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Press-release aker Arctic Technology Inc and Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy signed an agreement

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Aker Arctic Technology Inc

and Admiral Makarov State Maritime

Academy signed an agreement
Aker Arctic Technology Inc (Aker Arctic, or AARC) and Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy have signed an agreement for organization and conducting of a joint professional training course on ice navigation intended for seafarers and maritime industry specialists, and also for collaboration in designing mathematical models for simulators, used for deck officers’ training on manoeuvering, ship handling and navigation in ice conditions.
Aker Arctic is a member of the Aker Group of companies, the main shareholder being Aker Finnyards Inc of Finland. The company started systematic research of the ice breaking process and Arctic shipbuilding in 1960's. Today AARC is a world-leading company in this field. The latest substantial projects of Aker Arctic were building of MS Norilskiy Nickel and jointly with FSUE Admiralty shipyards designing and licenced building of two double-acting Arctic shuttle tankers for ZAO Sevmorneftegaz. Three more AARC designed ice class tankers intended to operate at the Varandey terminal are being built in Korea by OAO Sovcomflot.
Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy is a leading centre of training on ice navigation in Europe. Training is conducted at the state-of-art ice simulator under specialized training programs. Among almost 250 navigators and pilots that have passed ice navigation courses at Makarov Training Centre (MTC) the most volume of training has been obtained by foreign crews from Greece, Spain, Holland, Bulgaria and Romania. Currently among the Russian shipowners ice navigation training is demanded only by Sovcomflot.
By signing the Agreement AMSMA and Aker Arctic Technology have joined efforts to provide professional training of maritime specialists on operation in winter conditions. Joint training course includes studies at the specialized simulator and ice model basin. First advanced ice navigation courses are to be held at MTC at the beginning of 2007.

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