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Pristina: No more status talks (dailies) What are the priorities of the new srsg? (Zëri)

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Main Stories 24 June 2008


  • Pristina: No more status talks (dailies)

  • What are the priorities of the new SRSG? (Zëri)

  • Solana: If UN SC fails, Ban Ki-moon will decide on EULEX (Epoka e Re)

  • NATO doesn’t want “any division” (dailies)

  • Ahtisaari: Kosovo is not a precedent for the Basques in Spain (dailies)

  • President calls on prisoners to stop strike (dailies)

  • EULEX is unacceptable to Moscow (dailies)

  • Bildt: Too early for Kosovo membership of the Council of Europe (Koha Ditore)

  • Mitrovica mayor calls for increased control in northern Kosovo (Express)

  • Ivanovic: Vidovdan Serbian Assembly – a failed project (Koha Ditore)

Kosovo Media Highlights

Pristina: No more status talks (dailies)
In his first meeting with Kosovo leaders since taking the post of SRSG, Lamberto Zannier is quoted as saying that arrangements should be sought to address the concerns of all in Kosovo. But while Kosovo authorities may concede the role of mediator to the new SRSG to enable reconciliation with Belgrade, they have expressed their firm view against further talks on status.
“My first step is to understand how UNMIK is structured, which I am still trying to understand,” Zannier is quoted in Zëri as saying. The paper further reports that the UNMIK chief is waiting for instructions from New York regarding the reconfiguration of UNMIK.

Epoka e Re writes that with regard to dialogue with Belgrade, the SRSG said he will try to be very pragmatic and raise only issues of concern to both sides.
What are the priorities of the new SRSG? (Zëri)
In an editorial, the paper notes that the new head of UNMIK, Lamberto Zannier, will have to juggle a modest political agenda while trying his outmost to maintain security and stability in Kosovo.
“There is no question; Zannier alone will not be able to fulfill this task without the support of the UN chief. This was not the case for Joachim Rücker as New York preferred not to be active on the ground. If this happens again with Zannier, then UNMIK and he will have significant trouble in Kosovo,” the paper remarks.
Solana: If UN SC fails, Ban Ki-moon will decide on EULEX (Epoka e Re)
EU High Representative Javier Solana said if the issue fails to be agreed upon in the UN Security Council, the decision on the deployment of the EULEX mission in Kosovo will be taken by the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon. “We will work based on the UN decision. I think the Secretary-General should decide on this, while we will implement the decision as with other resolutions,” Solana said.
NATO doesn’t want “any division” (dailies)
Papers report on the visit of NATO General Secretary, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, who ruled out any possibility that international partners are looking to divide Kosovo.
“You know that this issue is not part of a gamble; any kind of division is not in question. When I say this, I want to highlight what I’ve said before, and that is that KFOR is within UN SC resolution 1244, and its presence will be over the entire territory of Kosovo,” dailies quote Scheffer as saying.
Regarding the Kosovo Security Forces, Scheffer said that it is in the interest of Kosovo and its people, regardless of ethnicity, that in the long-term Kosovo should have a security force. He highlighted that “it is not an army”.
Ahtisaari: Kosovo is not precedent for the Basques in Spain (Dailies)
Papers cite Balkan Insight, quoting former UN Envoy for Kosovo, and former President of Finland, Martti Ahtisaari, who said that Kosovo in no way represents a precedent for the Basque region in Spain. He ruled out any link between the independence of Kosovo and any separatist gesture of the Basques, adding that the history of these two regions is completely different.
President calls on prisoners to stop strike (dailies)
Papers report that President of Kosovo Fatmir Sejdiu called on prisoners of Dubrava prison to end their hunger strike in order to give time to the government to proceed further with the Law on Amnesty.
According to the papers, the Law on Amnesty was sent to the government on Monday by the Ministry of Justice of Kosovo. The office of the President issued a press release assuring prisoners that he is aware of their concerns.
Minister of Justice Nekibe Kelmendi said on Monday that she sent the draft law to the government for the approval.
“We have completed our job, and now we are waiting for the government to give the green light, so we can send the law for approval to the Assembly,” said Kelmendi, adding that the President of Kosovo will do his part on this issue as soon as the law on amnesty enters into force.
EULEX is unacceptable to Moscow (dailies)
Vladimir Chizov, Russia’s representative to the European Union, said the Russian Federation would agree to the presence of EULEX in Kosovo but only with the acquiescence of Belgrade and if a resolution is adopted by the United Nations Security Council, local daily newspapers report.
“We are not against the European Union taking over a share of responsibility for Kosovo, as suggested by the United Nations Secretary-General, but this should be done based on legal international rules,” Chizov was quoted as saying.
Bildt: Too early for Kosovo’s membership at the Council of Europe (Koha Ditore)
The leader of the Minister’s committee of the Council of Europe, Swedish diplomacy chief, Carl Bildt, on Monday said that he does not know if during his presidency, Kosovo will hand in its application for membership of the Council of Europe.
After the meeting with the President of the EC parliamentarian assembly, Luis Maria de Puig, Bildt said that when specking of Kosovo there are more important issues which the EC deals with, such as the rule of law and respect for minorities.

