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Nationality Spanish Address 135-0064 Aomi 2-2-A504, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan Phone and email

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Birthplace and birthdate Madrid, Spain | 14 Nov 1985

Nationality Spanish

Address 135-0064 Aomi 2-2-A504, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Phone and email (+81)(0)90-4378-1724 |


Bachelor of Industrial Engineering (2003 - 2007) Energy Engineering Dept, Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Technical University of Madrid

Master in Science of Engineering (2007 - 2009) Computational Fluid Mechanics Dept, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Keio University

Doctorate (2010 - 2014) Cognitive Neuroscience Dept, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo

Doctorate (2014-now) Center for Cognition and Decision Making, Higher School of Economics, Moscow


2007–2009: MEXT Scholarship (Ministry of Education and Science of Japan)

2011: GCOE Travel Grant (Ministry of Education and Science of Japan)

2010–2011: Gakushu-shoureihi Scholarship (Tokyo University)

Language certificates

2006: Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 (maximum level)

2006-7: Basic Level of Russian and Mandarin Chinese (Madrid EOI language school)

MOOC certificates

  • Natural Language Processing: Michael Collins, Columbia University

  • Introduction to Data Science: Bill Howe, University of Washington

  • Machine Learning: Andrew Ng, Stanford University

  • Computer Networks: David Wetherall, University of Washington

  • Computing for Data Analysis: Roger Peng, Johns Hopkins University

  • Data Analysis: Jeff Leek, Johns Hopkins University

  • Automata Theory: Jeffrey Ullman, Stanford University

  • Computational Neuroscience: R. Rao & A. Fairhall, University of Washington

  • Social and Economic Networks: Matthew Jackson, Stanford University

  • Linear and discrete optimization: Friedrich Eisenbrand, EPFL

  • Algorithms design and analysis(I & II): Tim Roughgarden, Stanford University

  • Digital signal processing: Vetterli M & Prandoni P, EPFL

  • Neuroeconomics: Vasily Klucharev, Higher School of Economics

  • Web development: Steve Huffman

  • Game Theory: Shoam & Leyton-Brown & Jackson, Stanford University and University of British Columbia

  • Financial Markets: Robert Schiller, Yale University

  • Getting and cleaning data: Jeff Leek & Roger Peng & Brian Caffo, Johns Hopkins University

  • Statistical Learning: T. Hastie & R. Tibshirani, Stanford University

  • Statistical Mechanics: Algorithms and Computations: Werner Krauth, Ecole Normale Superieure

  • Statistical Mechanics: from molecules to machines: V. Viswanathan, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Digital image and video processing: A. Katsaggelos, Northwestern University


Talks and presentations

May 2011, Stockholm, Towards a Science of Consciousness: Concurrent session

Jul 2012, Brighton, Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness: Poster

Publications and proceedings

Nagai A, Miyata S, Martinez-Saito M, Komotori J, Obi S, Namba Y, Oyama (2011) Influence of substrate microscopic roughness on adherence and breeding of L292 fibroblasts. Journal of the Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineers 77:544-551

Martinez-Saito M (2011) Functional mechanisms underlying the perception of subjective time flow. Proceedings of TSC 2011

Martinez-Saito M, Sakai K (2012) Do subjective measures of consciousness measure access to, or contents of, consciousness? Retrievability is not liminality. Proceedings of ASSC16

Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant

Teacher Assistant (2008-2009) Plurilingual Lounge, Keio University and Spanish language department, Keio University

GCOE Research Assistant (2010 - 2013) GCOE Program, Japanese Government Ministry of Education and Science

Research Assistant (2013 – 2014) Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo

Assistant web developer (2014) Active Connector, Tokyo: web server deployment and maintenance, Drupal-based CMS building

Software solutions consultant (2014) Spacedotworks, Tokyo: Tesseract-based Japanese language OCR technician

OSs Linux (Ubuntu, Debian), Windows

Office packages MS Office, LibreOffice, OpenOffice

Image design and editing Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP

Computer aided design AutoCAD, Gambit

Engineering simulation software /commercial analysis software packages ANSYS Fluent (fluid mechanics), Statistica, Maple

Markup languages HTML, CSS, (R)Markdown

Programming languages Matlab/Octave, R, Python, C, SQL, Shell scripting, PHP, JavaScript, Pascal, C++

Machine learning / Data analysis R, scikit-learn(Python), SPM&EEGLAB(Matlab)

Native Spanish

Proficient Japanese, English, French

Intermediate Russian

Basic German, Mandarin Chinese

NPO Volunteering workcamps management (2007-2011) De Amicitia(Spanish NPO) and NICE (Japanese NPO): (several projects) participating in international and national workcamps in Madrid, Tokyo, Nagoya and Niigata, helping in the management and organization of volunteering and social service activities, such as environment protection, social work in orphanages and old people’s homes, revitalization of rural areas, reforestation.

Translator (2008-2010) J-Sports department, Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS)

English teacher for Elementary/Middle School children (2010) American English Room, Chiba, Japan

Instructor and teacher in children summer camp (2012) Ruki Pomoschi NPO,


University assistant for deaf students (2013) Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo

Last updated: 06 Aug 2015

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