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Siberian Federal University Krasnoyarsk English Language Teachers’ Association Krasnoyarsk Regional In-Service Teacher Training Institute Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical College №1 Krasnoyarsk Regional Ministry of Education

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Siberian Federal University

Krasnoyarsk English Language Teachers’ Association

Krasnoyarsk Regional In-Service Teacher Training Institute

Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical College №1

Krasnoyarsk Regional Ministry of Education

6th International ELT Conference

Teaching and Learning English for the Future”

Krasnoyarsk, 21 October – 23 October 2010

Location: Institute of Petroleum & Gas, Siberian Federal University, pr. Svobodniy 82, bld.6

Sponsors & contributors: Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation, British Council, American Council

October 21

9.00 Registration

10.30 OPENING CEREMONY (Lecture Hall 1-03, Institute of Petroleum & Gas SFU)

Introductory remarks:

Sergei Verkhovets, First Vice Rector - Research and International Affairs, SFU (Krasnoyarsk)

Nataliya Anokhina, Deputy Minister, Krasnoyarsk Regional Ministry of Education (Krasnoyarsk)

Gavin Dudeney, Director of Technology, The Consultants-E (Barcelona, Spain)

Pavel Sergomanov, Rector, Institute for In-Service Teacher Training (Krasnoyarsk)

Irina Titarenko, President KELTA, Deputy Director, Institute of Philology and Language Communication SFU (Krasnoyarsk)

PLENARY (Lecture Hall 1-03, Institute of Petroleum & Gas SFU)

Chairperson: Irina Titarenko, Deputy Director, Institute of Philology and Language Communication SFU

Co-chairperson: Olga Barnashova, Senior Project Manager, British Council, Moscow

11.00 “New Literacies, Teachers & Learners”, Gavin Dudeney, Director of Technology, The Consultants-E, Spain

12.00 “The Bridge Across Uncertainty”, Dr. Alexander Sokol, Board Member TA Group, Latvia

13.00 “British Council Programmes & Resources for Teachers & Learners of English”, Olga Barnashova, Senior Project Manager, British Council, Moscow

14.00 LUNCH


  • Teaching & Learning English in Modern Russian University: Mission Possible? (Room 4-18) Group Facilitator: Dr Irina Sviderskaya, SFU, Krasnoyarsk

  • Innovations in ELT & Education: Who needs them? (Room 4-22)

Group Facilitator: Elena Chuvasheva, pedagogical college, Krasnoyarsk

  • Community-Based Teacher Professional Assessment: Myth or Reality?

(Room 3-17) Group Facilitator: Dr Tamara Oshchepkova, OSPU, Omsk

  • Considering Cognitive Component in the Language Classroom: How to Make Students Think? (Lecture Hall 1-03)

Group Facilitator: Dr Alexander Sokol, TA Group, Riga


PLENARY (Lecture Hall 1-03, Institute of Petroleum & Gas SFU)

17.00 “Stories in the News: Some Approaches to the Teaching of Grammar, Text and Discourse", Prof. Paul Chilton, Lancaster University, UK

18.15 RECEPTION (courtesy of “Britannia Book Company” jointly with Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical College №1)

October 22

PLENARY (Lecture Hall 1-03, Institute of Petroleum & Gas SFU)

Chairperson: Olga Kuznetsova, Associate professor, Institute of Philology and Language Communication SFU

Co-chairperson: Dr Tamara Oshchepkova, Omsk State Pedagogical University

10.00 “Global English: Challenges & Opportunities”, Christian Duncumb, Deputy Director, British Council, Moscow

11.00 “Students should be using English grammar, not talking about it – or should they?” Dr Catherine Walter, Oxford University, UK


PLENARY (Lecture Hall 1-03, Institute of Petroleum & Gas SFU)

12.30 “The Role of Teacher Professional Associations”, Dr. Elena Lenskaya, MSSES, Moscow

13.30 “International English Language Exam IELTS - Development Perspectives in Russia”, Oleg Stepanenko, Director General, Moscow

14.00 LUNCH

15.00 Special Interest/Discussion Groups schedule on pages 5-6)

17.30 Café Linguistique “Language NEXT: English? Russian? Chinese? Spanish? Or…?”

Gavin Dudeney, Olga Barnashova, Pablo Terradillos, Diana Kazakova

October 23

INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP (Conference Hall, SFU Library)

9.00 Let’s get inspired by interactive technology. Integrating IWBs in the EFL classroom”, Inna Stevens, Teaching & Learning Consultant, Promethean, UK

PLENARY (Lecture Hall 1-03, Institute of Petroleum & Gas SFU)

Chairperson: Dr Elena Kruglikova, Deputy Director Institute of Philology and Language Communication SFU

Co-chairperson: Olga Shmidt, Director, Centre for Foreign Languages Development IPKRO

10.00 “Teaching English Through Psychological Games and Activities”, John Silver, Senior English Language Fellow, American Council, Novosibirsk

11.00 “Teaching English to Research University Undergraduates”, Elena Frumina, National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Moscow

12.00 “Modern Resources for EFL Teaching”, Marianna Malinovskaya, Macmillan Publishers, Novosibirsk

12.40 Book Lottery from YELC Company, Alexander Luzhkov, Krasnoyarsk


Prof. Ludmila Kulikova, Director, Institute of Philology & Language Communication, Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk)

Dr. Catherine Walter, Oxford University (UK)

Prof. Paul Chilton, Lancaster University (UK)

Dr. Elena Lenskaya, Head of Development Unit, Moscow School of Social & Economic Sciences (Moscow)

13.30 LUNCH


  • Elena Froumina “What are the needs of ESP/EAP teachers?”

