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Miki Grahame 98 Holders Hill Road

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Miki Grahame

98 Holders Hill Road
London NW4 1LN
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 020 8346 6062

Mobile: +44 07944 634 544


Bournemouth University
Master's degree (MSc) in Computer Animation, with Distinction

Bournemouth, UK
September 2001

Master's Project: HandsOn - A Tool for Synthesizing Animation of Sign Language

  • Created a tool to translate a sign language gesture description into life-like animation

  • Implemented in C++, OpenGL, MEL (Maya Embedded Language) and Perl

  • First known tool that enables synthesized sign language gestures to be ported to a high quality model (in Maya) and rendered at high-resolution.

  • Original research into gesture quality (e.g. investigating how a "smooth" gesture could be simulated), as part of a collaboration with the ViSiCAST project (

  • Won a British Telecom prize for best Master’s Project

University of Cambridge
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
Awarded two scholarships for academic excellence

Cambridge, UK
June 1998

J.F.S. Comprehensive and South Hampstead High School
4 A-levels: Maths, Further Maths, Art, Physics (All grade 'A')
9 GCSEs (All grade 'A')

London, UK

June 1994


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Technical Artist

London, UK

November 2001 - present

Institute of Education, University of London
Research Officer on the Playground Project

London, UK

January 1999 - August 2000

The project is developing computer-based environments for young children to learn computer programming and create their own games (

  • Design and implementation of software tools for young children

  • Producing appealing interfaces and animations to encourage exploration and creativity

  • Presenting workshops and writing papers for academic and commercial audiences

Technion University
Research Student

  • Conducting research in the field of software verification

Haifa, Israel
July -August 1998

Data Connection Ltd.
Software Engineering placement

London, UK
July - September 1995

  • Designing and implementing one module of a large scale product

Computer Skills

Computer Animation & Graphics: Maya, MEL, OpenGL, PhotoShop, Chalice, Gimp, RenderMan, Houdini

Computer Programming: C, C++, ML, OCaml, Tcl/Tk, BASIC, ToonTalk, UNIX shell scripting, Perl, Prolog, LaTeX, Postscript, HTML

Other Software Packages: Excel, Word, Sibelius, PowerPoint, PageMaker, HomePage, Dreamweaver, Premiere

Art Skills

  • Portfolio of animation, life drawing, painting, printing, sculpture and photography

  • Worked on "Blue" – a stop-frame clay animation produced with the Computer Graphics and Animation Society in 1998. It won "Best Animation" and "Best Comedy" awards in the Guernsey Film Festival and was screened in the Museum of the Moving Image, London, UK. My contribution included animating, modeling and composing the soundtrack.

  • Attended the Summer Masterclass in Drawing at the Slade School of Art, London, UK

  • One semester of Art foundation at Middlesex University, London, UK

  • I compose acappella music and play piano

Voluntary Work

Director and founder of the "Kol Rina" acappella group

1996 - present

Student Volunteer team member for SIGGRAPH 2001

August 2001

Conference help-desk coordinator for Limmud conference


President of Cambridge University Jewish Society, and other committee roles

1996 - 1997

Volunteer on a companionship scheme for underprivileged children in Israel

1994 - 1995

Other Information


English (native), conversant in Hebrew, learning Sign Language

Date of Birth:

14th July 1976


Full driving license

Teaching Diploma - 1995




Travelled extensively in Europe and North America

Lived in Israel for one year before starting university

Available on request.

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