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All about Miley Cyrus

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All about Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus is commonly known for acting in Hannah Montana, also some people might know her as a singer.
When she was a child she attended Heritage Middle School. Miley first showed interest in acting when she was just 9. Later on – when she was 12- she auditioned for the lead role in Disney’s Hannah Montana, however the director turned her down saying she was too small. Miley didn’t give up, she persuaded Disney to give her a callback and they did, they even gave her the part of Hannah Montana.
Working Life

Guess what Miley’s first job was… a toilet cleaner. She said `though it was a gruesome job she got rather good at it and came to like it. `

Did you know that she ordered a $75.000 car to mark her 16th birthday? Also she is very fond of camping and going to the beach, however she hates sports!
Her life now

Miley has two new movies coming out this year also she is currently working on an album that could be in stores any time now. Also she has been touring on the Gypsy Heart Tour, however she is not currently touring anymore.

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