  • Olga Tsukanova, Victorya Ryazantseva “Communicative Competence”.

  • Pablo Terradillos “Experimental techniques (and not only new technologies) for developing writing in the foreign language classroom”

  • Inga Roumina «Подготовка к ЕГЭ по английскому языку: советы из практики» (на русском языке).

  • Gavin Dudeney “New Literacies : From Theory to Practice”



  • Dr. Catherine Walter “Design of Inductive Grammar Teaching Activities”

  • Prof. Paul Chilton “Learning and Teaching by Analysis: The Buying and Selling Scenario"

  • Dr Alexander Sokol “Controlling Uncertainty”

  • John Silver “Teaching English Through Psychological Games and Activities”

  • Tatyana Ryzhkova “Prepare your Students for the Future: Focus on Reading Strategies”

  • Eleonora Druzhinina ““Teaching English to Pre-school and Primary School Children: is it a Fashion Trend or a Step Forward to the Successful Future”


15.00 -17.30

Institute of Petroleum & Gas, Institute of Philology and Language Communication SFU

GROUP I Issues in Teaching English for Specific Purposes (room 4-18, IPiG SFU)

Group facilitator: Marina Savelyeva

  1. Olga Bezzabotnova A Second Working Language for University Students: Materials Development

  2. Irina Sviderskaya What English do scientists need?

  3. Marina Payunena Business English in the context of modern economic situation

  4. Olga Almabekova ESP Student as Reflective Practitioner

  5. Kofman Elena Application of Cognitive Approach in Teaching ESP

  6. Kirill Zorin English language as part of journalist’s professional competence: education proposal and practice needs

  7. Marina Savelyeva ESP competences the students need

GROUP II Continuous Professional Development and Language Policy (room 3-17, IPiG SFU)

Group facilitator: Elena Chuvasheva

  1. Irina Titarenko After Project: Lessons & Implications of Large-Scale ELT Project Implementation

  2. Assia Kontrimovich The Role of Business Education in Expanding EL Teachers Competence in Business High Schools

  3. Natalja Nikolaeva Essential Characteristics of a Motivating University Instructor: The Five Pillars

  4. Marina Lagutochkina Benefits of Using the Primary English Teacher's HANDBOOK: new ideas and solutions

  5. Tatyana Ryzhkova The future of professional teacher development: researching teachers’ needs and expectations

  6. Elena Chuvasheva Lessons of PRESETT Project.

  7. Galina Glinkina The unity of thought and language in the learning process realization as the foreign language teaching policy basis

  8. Veronica Razumovskaya Globalisation of EAP in the Cultural, Political and Economic Context of Siberian Territory of Modern Russia

  9. Valentina Kononova Language policy in the European Union and Russia: intersection points

GROUP III Information and Communication Technologies (room 1-03 IPiG SFU)

Group facilitator Natalia Slepchenko

  1. Svetlana Lemondzhava Blogs and podcasts in teaching English

  2. Irina Podkorytopva Multimedia Projects as Means of Communicative Skills Development on Different Levels

  3. Irina Mashukova Computing in Learning Languages

  4. Anna Makarova Cross-Cultural E-Communication of Teenagers

  5. Natalia Slepchenko Video at the sessions of Country study

  6. Olga Bezzabotnova Terms and Conditions of Productive Communication in Distance Education (Adults)

  7. Sanchirmaa Altankhuyag Can we use social networks for teaching English?

GROUP IV ELT: Best Practices and Reflections (room 4-01 IPiG SFU)

Group facilitator Olga Kuznetsova

  1. Oxana Fyodorova Developing oral fluency through discussions

  2. Yuliya Detinko The Development of Basic Competences through the Course of English Composition

  3. Olga Bugakova Identifying the relationship of between formal and alternative assessment of students\' oral performance

  4. Irina Dubrovka Using Personalised Speaking Activities to Enhance Students' Speaking Skills

  5. Natalia Fadeeva Self- perfection competence development

  6. Olga Kuznetsova Moving beyond the language plateau: implications for teaching high language level students

  7. Liliya Timokhina Intermingling of genres in achieving the communicative intention

  8. Natalya Kolesova Precedent Phenomena in the Novel by J. Barnes \"The History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters\"

  9. Olga Prokhorova “An ancient text in cross-cultural communication”

GROUP V Creativity in ELT (room 4-03 IPiG SFU)

Group facilitator Elena Osetrova

  1. Tatyana Kovrigina Teaching Grammar through poetry and songs

  2. Elena Osetrova The overwiew of teaching writing in primary school: stages to free writing

  3. Elena Semenova English Language Theatre as a Means of Students' Education

  4. Inara Guseynova “ Scenario of Hibridisation for Ecology and Marketing Discourse Types”

  5. Yulia Valkova Creative teaching in the summer camp

  6. Lilya Bostanova Games in Education

  7. Mikhail Martynets Grammatical Method and Communicative Approach: composition for successful language learning

  8. Eleonora Druzhinina Handicraft in the classroom: Teachers’ headache or kids’ remedy?

  9. Tatyana Nikulina, Svetlana Letunovskaya “The system of work with talented children in Soviet District of Krasnoyarsk city”

GROUP VI Teacher Professional Assessment and Qualification Framework (conference room, IPLC SFU)
Group facilitator Dr Elena Lenskaya
Group participants: Alexander Lobzhanidze, Valentin Deichman, Olga Shmidt, Irina Titarenko, Tamara Oshchepkova, Pavel Sergomanov, Alexander Shevyrev

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