paid trip, it was just a shame we couldn’t book the weather!!!! With that aside the children had a fantastic time, visiting Postman Pat and friends, riding on the train, and the boat and seeing the animals in the newly refurbished pets’ corner. Even though one child said the coach was the best bit, when asked why he responded, “it was dry!!”
Michelle counted an amazing amount of Sainsbury’s and Tesco vouchers. Many came anonymously through the letter box -superb support again from the village. We await the delivery of our new toys!
Then again the end of the year came and we bid a tearful farewell to 26 children. With the majority going to Mrs Cook, but a proportion to Mrs Seviour at Wingfield; having the links with the two schools makes for a smoother transition for all the children.
We would like to thank the committee again for all their support and we look forward to increasing the nursery numbers to see us go forward.
Dawn Bryant

Nursery Manager

13th September 2011

Appendix 3

Treasurer’s Annual Report for the year ending 31st August 2011.

  1. Annual Review

2010-11 was a good year financially as the increased income levels from the large numbers of children attending meant that some significant ‘one off’ jobs could be performed to maintain the safety and quality of the setting. Income increased by £13k, and Expenses only by £5k, giving a net profit of £6k compared to last year’s loss of nearly £2k.

  1. Income

    1. Fees

Substantial increase of £12k year on year, due to a large number of children attending the setting. The fee structure was simplified during the year, with the removal of separate lunch club charges. We have had to take the decision to increase fees in line with our external funding rate, which is being implemented in a 2 step process; at Sept 2011 and Jan 2012. I’m not aware of any negative feedback on this.

    1. Bad debts

Some problems during the year amounting to several hundred pounds, both of which were resolved satisfactorily.

    1. Bright Horizons

Thank you and well done to Dawn on her graduation. Bright Horizons made the Longleat trip possible as a result of her passing her course.

    1. Fundraising

Similar amount to previous year (see breakdown) although a shame that we did not receive the expected commission on the Photographer.

  1. Expenditure

    1. Wages

An increase of 9%; related to the increase in numbers of children.

    1. Repairs and Refurbishment and equipment

A large increase of £4k, but all related to one off costs – e.g. the childrens’ shoe locker, garden shed and matting, conservatory flooring and new climbing frame. These aren’t expected to be repeated.

  1. Reserves

An increase of £6k this year to £32k. There needs to be maintained in the Reserves account a certain amount sufficient to cover any staff redundancies, unexpected repairs or maintenance costs (including the possibility of having a new boiler). In previous years this has been £10k, and this needs to be revisited and updated to comply with current requirements. Also, there may be a requirement for the floor to be updated depending on the performance after it was glued down during the holidays which could be a big expenditure. We may need to dip into Reserves this year and next to cover ongoing running costs including wages as we expect a significant drop in income due to a large number of children leaving.

  1. Forecasts

It is my intention to produce an annual budget of expected receipts and payments for the forthcoming year for the next committee meeting once we have a better idea of projected income.

Belinda Lawrie (ACA)

Honorary Treasurer

13th September 2011

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