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New Disney Questions

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New Disney Questions
The music played during this film is Chick Gorea’s song “The Game Maker.” In a CollegeHumor short, the title character is sentenced to the electric chair for killing a “letter.” It was inspired by the director marveling at an employee’s infant having a disproportionately large head. The plot of this movie is about the title character playing with a rubber ball, which deflates when he jumps on it. The directorial debut of John Lasseter, it provided the corporate logo for his company. For 10 points, name this Pixar short about a small hopping desk lamp.

ANSWER: Luxo Jr.

It’s not Bambi, but this live-action film was inspired by a literary work written by Felix Salten. At one point, the protagonist knocks over a Scrabble game and spells out the letters “GRANT AND STRICTLAND,” a villainous pharmaceutical company that employs the Robert Downey Jr. played Dr. Kozak. The villains kidnap Khyi Yang Po in an attempt to discover that animal’s secret of immortality, although the protagonist turns into an exact duplicate o Po. For 10 points, name this 2006 remake in which Tim Allen transforms into a canine.

ANSWER: The Shaggy Dog [accept The Shaggy D.A. until second sentence]

This film takes place in Oaky Oakes, which has a mayor played by Don Knotts. One character is played by Amy Sedaris and in the end is transformed into a Southern belle and falls for Runt of the Litter. Ultimately, it is discovered that Melvin and Tina are not alien invaders, but are looking for their son, Kirby. The title character is the son of Buck Cluck. The protagonist has such similarly maligned friends as Abby Mallard, the Ugly Duckling. For 10 points, name this animated film in which the title bird says the sky is falling.

ANSWER: Chicken Little

Some of this show’s later episodes featured an alien abduction plot and a different female lead, whose appearance was explained due to the character suffering facial reconstructive surgery. Its villain was the sinister “Dr. Calico.” After an incident involving a fire on a sound stage, the female lead left the show and adopted Mittens. The title character worked with a girl named Penny, and its biggest fan was a hamster named Rhino. For 10 points, name this fictional television show seen in a 2008 film about a character who had a “super bark,” a heroic dog.


According to some stories, C.C. Beck used an image of this man when he first illustrated the superhero Captain Marvel. The first man to be officially named a “Disney Legend,” this man played such atypical roles as Lt. Keefer in The Caine Mutiny and the sleazy Mr. Sheldrake in The Apartment. He is best known Disney-wise for playing a character who is the rival of Shelby Ashton. That character works at Medfield College and discovers an invention that can make his Model T fly. For 10 points, name this man who played the original Absent-Minded Professor.

ANSWER: Fred MacMurray

A video game based on this movie features the villainous Dr. Farzboom developing “super gloop.” One character is a macaw who does not know what kind of animal he really is. At the climax, the villain is literally turned into a cake by most of the title characters, while she begins the film undergoing therapy with Dr. Pavlov that ends when she hears the chimes of Big Ben. That villain works with Jean-Pierre LePelt. It ends with the character of Oddball finally getting his spots. For 10 points, name this live-action sequel to a movie also starring Glenn Close as Cruella de Vil.

ANSWER: 102 Dalmatians

Leonard Maltin panned this film aside from a sequence where the title character works as an unorthodox matador. The title character infuriates the Harvey Korman played Captain Blythe, who sentences him to be thrown overboard, but he is saved by the pickpocket Paco. It picks up after a similarly titled film about Monte Carlo and features the title character trying to enter the “Grand Primeo” in Brazil. For 10 points, name this last of the original Love Bug theatrical films, whose title references a curved yellow fruit.

ANSWER: Herbie Goes Bananas

In one scene in this movie, a character is distraught when a restaurant takes away bendy straws. The villain in this movie utilizes toy robots called Little Diablos which he places into kids meals at the Bueno Nacho franchise. One villain pretends to be a new student named Erik, but is actually a synthodrone created by the villain to romance the title character. At the end of this movie, Dr. Drakken finally remembers Ron Stoppable’s name before Ron kisses the title character. For 10 points, name this generically named second feature about a teenage secret agent.

