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Matsuyama Talent Show Sign-up All students enrolled at Matsuyama Elementary School have the opportunity to audition and perform in the Talent Show on Friday February 22

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Matsuyama Talent Show Sign-up
All students enrolled at Matsuyama Elementary School have the opportunity to audition and perform in the Talent Show on Friday February 22, 2013.. Get your act together and let us know what you’d like to perform in


The Details…..

Important Dates

Audition forms, Friday January 11, 2013 plus (up to) 2 MINUTE CD’s and lyric sheet due

Audition Date: Friday February 1, 2013 You will be contacted with your audition time.

Auditions will have individual time slots and appointments will begin at 2:10.

Rehearsal : Friday February 15, 2013 time TBA

Talent Show Performance Date:

Friday February 22, 2013 6:00 pm @ Matsuyama Multipurpose room

Talent Show Guidelines

*Practice and be prepared for your audtion. Have FUN! We encourage group acts.

*Please stay within the 2 minute time limit.

*Performance, lyrics, costumes and props must be school appropriate.

*You or your full group must be able to attend the audition & rehearsal.

*Students must have an adult chaperone responsible at the audition, dress rehearsal, & evening performance. Chaperone must stay with act during audition and performance.

*Each member of a group must return a signed audition form by the deadline Friday January 11, 2013.

*The audition slip must be completed, signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the office in box marked Talent Show by January 11, 2013. Audition forms that are returned after this date will only be able to perform in show if there is space available.

*In the event that a song is chosen by more than one act, the act that has their form in first will be awarded that song.

The talent show is a community event run completely by parent and student volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, please complete the form below or email


If your son/daughter is interested in auditioning for the talent show, please complete the following form and return to the talent show box in the office

Contact Karen Arakawa at with questions and comments.
**Sign-up by completing the form below. Return it to the front office by Jan 11,2013.

APPLICATION FORM attached for Performers, and Volunteers

Performers: If signing up to audtion as a group, please complete one form for each person, and staple together. Parent contact for the group__________________________________________________________ Phone:________________________________email________________________________________________
Title of Act: ________________________________________________________________________________

Please provide a copy of lyrics, and CD for up to 2 minute recorded music to be used in the show by January 11, 2013. Labeled 2 minute CD’s will be returned after the show

Type of Act: _______________________________________________________________________________

(dance, insturment, song/vocal, comedy ,lip sync, magic, poetry, story-telling, sport, cultural…)

Students in Act: Name, Grade, Classroom #, Telephone number, email Please use back if necessary


Equipment needed: _________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________

(music stand, # of microphones, tumbling mats, chairs etc . . . . .)

Adult Chaperones, name, telephone, email, use back if necessary ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Fill out Parent/Guardian Permission

I give my child, _______________________________________, permission to volunteer or audition for the Matsuyama Talent Show, and to participate in the rehearsal and Talent Show if the opportunity presents itself. I also acknowledge that my child may be photographed or recorded by video/photography during the audition, rehearsal and or show. I also acknowldege that pictures and videos may be posted on school websites.

Adult Printed Name: __________________________________________Date:__________________________

Adult Signature:______________________________________________

Email: __________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________

Non Performing volunteers: we need a 100!

Kids! Participate in some part of the show! What do you want to do? (Circle) Volunteer: Stage Crew Administrative Decorate signs, week of show, day of show, chair set up, make flags, Usher Set Design Snack Bar shifts ……….Other….… ? Name, grade, contact information:


EMCEES (will be scheduled for an audition on February 1, 2013) multi-student role: Name/grade/contact info______________________________________________________________________________________


PARENTS! Tell us what you can do…..!

We need you to supervise the volunteer positions, supervise/crowd control backstage, a runner to bring kids to the stage, sell at snack bar, provide snacks for snack bar, set up props, stage crew decorations/clean up the day of the show, sound, lighting equipment operations, make a program, work audition, rehearsal……



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