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Project 3: Cultural Influences Weekly Homework List Week 1: Presentation

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Project 3: Cultural Influences

Weekly Homework List

Week 1: Presentation

  1. For next lesson choose and bring in items associated with British culture (at least 5)

  2. Make sure all presentation is complete from the Summer Project and annotate appropriately.

  3. Present the Statement of Intent below

Statement of Intent

For my theme Cultural Influences I intend to look at a variety of objects and items associated with cultures and British Culture. I intend gather research into these different cultures to aid my development and to influence my work. I will also look at a number of artists who work with different specialist techniques and who fit around the theme of ‘Cultural Influences’. I will respond to their work and pull inspiration from the variety of work I will produce. Eventually I will use the work I have created along with my artist research to create a final piece individual to me which will relate to the theme and realise my intentions.

Week 2: Research Task

  1. Choose a culture from the following list to research you must include information about the whole environment which could include buildings, pattern, fabric designs, art work and stereotypes of that culture. Write out a description about your culture

  2. Collect good quality and sized images of your chosen culture. This should fill at least 2 to 3 sides of the book

African Aboriginal Italian Spanish Islamic Indian Japanese

You must research two cultures and critically analysis their culture with comparisons made to British Culture. Include responses to your other chosen culture.

Complete an A4 independent response to your culture this could involve photography, collage, text or a mixture. Annotate how you have followed the techniques of the culture or how you have modernized the piece.
Week 3/4: Artist & Response

  1. Research one of the artists below from your chosen specialism and produce a response using appropriate techniques of their specialism:

Fine Art

Kurt Jackson, Banksy, John Piper, Jonny Hannah, Chloe Cheese, Paul Catherall, Julia McKenzie, Audrey Flack, Joseph Cornell, Gilbert & George, Lisa Milroy, Michael Craig Martin, Singh Twins, Bob & Roberta Smith, Chris Ofili, Jean Michel Basquiat, Iain Hetherington, Karen Neale

Art Textiles

Claire Coles, Emma Pyrah, Becky Howson, Rachel Hutchinson, Carlene Edwards, Hanna Werning, Maija Louekari, Michael Brennand-Wood, Abigail Borg, Rebecca Stoner, Lucy Clark, Lucy Evans, Julia Rotham, Catalina Estrada, Kate Sulton, Paul Willougby, Hollie Brown


Peter Blake, Teesha Moore, Rhonda Roebuck, Traci Bunkers, Debbie Smyth, Jennifer Collier, Julia Trigg, Natasha Kerr, Lynne Perrella, Lesley Jacobs, Lesley Riley, Mario Wagner, Joe Tilson, Jane Maxwell



Juliana Coles, Jim Date ( Hannah Waldron, Jack Milroy, David Carson, Jean Cody, Rob Ryan


Chila Burman, Hetain Patel, Martin Parr, David Underwood, Brian Wells, David Hockney, Mario Testino, Jonathan Knowles, Michael Kay, Anna Wolf, Tim Walker, Chrissie White, Ansel Adams

B/A* - Complete a further response to your artist showing refinement through using a different material and/or colour scheme. Annotate appropriately.

Week 5/6: Artist & Response

  1. Research another artist from the list above either in the same specialism or a different one and produce a response using appropriate techniques:

B/A* - Complete a further response to your chosen artist or if you feel you have not explored the theme enough, a new artist.
Week 7/8: Development (Design Ideas)

  1. You must have at least 2 design ideas completed - Make a good quality sample A5/A4 size using appropriate materials. Make sure you use colour that you would want to use. Think about types of materials, construction, composition, methods, size, scale, and equipment needed. Outline why this is a strong idea and how it relates to the artists researched.

B/A* - As part of your further development and refinement make sure you have explored enough possibilities in your designs. Have you got changes in colours, materials and produced a 3rd design? Make sure all annotation has critical understanding and links from your experimentation and artists to your final piece.