ANSWER: Kim Possible Movie or So the Drama

The secondary antagonist in this movie currently plays Mulan on the show Once Upon a Time. The Disney Channel offered astute viewers an online reward if they correctly counted the number of times a certain word was spoken in this movie. It features the song “Two Worlds Collide” and one of the protagonists, Rosalinda, is stalked by General Magnus Kane. For 10 points, name this Disney Channel Original Movie starring Selena Gomez as a girl who meets the title, Demi Lovato played daughter of a king.

ANSWER: Princess Protection Program

The main character of this show had an ex-Green Beret aunt named Janie Diggety. In one episode, the protagonist is told she needs “support” to jump on the trampoline and misinterprets it to mean she needs a bra. At the end of this show’s opening sequence, the title character would discover something different under her desk. Its theme song featured the lyrics “Who’s that girl? What’s her name? Is she cool? Is she lame?”, and the protagonist had a hipster artist friend named Milo. For 10 points, name this cartoon about the title red-haired adolescent.

ANSWER: Pepper Ann

One character on this show is the Beth Littleford played Ellen, who is married to the bumbling psychologist Bennett. The basic plot may reference a famous Peter Steiner cartoon, while the title character has been played by both “Kuma” and “Mick.” The main characters of this show are step-siblings Avery and Tyler James, who don’t get along, while the title character’s habits are revealed in episodes like “World of Woofcraft.” For 10 points, name this Disney Channel show in which the title talking pet uses a computer to discuss his family.

ANSWER: Dog With a Blog

In a musical, this character sings the song “I Want the Good Times Back” and is the aunt of the protagonist. She has a sister named Morgana, who is eventually turned into a block of ice. Jennifer Saunders was turned down from playing this character, while Elaine Stritch’s singing voice clashed with Howard Ashman’s lyrics. This character takes the form of a brunette named Vanessa. She sings the song “Poor Unfortunate Souls” and employs the eels Flotsam and Jetsam. For 10 points, name this sea witch and antagonist in The Little Mermaid.

ANSWER: Ursula

This character is the only sixtieth-level Space Adventure trivia master on Earth. In one episode, he enrolls in a music camp called “Summer Rocks,” but he mistakes it for a geology class. In another, he moans that he will be a “total flunky” forever after worrying about getting an A- in a science class. He has an odd relationship with his bully and friend, Buford. For 10 points, name this nerdy Indian friend of Phineas and Ferb.

ANSWER: Baljeet Tjinder

This character is played by Matthew Stafford’s cousin and the voice of Bonnie on Kim Possible. This character is friends with a preservation activist named Sage Borealis. She is initially punished by being sent to live with Aunt Judy Cling and her idol is the leader of the band Microbe, Proto Zoa. In all of her appearances, she is aided by Commander Plank and Nebula Wade, the latter originally played by Raven-Symone. For 10 points, name this Kirsten Storms played character, the “girl of the 21st century” in a series of TV-movies.


The Green Lantern villain who is a nemesis of the squirrel Ch’p is named after this man, who is effectively the inspiration for the Kirk Douglas played Chester J. Lampwick on The Simpsons. Outside of his Disney work, he was Oscar nominated for his special effects work on The Birds. His best known original creation is Flip the Frog and he was the original animator for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. For 10 points, name this co-creator with Walt Disney of Mickey Mouse, an animator known as “Ub.”

ANSWER: Ub Iwerks

The main character in this short goes on a “paid vacation” consisting of him standing in front of a painted backdrop of the Alps, and he drinks coffee brewed from a single bean. The protagonist works in a 48-hour shift screwing caps onto artillery shells, although the conveyor belt occasionally presents pictures of the title character that the protagonist must salute. The title of this short was a hit novelty song by Spike Jones during World War II. For 10 points, name this Donald Duck short in which he has a nightmare about Hitler.

