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DICOM Working Group 16

(Magnetic Resonance)
February 19-20, 2003

San Diego, CA, USA

Members Present: Represented by:

GE Medical Systems Bob Haworth

Philips Medical Systems Kees Verduin

Siemens AG Elmar Seeberger

Members Absent: Voting Representative:

Sensor Systems, Inc. Yaman Aksu

National Institutes of Health Ronald Levin

Others Present: Affiliation:

Howard Clark NEMA

Mike Partridge Hitachi Medical Systems

Other active observers not present: Affiliation:

Mark Day University of California, SF

Robert Nawrocki Philips Medical System

Presiding Officer: Kees Verduin, Chair

Preliminary Events

Kees Verduin opened the meeting and welcomed the delegates. A quorum was present.

The chair offered a special welcome to Mike Partridge of Hitachi, who would like to participate in WG-16. Since Hitachi is not a DICOM member, it cannot automatically become a member of WG-16. Therefore, members recommended that the DSC appoint Hitachi Medical Systems as member of WG-16. (AP 20-0, KV)

    The following agenda was offered and approved:

  1. Review list of action items

  2. Discuss outstanding CPs (CP 253 done, no objections)

  3. Discuss membership roster (by HC)

  4. Discuss outcome of the SPIE workshop

  5. Discuss outcome of the testing day

  6. Create CPs related to the above

  7. Identify future work items

  8. Set date of future meetings

  1. Action Items:

    1. There were no current, outstanding action items.

    2. One item was identified for future action – c-extract frame proposal. Members believe that this function is urgently needed. It could be an issue for the Joint DICOM/ISO TC 215 WG (Nick Brown and Hidenori Shinoda co-chairs). Members requested that Howard Clark bring this to the attention of the DSC.

  2. Outstanding CPs,

    1. CP353: full support.

    2. CPXXX (Cardiac and Bulk Synchronization): full support.

    3. Issues raised by David Clunie (windows level/width description): Members will support a CP on this when required; but, MR currently has no use case for multiple window settings.

    4. Other issues: no use case for acquisition context found yet.

  3. Membership Roster

Mark Day and Luigi Pampana are mailing members only. Kees Verduin will ask Mark Day how he wants to participate in future.

  1. Outcome of the SPIE Workshop:

    1. Dale Seegmiller of DR Systems and other attendees identified an issue regarding compression (AP 20-2).

    2. Members believe that more promotion is needed. Kees Verduin’s lecture is the only related item on the agenda at CARS conference in June. One idea is to create a specific web site for participants with updates, FAQ's, etc. This will be discussed in a Tcon with Charles Parisot (AP 20-3).

  2. Outcome of the Testing Day

Members prepared a report for David Clunie and funding participants as well as for other WG-16 members and testers.

  1. Create CPs related to the above

    1. No particular CPs (relating to the MR part of the supplement) are needed.

    2. Members will seek guidance from David Clunie on how to proceed with CPs related to the 2003 standard as a whole.

  2. Future Work items

The white paper requirements were moved to action item 20-1. This paper was regarded as very useful (by all) and urgently required by most (ES, MP, BH, KV).

  1. Next Meeting and Teleconferences

No face-to-face meetings have been planned. Ad-hoc meetings will be scheduled when required.

  1. Adjournment

The meeting of WG 16 adjourned on Thursday, February 20 at 12:30 PM.

Reported by: Kees Verduin, chair and

Howard Clark, secretary

March 4, 2003

Reviewed by Counsel: March 5, 2003








Request DSC to appoint Hitachi Medical Systems as member of WG-16




Proposal how to Convert new to old object
Distribute after relating to latest version of supplement.

Propose as white paper from WG-16





Mail to Dale Seegmiller, DR Systems to get written explanation on expected issues with Sup49


Awaiting response



Arrange TCON with Ch.Parisot on promotion activities


Future Items of interest:


Action by

Address to

List the applications of the Waveform module.

Is more standardization required?

Develop Spectroscopy Presentation state


Template for MR (e.g. cardiac) for SR



Frank Krickhahn

Who make the templates

Presentation state supporting Color Images


Brad Hemminger

Fusion of images of one or more modalities


Doug Sluis

Cine module,

Propose solution valid for general multiframe applications

David Clunie

Support Transparency/Opacity for images


Brad Hemminger

Retrieve header only

See below

Proposal: c-extract frame

HC: address at DSC

Shall this be a new DICOM work item ?

WG-16 (Magnetic Resonance) of the

DICOM Standards Committee

February 19-20, 2003

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