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By Gabriella

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By Gabriella

In the short story “La Bamba” by Gary Soto, a boy named Manul is determined to do a great job on lip-syncing “La Bamba” in front of his whole school at the school talent show. Throughout the story, Manul shows courage and determination.

In the beginning of the story, manul shows courage when he volunteered to be in the talent show and lip-sync “La Bamba.” For instance, he was willing to dance to make his act the best. This shows that he had courage.

Also in the story, manul shows determination when the author expressed how much manul practiced. For example, he was so determined to impress everyone “apishly Petra Lopez, the second- prettiest girl in his class”

At the end of the story, Manul shows courage when the “forty- five record gets scratched and he didn’t know. For instance, the day before the talent show manul was spinning the record on his thumb and he got startled and dropped the record and scratched and did not know it. So, when he was doing his act in front of everyone the record got stuck and he kept on mouthing the words “la Bamba!” At the end of the show, when everyone congratulated Manul because they thought that it was funny when he kept on saying “La Bamba” This shows that had courage.

A book that I can relate “La Bamba” to is the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio. I can relate to it because in Wonder, the main character, August, has courage and determination to go to school for the first time. In “la Bamba” the main character, Manul, has courage and determination to impress everyone at his schools talent show. We can all have courage or be determined to do something in our lives. We all have a reason to something in our lives.

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