ANSWER: Der Fuhrer’s Face

This man played the father of Matt Damon’s character in The Informant! and he was cast as Captain Pace in a failed TV pilot of Catch-22. Until October 2011, he was the highest grossing actor in Hollywood mostly due to his quanity of work rather than size of parts. Hugo Weaving replaced him in the Transformers series as the voice of Megatron. For 10 points, name this man who voiced such characters as Abu, Santa’s Little Helper, Freddy from Scooby-Doo, and a million other animal and cartoon voices.

ANSWER: Frank Welker

This character infuriates a woman after calling her “one dynamite gal.” He is beloved by the residents of Niceland. This character falls in love with a woman whose fiancé was killed by the Cy-Bugs and he is imprisoned by the villainous King Candy. He ends the movie by marrying Sergeant Calhoun, the protagonist of Hero’s Duty, and learning to respect his former nemesis, a John C. Reilly voiced parody of Donkey Kong. For 10 points, name this Jack McBrayer voiced character, the enemy of Wreck-It Ralph.

ANSWER: Fix-It Felix Jr.

It isn’t Phineas and Ferb, but a character on this show is of mixed Spanish-Jewish descent and is named Dina Schwartz-Garcia. One character on this show has the catch phrase of “I’LL GET IT, MA!” which he bellows whenever the doorbell rings. Male characters include Deuce and Ty, while the most entertaining supporting characters are two exchange students, Gunther and Tinka Hessenheffer. For 10 points, name this Disney Channel show featuring Cece and Rocky, who work as dancers on a local Chicago TV show.

ANSWER: Shake It Up

One image in this sequence is of a freeze framed character wearing an apron and frowning at something he scooped from a bowl. It begins with a Roger Miller voiced character coming to life from a book and talking about a “heap of stories.” This sequence quirkily features little captions like “a lion” and “a snake” to identify characters. It is most famous for featuring the song “Whistle Stop,” which was used to accompany the Internet meme “Hampster Dance.” For 10 points, name this sequence which begins an animated movie about a famous archer and his Merrie Men.

ANSWER: Opening to Robin Hood

Megan Mullally was cast in this film, but was dismissed after she refused to use her “Karen Walker” voice in the movie. The director of this film, Andrew Stanton, kept his own voice in this film even though he was originally intended to be merely a place-holder voice, and Stanton later tweeted “#skyisnotfalling” after reports that this film’s sequel had been cancelled. Brad Bird’s son, Nicholas, provides the voice of Squirt, a youthful turtle. For 10 points, name this Pixar film starring Ellen DeGeneres as Dory.

ANSWER: Finding Nemo

At a recent popular culture conference I attended, this was the only Disney-related property I saw a presentation about. The characters hang out at Able’s Garage and are opposed by the villainous General Tesler. The title character trains a protégé, the Elijah Wood voiced Beck, to take on the oppressive reign of Clu. Bruce Boxleitner revised his role as the title character on this show. For 10 points, name this show which takes place in a computer world and was inspired by a movie about a virtual reality called the Grid.

ANSWER: Tron: Uprising

When this location is first seen, the song “Smile, Darn Ya, Smile” is played. While in this location, the protagonist runs into a bathroom to avoid Lena the Hyena, only to suddenly fall off of a building and be given a spare tire instead of a parachute mid-flight. Cloverleaf Industries wants to acquire this location. Owned by Marvin Acme, it is threatened to be demolished to make room for a freeway by the villainous Judge Doom. For 10 points, name this generically named city, the setting of the non live-action parts of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

ANSWER: Toontown

This short ends with the protagonist, after failing to succeed in his rape attempt, throws a horseshoe out of anger, which boomerangs around a tree and hits him, causing stars to fill the screen. Even though she is called “Carolyn” in this short, it is the first appearance of Clarabelle Cow. The protagonist uses a turkey’s tail as a tail for the title vehicle and it followed The Barn Dance as the fourth released cartoon featuring its impish protagonist. For 10 points, name this first Mickey Mouse cartoon to be produced, featuring Mickey imitating Charles Lindbergh.