  1. Write an A4 page that explains your journey from the starting point of the theme through experimentation, artist research through to ideas and plans for a final piece. Be reflective and analytical using art vocabulary.

List of work (Homework & Classwork)


Title & Description





Summer Project

  1. Task 1 – British Culture

  2. Task 2 – Photographs of British Culture

  3. Chosen artist Research and response

Collage artists: Peter Blake, Teesha Moore, Debbie Smyth, Jennifer Collier, Julia Trigg, Natasha Kerr

Textiles: Claire Coles, Emma Pyrah, Becky Howson, Rachel Hutchinson

Artists/ Painters: Sarah Graham, Kurt Jackson, Banksy, John Piper, Jonny Hannah, Chloe Cheese, Paul Catherall, Julia McKenzie, Sarah Morris

Photographers: Martin Parr, Brian Wells, David Hockney, Mario Testino, Tim Walker

Extension Task – Gallery visit


Collage and statement of intent



Three Drawings - Bring in items associated with British Culture to set up a still life piece to create good quality drawings from and photographs. You must have at least three drawings produced in a selection of media.


Manipulation Photography - From your photographs previously taken, manipulate at least four using different methods to show experimentation


Mixed Collage Piece


Culture Research from list



Culture Responses x3 using different techniques and materials


Experimentation Tasks in Class x 2


Artist Research and response


2nd Artist and response


Design Idea 1


Design Idea 2


Completed annotation and evaluation

Year 11 GCSE Annotation

  1. Research in British Culture

What is it about Britain which makes it individual from other countries? So include traditional stereotypes and objects associated with Britain. What type of things do you think are typically British?

  1. Photographs of British Culture

Explain what photographs you have taken and how they relate to the theme. How you enhanced the photographs in any way? Through photo-shop or manipulation techniques- how did these make them more successful? By changing the appearance of the photograph through the use of bright and vivid colours and adapting the exposure of the light to highlight areas of interest in the photograph.

  1. Research your chosen culture

Include information about your culture and your own opinion of the art and designs and how it differs from British Culture

  1. At least 3 sample responses

Talk about the techniques you used – so what materials and skills (textile collage, sewing, mono-printing, relief in cardboard or drawings. You must mention how these samples are related to your culture. e.g Through the mixed media sample I created it showed the use of layering and fabrics or aboriginal art or the use of pattern wallpaper and stencil designs related to Italian masks.

  1. Observational Drawings – Pencil, oil pastel and/or ink

Why did you choose these objects? What materials and techniques did you use? Media, scale, viewpoint

Does the drawing have enough contrast? How does this drawing link to your theme? Was your drawing successful, if so why? If you have used another media and colour scheme how has this changed the overall effect of the piece?

  1. Experimentation sample in class – see separate sheet

  1. Artist Research and responses X 2

Photographer research and response at least 2

Having looked at the artist ……………… I responded by using the culture of ………… to explore the artists’ themes and techniques. For example the photographer Martin Parr uses exaggerated use of bright and vivid colours to highlight the comical value of the typical British stereotypes, this can be seen in his photograph of the cakes. I have produced my photograph in the style of …………….

Textiles and/or fine artist research and response

Explain about the artist’s work in relation to your theme. How have you responded to them – through what materials and techniques. I produced a multi-media response in the style of …………. By using the technique of collage and layering through my use of fabrics and wallpapers. This relates to my theme of Culture because. ……….. What is your subject matter?

  1. Development – two design ideas with sample responses

What artist/s has inspired this design? How have they inspired your design- is it through technique (colour, lighting, materials, pattern, collage, scale or style? What specialism are you concentrating on or a mixture and why? What materials do you want to use in your design? What is the importance of colour in this design? How does it relate to the theme? Why is this design a strong idea for your final piece?

  1. Plan of final piece explaining your journey

Write out how you have decided on this final idea from your original starting point of the theme through experimentation, artist research through to ideas and plans for a final piece. Be reflective and analytical using art vocabulary. What techniques do you think worked particularly well? How do you think you have represented the theme in terms of yourself?

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