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Report of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Shared Governance Members

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Report of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Shared Governance

Sofiane SAHRAOUI (Chair)

Milton Gilbertson

Yussef Abu Mehanna

Jamal Abdalla

Mehdi Sabet

Winfred Thompson (ex-officio)
The committee met five times for 1 h 30 mn each time and produced a template for a new charter for shared governance at AUS, dubbed the “charter of rights and responsibilities of various constituencies in the governance process at AUS”. Some of the rights and responsibilities of the different constituents were already plotted within the charter. This would be circulated among all constituents to finalize it and get it approved by the university assembly.
The committee is also submitting a proposal for a definition, constituents, and basic principles of shared governance in the university. These are slated for inclusion in the faculty handbook.
The committee also made several recommendations to improve the governance process. These were based on the problems and recommendations made by last’s year SEC retreat.
Following is the list of all recommendations made by the committee:

Recommendation # 1: To include the definition, constituents, and principles of shared governance as a preamble in the faculty handbook
Recommendation # 2: To circulate the Charter of rights and responsibilities among all constituents and submit it to the faculty assembly for referendum upon finalization
Recommendation # 3: To update the faculty handbook immediately, integrate relevant policies in place and remove obsolete ones.
Recommendation # 4: To undertake a major review of the faculty handbook
Recommendation # 5: To create an on-line repository for governance documents wherein additions and modifications to the content of the repository are transparent to all. Governance documents include:

Recommendation # 6: To exert a more sustained quality control over committee input and senate recommendations through filtering of ad-hoc committee work by standing committees and of standing committees by the Senate secretary
Recommendation # 7: To grant a course release to the Senate Secretary so that he can play his quality control role and put in place an efficient and effective communication system for processing senate work
Recommendation # 8: There should be a limit on the number of absences of Senators from SEC and Senate meetings.
Recommendation # 9: The Senate should publish a monthly newsletter to keep faculty up-to-date with Senate work.

Recommendation # 10: The Council of Chairs in each unit should include an SEC member from the unit as ex-officio. This will facilitate the communication between the administration and the Senate within the units.
Recommendation # 11: Senate caucuses within the units should hold mandatory meetings to discuss Senate issues relevant to the unit and organize the discussion of and feedback on such issues to the Senate.
Recommendation # 12: Senators should have unhindered access to mailing lists of units/departments whose faculty they represent.

Definition, constituents, and principles of shared governance

Charter of rights & responsibilities in the shared governance process

SEC retreat document—Shared Governance at AUS: Problems & Solutions

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