Mitrovica mayor calls for increased control in northern Kosovo (Express)
The paper reports that during a meeting of the town’s Security Committee, Mitrovica Mayor, Bajram Rexhepi, said that international peacekeepers and law enforcement authorities must increase control in northern Kosovo in order to avoid risks.
Rexhepi said the recent placing of a Serbian flag on Mount Sokol and the removal of two reeds from a martyr’s grave were provocations against the Albanian population in the northern part of Mitrovica. He also added that the placing of the flag could provoke a reaction from the local residents who in turn could take the situation into their own hands. He called on KFOR to remove the Serbian flag.
Ivanovic: Vidovdan Serbian Assembly – a failed project (Koha Ditore)
SKLM leader Oliver Ivanovic on Monday told news agency, FoNet, that the formation of the Serbian assembly in Kosovo will be another failed political project.
“It won’t get the support of the main political parties from the Serbian Assembly. It will remain a project of the Serbian Democratic Party and the Radical Serbian Party, which are thinking about how to hinder the next government which is trying to find the best possible solution for Kosovo,” Ivanovic is quoted as saying.
Kosovo Press Headlines

Koha Ditore

Front page

  • NATO wants “no partition”

  • Pristina: No more talks on status

  • Bildt: It’s early to speak of Kosovo’s membership into EC

  • Ivanovic: Serb assembly of Vidovdan – a failed project

  • President: Inmates should stop the strike

  • Who in Podgorica promised recognition to Krasniqi?

  • Rexhepi: Provocations did not destabilize the situation

  • IMF report: Kosovo Tax Administration has failed

Other headlines

  • PM Thaçi in Brussels (3)

  • Ahtisaari: Kosovo does not represent a precedent for Basques of Spain (3)

  • Djukanovic: Decision on Kosovo, in accordance with Montenegro’s interest (3)

  • Serbia has failed to cooperate for the Six of Kosovo (5)

  • Stumbling in the establishment of security mechanisms (5)


Front page

  • UNMIK undefined stance towards challenges related to Serb policy in Kosovo

  • Editorial: Reconfiguration – as soon as possible

  • UNMIK with a facilitating role in Pristina and Belgrade talks

  • What are Zannier’s priorities in SRSG’s post?

  • Solana: Ban Ki-moon to make the decision on EULEX, if UN Security Council cannot do it

  • Chisov: EULEX in Kosovo only through a resolution and Belgrade’s consent

  • Ahtisaari: Kosovo’s history is completely different from Basques one

  • President Sejdiu requested the stopping of hunger strike at Dubrava Prison

Other headlines

  • Jaap de Hoop Scheffer: KSF will not be an army, but it will have specific tasks (2)

  • When can implementation of decentralization start in Kosovo? (3)

  • The Hague tribunal denounces Serbia before Security Council (4)

  • Puc: There is still no official request for Kosovo’s admission in the Council of Europe (4)

  • UNMIK reconfiguration unclear even for Zannier (5)

  • Thaçi travels to Brussels (5)

  • Kops rebuts Montenegrin media on Vujicic case (6)

  • Experts state stumbling in the creation of security mechanisms in Kosovo (7)

  • Rexhepi demands the increase of security measures in the north (13)

Kosova Sot

Front page

  • It’s in vain

  • Editorial: Useless

  • MEM: Albania, not a shareholder in ‘Kosova C’

  • Scheffer: KSF is not an army

  • Government ignores deputies’ questions

Other headlines

  • Security, we are late (2)

  • Zannier: UNMIK facilitates Pristina and Belgrade dialog (3)

  • Solana: EULEX, even with Ban’s decision (3)

  • Chisov: EU mission with a new resolution (3)

  • Thaçi takes part in Brussels Summit (4)

  • Statehood laws even on paper (4)

  • UN head signals changes in Kosovo (5)

  • Sekiraqa in Serbia (9)

  • Serb provocations risk security in Mitrovica (11)

Epoka e Re

Front page

  • There will be no partition of Kosovo

  • Zannier at a loss, how to understand UNMIK’s role?

  • Solana: If Security Council fails, Ban Ki-moon can decide on EULEX

  • Strikers do not listen to Sejdiu

  • Prime Minister Thaçi, in Brussels on Thursday

  • 1244, like Christ’s cross

Other headlines

  • Chisov: EULEX, only with Belgrade’s consent (2)

  • Puc: EC Parliamentary Assembly has received no request for Kosovo’s admission (2)

  • UN head signals changes in Kosovo (3)

  • Priority, Kosovo in EU (5)


Front page

  • We make the force together

  • Strike extends

  • Some more months for UNMIK

  • Shefka Shasivari on hunger strike

Other headlines

  • Editorial: A greenish people (2)

  • Prishtina Thaçi travels to Brussels (4)

  • We have no request from Kosovo (4)

  • Chjina demands additional talks (4)

  • EULEX unacceptable for Moscow (4)

  • Control to increase in the north (5)

  • Stumbling in security (5)

  • After inmates’ strike, draft law submitted (6)

