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Maestro Stefano Mazzoleni

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Maestro Stefano Mazzoleni
A specialist in 20th century music, the conductor Stefano Mazzoleni also studied piano, double bass, choral music, choral conducting, and experimental composition at the Fiesole School of Music with Sylvano Bussotti, and orchestral conducting at the Hochschule für Musik of Vienna.
He has conducted many orchestras in Europe, Japan, China, U.S., and Central and South America, including the Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto, Orchestra Filarmonia Veneta, Orchestra Città di Ferrara, Orchestra Regionale della Campania di Napoli, Orchestra Sinfonica di Bari, Sapporo Symphony in Japan, Beijing Symphony in China, New Philarmonia of Hong Kong, Taipei Symphony Orchestra in Taiwan, Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional and Orquesta del Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, Orquesta Filarmónica de la Ciudad de México, Orquesta Sinfónica de Guanajuato and Orquesta del Estado de México, USC Symphony Orchestra in Columbia (South Carolina), the Symphony Orchestra of South Arkansas, the Chamber Ensemble of London in St. Martin in the Fields, The Ensemble for Contemporary Music in Moscow, Radio-Television Symphony Orchestra of Zagreb, the National Symphony Orchestra in La Habana, the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Budapest Orchestra Sinfonica “Dohàny,” Istanbul Symphony, Presidential Orchestra of Ankara, among others.
In 1995 Stefano Mazzoleni founded the festival Finestre sul Novecento /Windows to the 20th Century in Treviso, Italy. This festival specializes in contemporary music and culture, and has counted with the participation of the best exponents of Italian and International contemporary music.
Mazzoleni has composed sounds tracks for documentaries produced by San Paolo Audiovisivi as well as pieces for chamber orchestras. He wrote the music for the play Matricule, by Luc Bassong, which premiered in 2000 at the mythic parisian Théâtre du Rond-Point and received excellent reviews from the French Press.
Maestro Stefano Mazzoleni is the founder and director of Ensemble 900, a chamber music ensemble specializing in contemporary music. For many years he was the director of the music publishing house Ensemble 900 di Treviso. In 1991, he founded Diastema, one of the most important Italian musical magazines devoted to musicology and analysis, which is no longer in publication.
In 2001, he was a jury member for the “Mario Gusella International Competition for Orchestral Conductors” in Pescara, and in 2002 he was on the jury of the “Mario del Monaco International Opera Competition in Castelfranco, Veneto. In 2009, Maestro Mazzoleni was appointed Professor and Orchestra Director of Lecce Conservatory of Music in Italy.
Since 2010 he is the artistic director of Salotto musicale, a chamber music season in Veneto, Italy.

In November he has been nominated Principal conductor and artistic advisor at Palermo classica festival that will take place from July 18th to September 5th 2015 in Palermo, I

Stefano Mazzoleni speaks Italian, Spanish, English, French, German, and Dutch.

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