ANSWER: Plane Crazy

This character uses the alias “Salli” when working for the villainous Tomas Brod. She is accidentally shot with her own gun in the episode “Deadly Force” and works alongside Matt Bluestone. This character’s brother, Derek, is changed into the monstrous Talon by Dr. Sevarius. She is half African American and half American Indian, is the arch-nemesis of Demona, and first appeared investigating disturbances at a castle owned by David Xanatos. For 10 points, name this female NYPD officer and confidant of the Gargoyles.

ANSWER: Elisa Maza [accept either]

This man was once saved by Teague, the father of one of his greatest enemies. Shortly before his death, he tells a woman that “our fates have been entwined, but never joined.” Near the end of one film, he delivers a heart to Lord Cutler Beckett. Ultimately killed by Bootstrap Bill, he defiantly stabs Davy Jones when asked if he fears death. In the second film, he is disgraced after failing to catch Jack Sparrow. For 10 points, name this Jack Davenport played character in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, a straight-laced commodore.

ANSWER: James Norrington [accept either]

Some of the cast of this film would go on to appear in the similarly themed Disney film Eight Below. The final scene of this movie reveals that a character played by Sisqo is now a famous Miami dentist. In the end, the main character befriends Thunder Jack and makes Demon less angry by removing his bad tooth. The protagonist discovers that he is adopted and is actually from Tolketna, Alaska, and the rightful heir to the eight title animals. For 10 points, name this film in which a Cuba Gooding Jr. played character enters the Arctic Challenge Sled Dog Race.

ANSWER: Snow Dogs

This character has his foot stepped on by a female after telling her “the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” In one song, he sings about a place “where the passion fruit goes sweet and it’s so divine.” That place is Upendi. An urban legend claims a talking book version of this character says the phrase “squashed bananas up your arse.” Julie Taymor changed this character into a female in a musical, and he is first seen presenting the protagonist to animals at Pride Rock. For 10 points, name this old mandrill in the Lion King movies.

ANSWER: Rafiki

In In this character’s first video game, he takes such jobs as sorting luggage at an airport in order to earn a wage to purchase ladders and swings. another game, he finds a treasure map from King Garuzia and is chased around the world by Big Bad Pete. In most of his games, he works for one of his relatives, including a Game Gear game in which he takes on Magica De Spell. For 10 points, name this character who starred in the Sega game Quackshot and also a game where he tries to rescue his uncle’s prize possession, Lucky Dime Caper.

ANSWER: Donald Duck

After the end credits of this film, the antagonist is shown selling healing crystals as a door to door salesman. That villain is defeated by being trapped in chicken wire electrified by a bug zapper. It was the first film written by Judd Apatow and it begins with Harvey and Alice Bushkin selling the main setting. This film, at least to me, is most notable for the fact that the villain, Tony Perkis, is the effectively the same villainous fitness guru that Ben Stiller played in Dodgeball. For 10 points, name this comedy about a fat camp for kids.

ANSWER: Heavyweights

The founder of this group was the son of a man who buried Fenton Penworthy and a Native American woman. It was founded by Clinton Coot, and its origins are described in the acclaimed Don Rosa comic story “Guardians of the Lost Library,” which trace its connections to the Library of Alexandria. Its female counterpart is the Chickadee Patrol, and it is best known for is incredibly exhaustive guidebook of information. For 10 points, name this Scout like organization that Huey, Dewey, and Louie are members of.

ANSWER: Junior Woodchucks
In one parody of this song, a lyric features one performer complaining that the Learning Annex praises everyone’s poems. Another parody of this song appears in the Phineas and Ferb episode about the Pinhead Pierre Show and fortune cookies. It topped the charts with a version sung by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle, while Lea Salonga co-sings it in the film. It begins with one speaker asking “tell me, now when did you last let your heart decide?” For 10 points, name this romantic song performed by Jasmine and Aladdin.