Front page

  • No decision

  • Competences are clear to him

  • Forget partition

  • Together, in some other project

  • Amnesty law in procedure

Other headlines

  • Pacolli praises Sejdiu speech (2)

  • [Lulzim Basha] Demands recognition of Kosovo by Islamic countries (2)

  • Prime Minister Thaçi is staying in Brussels (3)

  • Russia accepts EULEX if Belgrade agrees (3)

  • Solana: EULEX, even with Ban Ki-moon’s decision (3)creation of KSF stumbles (5)

  • Ban signals changes in Kosovo (9)
Bota Sot

Front page

  • NATO chief brings the message of security in Kosovo

  • KFOR has the responsibility for security in Kosovo

  • Sejdiu: No more negotiations with Serbia

  • Application for EULEX officials

  • Rexhepi: Partition of Mitrovica was part of Kumanova Agreement

  • Peace effects of the Republic of Kosovo in the region

Other headlines

  • Editorial: The polygon of underground diplomacy (2)

  • Government to proceed amnesty law as soon as possible (4)

  • Cooperation of Kosovo’s institution with EU deepens (5)

  • The creation of Kosovo’s Security Force is late (5)

  • EULEX can be deployed in Kosovo even with Ban Ki-moon’s decision (8)

  • We expect strike to stop tonight or tomorrow morning (8)

Front page

  • Crime in energetic!

  • NATO guarantees Kosovo

  • Thaçi in Brussels

  • He does not know UNMIK competences

  • With Cyrillic inscription

Other headlines

  • Solana: Ban Ki-moon decides on EULEX (2)

  • EC has received no request for Kosovo’s admission (4)

  • Moscow: EULEX in Kosovo only with Security Council’s consent 94)

  • Sejdiu asks strikers to stop the strike (4)

  • Kosovo delegation takes part in NATO Parliamentary Assembly (4)

  • Stumbling in the creation of security mechanisms (5)

Belgrade Media Highlights

  • De Hoop Scheffer: KFOR will Stay

  • De Hoop Scheffer Met with Oliver Ivanovic

  • Solana: If UN SC Does not Take the Decision on EULEX, the UN SG Will

  • Zannier: Waiting for Instructions on UNMIK’s Role

  • Chizhov: EULEX Through a new Resolution and with Belgrade’s Agreement

De Hoop Scheffer: KFOR will Stay

NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said yesterday in Pristina that KFOR mission was neutral and that it would continue to perform its duties as authorized by the resolution 1244. “KFOR will stay. It has the mandate and sufficient troops. KFOR is here to ensure peace and security and to protect the majority and the minority communities alike”, de Hoop Scheffer said, B 92 reported. “NATO is not into the business of recognition. There are NATO members that have recognized the independence of Kosovo and those that haven’t but it is important to say that all NATO member nations participate in KFOR and that they will stay in Kosovo”, Scheffer said. Scheffer also said that all NATO member nations, including those that have not recognized Kosovo, supported the new NATO mission for training and capacity building of Kosovo security forces that are supposed to be multiethnic and not military forces. Both de Hoop Scheffer and Commander KFOR, Lieutenant General Xavier de Marnhac said that the relations between KFOR and Serbian Army had not frozen because of NATO’s decision to train Kosovo security forces. De Hoop Scheffer’s reply to the question when Kosovo security forces might be capable of assuming the authority and when KFOR might leave was that “KFOR would be in Kosovo with the same troop numbers in the immediate future”, reported B 92.

De Hoop Scheffer Met with Oliver Ivanovic

NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer met yesterday in Pristina with Oliver Ivanovic, leader of the Serbian List for Kosovo. Ivanovic told journalists after the meeting that the subject of the discussion was security, in particular security of the Serbs. Ivanovic told de Hoop Scheffer that NATO was the most respectable institution in Kosovo because of its neutral position and that it would hopefully stay that way, reported B 92.

Solana: If UN SC Does not Take the Decision on EULEX, the UN SG Will

Javier Solana, EU’s High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, said yesterday in Brussels that the decision on EULEX would be taken by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in case the Security Council does not do so, RTS (Serbian Radio and TV) reported.

Zannier: Waiting for Instructions on UNMIK’s Role

New Head of UNMIK, Lamberto Zannier said yesterday in Pristina that he was not clear yet about UNMIK’s role after the new Constitution has come into force and that he expected to receive instructions on that from the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, RTS reported. The role of UNMIK in the next period should be to mediate and facilitate talks between Pristina and Belgrade, RTS reported. After the meeting with the Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu, Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and Speaker of the Parliament Jakup Krasniqi, Zannier said that during these talks he would not open delicate political questions. “We will talk with everyone about solving the problems and those will be transparent talks, but we will avoid delicate political questions”, Zannier reportedly said. Zannier also said that he would try to solve the problems so as to improve the living of the residents of Kosovo.

Chizhov: EULEX Through a new Resolution and with Belgrade’s Agreement

Russian ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov said that Russia was not against the European Union assuming part of the responsibility for Kosovo but that the presence of its mission EULEX had to be established through a UN Security Council resolution and in agreement with the Serbian government, RTS reported.


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