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Correction listening 4 task 1 = Listen to part 1

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TASK 1 = Listen to part 1 and collect as much information as possible about this courageous girl

Malala Yusufzai

Country of origin




Her fight

Speaking out against the Taliban

Taking her country back from the Taliban

Her attackers

The Taliban

Her ordeal (calvaire)

The consequences

Shot in the head

Sent to England for further treatment

Had to receive emergency life-saving medical care

TASK 2 = Listen to part 2 and find out what the Sunday Times announced a year after the event



The Queen

Invited Malala who was shot in the head by the Taliban



Buckingham Palace

Was impressed by her bravery

Speculation = youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

TASK 3 = Listen to part 3 and complete the grid

The petition

Number of people

80,000 supporters



What for

To give the Nobel Peace Prize to Malala

Information about the girl

The father's opinion + arguments

Recovering in Birmingham

Shot for campaigning for girls' education in Pakistan

His daughter = deserved to be recognized + stands for human dignity, tolerance and pluralism

Has drawn a clear line with her sacred blood between the barbarity and human civilization

TASK 4 = Listen to part 4 = Malala takes education plea to United Nations last July (

What she has become

Global advocate for the youth of the world

Her fight today

 global struggle against illiteracy, poverty and terrorism

Her message

 speak up with books and pens = most powerful weapons

Education = only solution

Message of forgiveness = the Taliban failed = the bullet didn't silence her

Her goal

 One child + 1 teacher + 1 book + pen = can change the world

The audience's reaction

 standing ovation

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