ANSWER: “A Whole New World”

The original plan for this film would feature an antagonist named Avenant, the younger brother of the original antagonist. The actual antagonist of this film sings the song “Don’t Fall in Love” about the protagonists. One character sings “Stories,” describing her gift of a storybook. The villain is a giant pipe organ, the Tim Curry voiced Forte. This film takes place shortly after one of the title characters saves the other from a wolf pack. For 10 points, name this “midquel” in which Belle tries to celebrate the title forbidden holiday.

ANSWER: Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

In non Disney appearances, this character owns a magic wallet that can produce an infinite supply of tasteless yet nourishing food. He first appears in The Book of Three, when he meets High Prince Gwydion and a youth. This character is eventually revived by the Witches of Morva and for a while, Fantasyland had a restaurant named after his “Munchings and Crunchings.” He first appears snatching an apple from Taran and later sacrifices himself by jumping into the title magical object. For 10 points, name this doglike creature, a sidekick in The Black Cauldron.


At one Penn Bowl, Ahmad Ragab professed this show to be “fascinating.” Dylan and Cole Sprouse guested on this show as the villain’s nephews, Zim and Zam, and the protagonist once owned a cat named “Homework.” A cheerleader character was Malina, who prints the news scroll, and briefly works at Mudka’s Meat Hut. The protagonist cannot fail any classes and thus is constantly undermined by Principal Amzy, who is really Yzma, and her sidekick Kronk. For 10 points, name this television show about the education of Kuzco.

ANSWER: The Emperor’s New School

This character falls into the snow at the end of his fake trip in the short Hawaiian Vacation. The actor who played this character ad-libbed a mispronunciation of “library.” He eventually denounces the fact that everyone has been made “into a pyramid” and that society “could be cool and groovy if we treated each other fair.” In his film appearance, he is last seen as the new leader of Sunnyside, even though he was originally a flunky of Lotso Bear. For 10 points, name this toy who insists he is a guy’s toy, the boyfriend of Barbie.


The ending of this movie features such scenes as a gorilla taking a shine to a Seth Green played character. In another scene, a camp instructor played by Matt Dillon believes the protagonists are homosexual. It was the final film for Bernie Mac, who played children’s entertainer Jimmy Lunchbox. This film is dedicated to Jeff, the deceased son of one of its stars, whose own wife, Kelly Preston, appears in this movie. For 10 points, name this terrible film in which sports marketers played by Robin Williams and John Travolta suddenly have to start raising children.

ANSWER: Old Dogs
Wikipedia notes this actress appeared in a modern-day Animal Farm when she played the student editor of a tabloid called the TATTLER in Campus Confidential. This actress played figure skating champ Jackie Dorsey in two Cutting Edge movies. One of her characters is the head newscaster on “The Wombat Report” and is the nemesis of Larry Beale. Besides playing the antagonistic Jennifer Stone in Cadet Kelly, she played the perfectionist sister of Louis. For 10 points, name this actress who voiced Kim Possible and played Ren on Even Stevens.

ANSWER: Christy Carlson Romano

In an interview, this character’s employer says “he’s independent, has his own agent.” He resembles a real life product constructed by Tomy which had a cassette tape player built in his chest area. He first appears offering Gary and Mary some cans of TaB and New Coke, and then uses his comically out of date modem to track down his master’s old friends. For 10 points, name this character who works as a manservant for Kermit the Frog in The Muppets and is a machine built during a specific decade.

ANSWER: ‘80s Robot

This character is aided by twins named Kara and Sara, descendants of the Delphic Oracle. This animated character is a student at Millard Fillmore Middle School and dates a girl named Rose, who is dedicated to his destruction. His main nemesis is an anti-magic villain named the Huntsman. He is taught by his grandfather, Luong Lao Shi, and is accompanied by a talking Shar Pei named Fu Dog. For 10 points, name this character, the title “American Dragon” of a cartoon show, who shares his name with a number one draft pick offensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins.

ANSWER: Jake Long [accept American Dragon until mentioned]

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